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Very, very, important: WE DO NOT TAKE SUBMISSIONS!! The only submissions in our gallery are contest promos (created by the leaders), contest voting images (also created by the leaders), ACB (leaders), and artwork from WINNERS of our contests. Otherwise WE DO NOT ACCEPT SUBMISSIONS. We do, however, take favorite suggestions. If you have Brotherhood Pictures in your gallery or you've seen some; send them our way and we'll favorite them. But they must have three or more members of the Brotherhood in them.

If ya just want ta share your new pieces of Brotherhood art with 2 or less members, post a Deviant Thought on the page with a link so all our brothers and sisters can see. This goes for any pieces of fan fiction you might have or websites you stumble across/own. (If there's any slash or controversial themes, be sure to mark that in your Deviant Thought.)

X-Men: Evo OC Tournament Winner

Fan Fiction Winner - Tabitha-Kittywitch

"Not Everything is Roses

A shining beacon in darkness
The Bayville school was all alight
And not because there was a fire
Or some destructive mutant fight

This time, the cause was a dance
For the gym had long since been fixed
And many students were dancing
And man and mutant intermixed

They stayed not with one person
But rather, danced around
They traded partners with impunity
As the music shook the ground

And there, for the first time
And quite possibly the only
The Brotherhood were all dancing
Not staying home, just lonely...."

((Read more here! ))


Evo Color Dump by rainrach Evo Color Dump :iconrainrach:rainrach 83 15 Body Types Sketch by BlazeRocket Body Types Sketch :iconblazerocket:BlazeRocket 25 4 Halloween 2011 by Nemhaine42 Halloween 2011 :iconnemhaine42:Nemhaine42 29 6 WWaR Evo sketches by SketchytheScribbler WWaR Evo sketches :iconsketchythescribbler:SketchytheScribbler 37 6 Doodles II by Nemhaine42 Doodles II :iconnemhaine42:Nemhaine42 7 6 CONTEST: MUTANT MUSICAL by BlazeRocket CONTEST: MUTANT MUSICAL :iconblazerocket:BlazeRocket 51 58 love the brotherhood by emokiss-ringingbell love the brotherhood :iconemokiss-ringingbell:emokiss-ringingbell 7 2 The Brotherhood by volrathxp The Brotherhood :iconvolrathxp:volrathxp 3 1 A VERY belated St. Ps by Gothicthundra A VERY belated St. Ps :icongothicthundra:Gothicthundra 20 9 In your dreams Warty by arger In your dreams Warty :iconarger:arger 203 49 Necessary Evils Comic Cover by Dendraica Necessary Evils Comic Cover :icondendraica:Dendraica 86 13 EX-STATIC by Dendraica EX-STATIC :icondendraica:Dendraica 566 96
Heya, losers! You might wanna turn around because you've stumbled into the Brotherhood Boarding House. So, why don't you just run back home to ya mothers?


Just click the button on the top that says "JOIN OUR GROUP." *Sigh* We were elitist once.


It's not all fun in games over here, ya know? There's some rules that go along with bein' in the club.

1. Ya gotta love the Brotherhood
2. Drawing the Brotherhood ain't necessary but it makes ya a better person
3. Both Slash and Het are acceptable
4. Don't be hatin' others
5. Post our icon in your journal or signature


Arger's the winner of our most recent contest, the OC Tournament!  Her bold and daring choices for her Hoodling won her the spot as "Queen of the Contest."  Arger's Imagica wow'd us with her creativity and sparklingly unique personality.  If you haven't checked out this fantastic character and her struggles in becoming the top Hoodling, you are truly missing out.

Prydester is the New Recruit winner of our most recent contest, the OC Tournament!  Prydester's continuous storyline kept us engaged and interested in her uniquely-designed and unbelievably lovable OC, Kinetic.  Kinetic kept us thinking and laughing.  With a rich and interesting family life and a unique personality and perspective, watching Kinetic grow and change as a character was not only fascinating but fun!  Check out Prydester's winning OC, he is one for the fan-history books!



I can't believe that it's finally over.  This contest has finally come to a close and I am shocked and proud in regards to all of our contestants and entries.  The goal of this contest was to unify the community and I think that this contest has done just that.  I'm just a little in awe that we have all made it to the end.  You all should be proud of yourselves.  Congratulations to EVERYONE.

OK! You have all been VERY patient with us, so now, over a week later (there was a lot of deliberating to do >_>) the Evo-Obsessed-Club and I are HAPPY to present to you the RESULTS of the FIRST EVER, and, in my oh-so-humble opinion, AMAZINGLY SUCCESSFUL X-MEN: EVOLUTION ORIGINAL CHARACTER TOURNAMENT!

