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Brotherhood Brawls Contest

We all remember that :iconladyreddarkness: won our wonderful Pajama Party Contest with, A Gift, right? Well then you'll ALSO recall that she had the choice of the next splendiferous fan art contest. She's made her choice and ir just so happens to be....


EPIC BATTLES! And just in time for Valentine's Day! We all know that the Brotherhood is filled with violent ill-tempered rapscallions! We know they're fighters (maybe not good ones but still) and we've seen them tussle with the X-Men and each other often enough to know that having a scuffle is probably close to a daily ordeal. So...let's see it! Brotherhood members battling X-Men, Acolytes, wild sea monkeys, each other, ANYONE ANYTHING! The frays can be as big as an all out brawl or as petty as a verbal spat over who ate the last donut. Get creative! It can be a fist fight, a pillow fight, a water gun fight, a food fight, a show down at the OK coral, a bitchslap fight, a fight for their right to party--ANYTHING GOES! As long as there's SOME form of altercation or disagreement, it's ON!

CLARIFICATION: It MUST be clear that the two parties involved are on opposing sides disagreeing over something. Specification of what they're fighting over is not necessary (though it might help add to fun or drama!) The Brotherhood can fight anyone or anything as long as it doesn't interfere with the below-stated rules.


1.) New art only! There are already some established pictures of the Brotherhood like this but, although it's tempting, we'd rather see you guys go through the effort of actually doing some new art for us.

2.) Nothing over R. Simple enough, no NC-17 stuff, or too much violence. This is a clean club!

3.) Members of the Brotherhood MUST BE INCLUDED and be the FOCUS of the piece. Characters like Rogue, Tabby, Mystique, Magneto, and the X-Men can also be used as long as there is at least ONE of the main five. The five being: Lance, Todd, Freddy, Pietro, and Wanda.

4.) You can submit up to 3 pieces. ( 3 shall be the number of the submitting and the number of the submitting shall be three.)

5.) No Non-Evo Characters This is "The Brotherhood Club" based on the X-Men: Evolution Brotherhood. We want X-Men: Evolution canon characters only. This means no comic canon characters (Pete Wisdom, Lorna, Dazzler, etc), nor any other comic or fandom characters, and NO OCs (original characters). EVO CANON CHARACTERS ONLY.*

6.) Send a note to the Brotherhood club with a link to your entry! (Since the BHC does not watch everyone we don't always know when there's a new entry. Please be courteous and remember this, we won't know you've submitted an entry unless you note us or leave a link on our main page. Then we'll favorite it and showcase it in our journal.)

7.) Only Brotherhoodclub members can participate Want to participate but not a member? Join our mighty legion of baddies! Note :iconthebrotherhoodclub: if you wanna join.

8.) Any questions? Note :iconjcrobin: or :iconrainrach:

Contest begins: February 9th
Contest ends: March 9th

This contest has me PUNCH DRUNK with ideas! I'm thinking about KICKING my muse into overdrive and throwing MY HAT IN THE RING. You'd better submit some BLOODY good entries or I may just BEAT you all! Or, perhaps, I'll just THROW IN THE TOWEL instead and give you all a FIGHTING CHANCE.

SWIPED that background from a Street Fighter screen shot (see here) and edited the BEEJEZUSES out of it to make the above. I drew all the Brotherhood characters though, and that gets me points, right? RIGHT?! Also, Brotherhood members are dressed in Street Fighter clothes...they're just in the clothes and not really cosplaying or anything. I just picked the outfits I thought suited them best/would be funny. So if they're dressed as some character who's TOTALLY inappropriate for them to be...whatevs. Just picked clothing.

I think Pietro's character might be a nazi....

I would always play as Wanda.

Brotherhood belongs to Marvel.

*For this contest only, I may accept other characters for battling partners depending on the situation. But keep in mind that this is NOT a crossover contest and OC's will still not be allowed.
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Toad: “...I want my mommy...”

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see ya later toad... on the other hand probaly not
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Todd looks like he just shit his pants XDDD
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LOL Toad's face XD
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.....Someone's....gonna die. 8I
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LMAO. Poor Todd. And I don't say that often :XD:

Oh the fun this theme is gonna ensue =D
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lol! hilarious! I love poor Toddy's expression and Freddy's Fighting Face is superb! So proud of this! Well done girl!
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:XD:!!! This is too funny. Poor Todd looks like he's already pissed his pants.
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As an additional rule, it should be that all the girls leg are manly
It's like a must in Street Figther games .. O_O
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I second this!

Btw Dibs on Todd's main cheerleader! xD
Gimme a T-O-A-D! :la: Go Toad go!
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Now I would buy this game u.u always wanted there to be an Evo game.
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