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Part 1: Light through the storm

My name is Elsie. It is not the name I was created with. It was the name my Guardian gave me. He doesn’t know why though. He just figured it was a good name. Pleasant to hear, not too long and it was the only other name he could remember, he claimed. I liked it.

I still remember when I found him, and how I found him. I had been searching for my Guardian from one side of the Earth to the other, but I ultimately found nothing. But I could sense something beyond Earth. Beyond the Reef. I knew that was where my Chosen was. But the Reef and what lied beyond were not under the jurisdiction of the Vanguard. None would take me there; not even Micah-10. She tried to convince me that my Guardian was somewhere on Venus or Mars. Other Ghosts said I would find only death in the Reef. That my Light would be gone before I would ever find my Guardian; that I would be die on an asteroid that no one will ever find. I will prove them wrong.

I joined Micah-10 and a few other Ghosts when scouting for any potential Guardians on Mars. This was my chance. After a while, I ditched the group and few out into orbit towards the asteroid belt. I had a few adventures on the way through the asteroids and wreckages that comprised the Reef. Hitching a ride on a Wolven Skiff, encounters with civilian Awoken, hiding from the Ghost Hunter. Maybe I’ll tell them someday.

Eventually, after what felt like years, I have arrived on a moon of Saturn, its rings clear and sharp. I am a lone spark on a world far from the Traveller’s influence. I can feel the Light around me gone, only darkness threatening to consume me, but my spark shall shine on. I can feel my Guardian.

I had taken shelter in a nearby warehouse. A few skeletons lie beneath me. Frozen solid and looking like they would shatter. I peak outside for a moment before the wind of the worst blizzard you can imagine catches me and throws me against a wall. I caught sight of it amongst the bombardment of snow, but only for a few seconds. It was something tall, something intimidating… something metal.

Then I… I don’t know why I did what I did. Maybe it was out of foolishness. Maybe it was out of foresight. Maybe it was because I wanted to find my Guardian ASAP and book it from this horrid place. But regardless, I flew out of the warehouse and into the cold.

Part 2: Crawling under ice skin

I awoke after a while. I’m alive. Battered and slightly broken, but alive.

I have found myself laying amongst a pile of snow. I look up to see a small stream of light above me like a river.  I try to recall what had happened… then I remembered. The strong wind blew me away like a bird feather caught in a light breeze. I was sent flying down this cavern, bouncing against the walls like a pinball. Then I landed here.

I slowly lift myself up and look around. Nothing but a corridor with no roof that goes on for miles. At least, I think it goes for miles. I’m so deep in that my spark would be the only thing seen. The light from the Moon’s surface above me barely scratches it down here.

Suddenly, I get the feeling. My Guardian is close. I look around frantically to find him, and he’s right under me. Under the snow. With not a second to waste, I open myself up and light up the entire corridor. He springs forward with a gasp as air rushes into his lungs. Or at least, he thinks he has lungs. He’s an Exo after all. He looks around in complete confusion. The he sees me. And he is curious of me.

 He rose to his full height, and I saw him dressed in only in a plastic gown that covered only his front. At least I know the first thing to do when we get back to the city when we got back to the City. He held out his hands flat before his face and I floated in to take up his entire field of view. “Who are you?” he asked. “I am your Ghost” I replied, “and you are a Guardian of the Last City of Earth.”


I told he we needed to get to the City ASAP. We wandered down the cavern for hours searching for a way to the surface. We eventually found a large enough tube to crawl through to get to the surface; doesn’t look like a sewage pipe or anything. As he crawls, he asks me many questions. What is a Guardian? Why was he chosen? I tell him all that I know. Eventually, we make it to the surface.

Part 3: Final Transmission

//Final transmission between Micah-10 and Elsie, a Ghost who ventured beyond the Reef to find her Guardian//

//Audio unavailable//

//Transcript follows/…

E: Micah, are you there? This is Elsie. Please respond.

M: Elsie?

E: You know, that Ghost who wanted to go beyond the Reef.

M: Oh, you’re alive! I thought you were crushed by a Legionary or stolen away by the Vex.

E: Sorry ‘bout scaring you like that. I knew you wouldn’t

M: Did you find your Guardian?

E: Yes. He’s an Exo. He calls himself Giellman.

E: He said that that and Elsie were the only names he could remember. He found them in papers in buildings nearby, as well as a quick migraine.

E: Tell you what, I’ll tell you everything when we get back.

M: Are you both ok?

E: Uh… Well, I’ve good news and bad news. Good news, we found a jumpship and are on our way back now.

M: What’s the bad news?

E: We decided to take a shortcut through the Reef, and now we’ve got the Awoken on our tail.

M: Elsie, I have warned you that this could happen. You would have done well with the Spectral Network.

E: No way. I couldn’t resist the call of my Guardian. Just chill out. We’ll be f-

Explosion and alarms.

M: Elsie, what happened?!

E: We’re hit! We’re going down.

E: Micah… I’m so-

//Transmission severed//


M: Elsie?! Elsie, respond!


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