We started out with 38 Contestants, 24 New Recruits and and 14 Hoodlings. Over the last 6 months, you folks have worked hard, and submitted 894 individual comic pages. EIGHT HUNDRED. AND NINETY FOUR. And that doesn't even count the character sheets, extra side work, like the Valentine's Contest or side characters who didn't quite make the contest deadline! Good lord!

From that initial 38, over the months, the number was wheedled down to just 3 New Recruits, and 3 Hoodlings. Your mystery judges convened month after month to determine the best of the best, and now... Now we have our results.

So, I now present to you, our
:iconprydester:'s Kinetic and :iconarger:'s Imagica

I hope you all give them big congratulations, and huzzah's! Though we did not initially start this contest with the idea of having any sort of a prize, Rain and I discussed it, and we decided that the LEAST we could do is offer arger and Prydester a comic. SO! If your username happens to be Prydester or Arger, CONGRATULATIONS! You get a free mini-comic by the club master at your OC's chosen team (that means Prydester's with the fantastically epic and prolific :deBlazeRocket: and Arger gets stuck with me...Poor, poor Arger XD)!  We will create a comic starring your OC, and up to 4 other characters of your choice.  Oooooooo! Neat!  If the Brotherhood Club had a subscription, we would feature you in the journal >___________>;;; however, the EOC will be featuring you in their journal.

Meanwhile... on the other side of the contest, the judges decided that, since this is the end of the contest, and kind of like the end of school year, we would come up with superlatives for all your characters! Sort of like a little yearbook title for you. Unfortunately, if you dropped out of the contest (AKA didn't submit a comic even though you had passed the previous round's elimination) youuuuuu.... don't get a superlative. Ah well. But for the rest of you! I hope you enjoy these little shout outs to your OCs

Southern Cybele

Most Monochromatic

Grey Force
Most Antagonizing

Razor Radar
Captain Questions

Most Swedish Mutant

Most likely to

Most Likely to Have an Out-of-Body Experience

The Thing With the Forty Eyes

Most Unique Body Design

Junk Room
Most Girly Transboy

Prettiest Redhead

Sorry to See Go

Most Original Power

Best Interaction with Others

The Black Mage
Shyest Elemental

Most Invisible Invisible Girl

Most Likely to Blow this Joint

Most Likely to Save You  From the Nothing You've Become

Sgt. Sass

Biggest Mary Sue

Queen of the Contest

Madidus Unda
Most Awkward Codename

King of the New Recruits

Most Fearful of Her Own Powers

Most Rational Mutant

El Gato
Most Likely to Pussy Out

Zero G
Best Flirty Female

Most Tenacious

Most Stereotypical Stereotype Hater

Most Potential

Most Prydeful

I, personally, would like to take a quick moment to fully express how awesome arger's final entry to the contest was.  Arger's comic was fantastic.  It truly embraced the facets of creating an interesting character, especially an OC.  She pulled out all the stops with a multi-paged colored comic prominently featuring other contestants.  She truly embraced the spirit of community in this contest that Blaze and I stress so hard.  If that wasn't enough she gave us a dramatic story with bold, real consequences for her OC.  Her character changed by the end of that comic.  She became a dynamic character, the situation she ended up in affecting every factor of the character's pre-established being.  It changed her mentally, physically,and  emotionally.  It changed her whole personality from a self-absorbed, fashion-obsessed, flippant, care-free spirit to character affected by the real pain of a person caught in the middle of a war she's forced to fight.  Arger gave her character a REASON to be a member of the Brotherhood.  She gave her character a wake up call and allied herself permanently on the side of Magneto.  What a bold, daring, and wildly appropriate choice.  She really WENT for it in Phase 6, and I for one am openly applauding.  Arger truly deserves her title as "Queen of the Contest."  Brava, miss.  You should be proud.  

If you haven't seen this Hoodling's FANTASTIC and contest-winning entry, you simply must read.  It is, hands down, one of the best OC comics I have ever read. <a…">    

Thanks one last time to :iconstar-trekking: for the GREAT idea of the OC Tournament in the first place. :D


:new: 06/08/11: VALENTINE'S CONTEST WINNERS!</u>

WOW.  Who forgot ALL ABOUT THIS?  :wave:  In case you missed it, we had a FANTASTIC and extremely PROLIFIC Valentine's Contest back in February.  I never announced the winners, BUT I'M DOING IT NOW!  Congratulations to the following contestants!:

1. :iconequilibriumarts: with Running in the hallways
2. :iconanimatedg1: with Bachelor's for V-Day
3. :iconlamalama: with Don't Cry



:bulletred:PAST POLLS



:bulletred:FAN COMICS


"Adventures in the Chibi Brotherhood" is the only deviation that we put up here at the Brotherhood Club. If you have a comic idea, feel free to mention it to Lance or Todd and we'll see what we can arrange for you. After all, when you're part of the Brotherhood; you somewhat matter.
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