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Pandosive (005)



Name: Pandosive (Panda + Explosive)
005: The Fire Panda Pokemon
Type: Fire type 
Ability: Blaze (When HP is below 1/3rd its maximum, power of Fire-type moves is increased by 50%)
Height: 4'01"
Weight: 82.3lbs
Gender Ratio: :female:  : 7 :male: 

          (Lv 16)             (Lv 34)
Pantern >>> Pandosive >>> Flamgu

Pokedex Entry: Through evolution, the lantern on the Pokemon begins to rip, allowing a more flames to escape through the safety of the paper wrapping. When it is excited, its tail will flash and make a happy crackling sound, almost like a firework 

- It is based on Red Pandas and Lanterns
- It can walk upright as well as on all fours. It will usually stand upright to look out for threats or to make themselves look bigger

Shiny Pandosive in based on the Golden Tanooki Suit in the Mario series 
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So adorable and cool! >w<