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Every Mon,Wed,Fri:

-True Capitalist Radio W/ Post Show Live!~ {BN Theater / Youtube}…
6:30pm CDT / 7:30pm EDT / 4:30pm PDT

Wednesday {3/7/18} [BN Theater]

10pm CDT / 11pm EDT / 8pm PDT

Friday {3/9/18} [BN Theater]

-The Godfather [R]
10pm CT / 11pm ET / 8pm PT

Saturday {3/10/18}

Toonami Pre-Show: [King's Lounge 2]

-Voltron: Legendary Defender {S5 Ep.1}
7pm CDT / 8pm EDT / 5pm PDT

-Recovery of an MMO Junkie {S1 Ep.7}
7:25pm CT / 8:25pm ET / 5:25pm PT

-Squid Girl {S2 Ep.6}
7:45pm CT / 8:45pm ET / 5:45pm PT

-KONOSUBA -God's blessing on this wonderful world! {S1 Ep.6}
8:10pm CT / 9:10pm ET / 6:10pm PT

-JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable {Ep.23}
8:35pm CT / 9:35pm ET / 6:35pm PT

-Little Witch Academia [The Series]{Ep.14}
9pm CT / 10pm ET / 7pm PT

9:30pm CT / 10:30pm ET / 7:30 PT

-Dragon Ball Super {Ep.131} [New] [English Subbed]
3am CDT / 4am EDT / 1am PDT

-Robotech {Original}[Finale Marathon]
3am CDT / 4am EDT / 1am PDT

Sunday {3/11/18}

6pm CT / 7pm ET / 4pm PT

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Main Site for MLP streams]
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