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Commission: Cydonia Or Bust

'Towards the latter of 1999 your team. Xcom. Have steadied the flow of the alien invasion yet over time they became more powerful and harder to stop, with the Avenger complete you were able to intercept a battleship and capture the Ethereal commander, thus starting research to find the aliens base of operations.

yet upon completion of the project the aliens launched a surprise base assault, at first you were an unwitting benefit to the aliens cause but now they realized they underestimated Xcom by their capturing of the Ethereal commander, and sent their very worst with the aliens having the starting turn (and blaster launchers)  

You co-ordinated the fight and repeal the invasion but at the cost of raymond Shen's life and vahlen injured, both workshops and research facilities unable to continue. Yet you have the finished project the co-ordinates of the alien HQ with the Avenger suited to deep space. 

Now that you achieved this the aliens have responded in force terror attacks not just on cities but on shippings and Islands, while sening fleets of battleships towards you. 

You can fight of the base invasion again and again hope to salvage tech from the aliens before going to Cydonia. Or you can send the team off to the final battle.

The choice is yours.

Good luck. Commander.'
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This is a very-well-done scene you've presented.

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Truth be told it was difficult as the client didn't speak english and for a while all I had to make do with google translate till I found someone who was fluent in spanish. here were a few versions drawn in the early stages due to the language barrier initially. It's a good scene but credit for the client as it what she wanted envisioned.