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1st Ever Evo Calendar Contest

THIS IS TOTALLY NOT ART. I just wanted a piece to announce our newest contest. SCREEN CAP WITH HEART AROUND IT AND TEXT, OKAY? Not art. Just created to announce the Brotherhood Club's "HOW MUCH DO YOU LOVE THE BROTHERHOOD?" contest with a FREE EVO CALENDAR PRIZE!

I have a BEAUTIFUL Evo Calendar here that needs a new and loving home. After many an EXCELLENT suggestion as to what the contest should be, we here at the Brotherhood Club have decided to do...the HOW MUCH DO YOU LOVE THE BROTHERHOOD CONTEST!

It's almost like a "choose your own contest." You can express your love of the Brotherhood in WHATEVER form you'd like. Draw a picture, write a story, write an essay, make a video, make a collage, cosplay, make an animation, reenact "No Good Deed" with Barbie dolls, sky write, design a Brotherhood mini golf course, re-name your pets, HOWEVER YOU WANT TO SHOW YOUR LOVE! An "Ode to the Impossibility of Drawing Pietro's Hair?" Sure! How about a macaroni sculpture of Freddy's head? Sounds scrumptious! Rapping the entire Toad theme song with a kazoo and Brotherhood paper bag puppets? I WANT TO SEE THAT o.o. Let your imagination RUN WILD! We want to SEE your love! And you can choose how to show it.

There are a few rules that I shall now list:

1). NO OC'S. We DO NOT want to see OC's. At all. In the least. This is about the BROTHERHOOD not fan created characters you may WISH were in the Brotherhood. Keep it about the Brotherhood.

2). Focus on the EVO version of the Brotherhood ONLY. Comics canon, no thanks. Only the X-Men: Evolution version of the characters allowed. That means Todd, Lance, Pietro, Freddy and Wanda as they appear in the show. Also, these characters MUST TAKE FOCUS. You can concentrate on one of the main five, but they must be the focus of the piece. It must be about at least ONE member of the main Brotherhood (repeating those five again: Todd, Lance, Pietro, Freddy and Wanda).

3). Nothing over R. Simple enough, no NC-17 stuff, or too much violence. This is a clean club!

4). New art only. Nothing that's old as, surely, your love has GROWN since then. (Though, if you can find a creative way of showing your current love THROUGH your past love, we may accept it!)

5). ANYONE CAN PARTICIPATE! You heard right! Unlike normal Brotherhood Club contests, even if you're NOT a member of our club (but really, why wouldn't you be?) you can still join in the festivities. So active member or long-time lurker, doesn't matter! Submit!

6). Unlimited entries! Also unlike traditional Brotherhood Club contests, you can submit entry after entry! It only helps prove your love!

7.) Send a note to the Brotherhood club with a link to your entry! (Since the BHC does not watch everyone we don't always know when there's a new entry. Please be courteous and remember this, we won't know you've submitted an entry unless you note us or leave a link on our main page. Then we'll favorite it and showcase it in our journal.)

8.) Sucking up to the judges is NEVER a bad idea u.u Even FURTHER from traditional Brotherhood Club methods, we will have judges who are NOT your peers. The judges will be Todd (=JCRobin ) and myself, (Lance...*rainrach ). We will be judging on what we think is creative, expresses the most love and, well, is overall awesome.

9.) Any Questions? Note :iconjcrobin: or :iconrainrach:

Here are the differences between traditional B-Hood Club contests and this one:
:bulletred: Anyone and everyone can participate
:bulletred:Unlimited amount of entries allowed
:bulletred: Club leaders are the judges
:bulletred:TANGIBLE PRIZE!

That's it! That's all! Contest dates are listed below, remember to NOTE us a link to your entry. And be creative! FEEL THE LOVE!

Contest begins: February 6th
Contest ends: March 6th
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Gothicthundra's avatar
Hmm, gosh the list of what to do is endless... Oh this is such a treat!
Ajir's avatar
Awesome contest :D
Cold-Creature's avatar
Question! I'm guessing you're going to send that calender to the winner- does the winner have to live in the US, etc????
I live in Australia- will that cause issues?? :heart:
TheBrotherhoodclub's avatar
Wherever you are is wherever you are. Doesn't matter! We'll ship it to Australia if that's where you are. :D

Cold-Creature's avatar
Awesome X3 Can't wait to work on my entry :heart: