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Postal from Sunset

Cause Sunset is love. 

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Sunset is love! Sunset is life!
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love you too sunset
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Just a question, do you have Tumblr? And do you accept requests and commissions? Or commissions only?
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Also, more of this postal one!~ XD
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Her body looks so disfigured like that. =(
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allah don't kill me for wat I did pls
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wow! very hot :D
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"I love you too Sunset Shimmer!" - Miles

COG, you made the best artwork since I've watched you on DeviantART. You made the best Sunset Shimmer along with her friends from other artworks I favorited! Keep up the great job bro!
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¡Quieto fifi!.png
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Excuse me, but what does UNF mean? 
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Yes, yes, and oh SO much yes... This is acceptable. :meow: :heart: X3
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Y calló muerto de un paro después de ver la foto y lo que esta tenía escrita xD! Excelente trabajo :D
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Yes ! Sunset is love ! Sunset is life ! Now I just need a dakimakura !
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You should use some lines as you used to. It looks like she peels her own skin off.
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Whoever is the recipient is a lucky bastard.
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Super sexy beauty, very nice work :D
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The feeling is mutual.
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