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Tanaki Alison Art

By TheBroth3R
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3823x2729px 5.15 MB
Shutter Speed
1/2 second
Focal Length
20 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
Sep 24, 2010, 3:10:17 PM
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棚木さん は とても 素敵 ですよ!
いい 写真 ですね。
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I'm not really good with katakana.
Tana-san wa todemo something something desuyo!?
Ii something something desune?

wakarimasen. o.o :omg:
5661's avatar
totemo suteki desu yo.
ii shashin desu ne.
haha ;D

... and youre welcome ;D
peetah21's avatar
Nice pic!
Your niece is an amazing photographer. She has to be the world's tiniest photographer evahhhhhhhhh
Well! happy vacations my friend Mr. Snowmanwithabowtieandahat. A lot work! yayyyyyyyy!
Then take pictures of your new car.
(p.s. Send me some money, I'm broke jajajaj)
peetah21's avatar
THat's nice that your work it.
AND YEP! that's totally showing-off ajajaja. Specially cuz European cars here, in this part of the world (ALLL America), are very expensive!!!!
You don't want to tell her off, but you want to kill her? jajaj, jk.
Do not worry! if that does not afct the fuction of the camera, it's ok.
peetah21's avatar
I'm not too much in the cars, you know... I can drive a Hyundai and I would not care so much about it jajajaj, buttttttttttttt! of course, I'm going to buy a expensive car when I have my career job, and the only reason is that the people are so superficial that treat you better when they see you getting down of a Mercedes Benz than when you are in a Hyndai or something like that. lol jaja, the sadddddddddddddd truth.
Oh! btw! that Audi R8 is beautiful! When you own the business of your family, you are going to be able to buy it!
Simple-DreamOutLoud's avatar
haha you're a very busy guy... =)

cool.. hope you have a wonderful summer vacation..

Beautiful conservatory? =S

anyway.. have a nice vaction

Simple-DreamOutLoud's avatar
it okay.. yes very nice.

Thank you but it doesn't start til next week haha

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Nice picture. The "blood" is quite suspicious. xDD
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