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An Unorthodox Rule - Chapter 1, p. 2 by TheBrassGlass

Edmund is a down-on-his-luck courier, scarred by the war, rejected by his beloved Prince Darius. His only friend in the world is his horse, his only pleasure, a bottle of wine. But when Darius makes a grand reappearance, with the offer of a lifetime – a whole bag of silver and the possibility of returning to Darius’ good graces if Edmund can track down the king’s bastard grandchild – how could Edmund refuse? But what he finds on his quest is far more than he could have bargained for…

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Val Venegia by Dave-DerbisI could keep you safe by bubugNight moon 27.7. by Thunderi

Comics and Cartoons Week

Thank you for joining us for Comics and Cartoons Week here at projecteducate! It’s been an exciting, information-filled five days – we’ve learned about everything from panel layout to what comics journalism is, from defining an editorial cartoon to what not to do with speech balloons. Several of our fellow deviants tapped their knowledge and experience to bring these useful articles to you:


Welcome to Comics and Cartoons Week!Comics and Cartoons Week
Welcome to Comics and Cartoons Week! For the next five days, we'll be bringing you the nuts and bolts of comics, defining what political/editorial cartoons are, giving you tips on how to create your own comics, even how to finish and publish your work!
Comics and Cartoons Week
11th Monday
AM: Intro by TheBrassGlass (You are here)
PM: "Digital vs. traditional: Q+A with Dedasaur"
12th Tuesday
AM: "Panelling and Layout in Comics" by SinistrosePhosphate 
PM: "Dos and Don’ts of speech balloons" by DrZime
Digital vs. traditional: Q+A with DedasaurComics and Cartoons Week
Dedasaur is a very accomplished comics creator, with several long-term projects -- "The Pirate Balthasar," "The Flower and the Nose," and "The Mark of Cain," to name a few! -- in the works. She uses both traditional and digital media in her comics, so she'll be talking a little bit about that today. Did I mention her drop-dead gorgeous art style? (Seriously, go check out her comics.) 

You create comics with both digital and traditional media. Tell us a little about your work. How did you get into comics?
Dedasaur: Gather around children, Granny Deda has a story to tell you, get the popcorn.
    I did not quite "


Panelling and Layout in ComicsComics and Cartoons Week
Now... how many times have you been in this situation?
You’ve got a great idea going in your head. You’ve got the story written and you’ve got subplots coming out of subplots and a great twist-ending that nobody would ever see coming. You’ve got some carefully-designed, 3-dimensional characters who are totally relatable. You’ve drawn them so much it’s become second-nature to you. Now that you are totally ready to create your own comic and/or graphic novel… where do you start to put their grand epic on paper?
If this sounds like you, fear not. Join me today to get a glimpse into the little-known but rewarding world of layout and panelling. Think of it this way, you get to play the director!
Lights, camera, action!
Step 1: Choose your format
Digital or traditional, it doesn’t matter. What matters is the basics: How do you want to present your story? This goes back to what is called the “format
  'Do's and 'Don't's of speech bubblesComics and Cartoons Week
Comic artists use them all the time, but next to the art, speech bubbles are often overlooked--even by the artist! Speech bubbles are not only used to convey what a character is saying and thinking, but they’re also used to direct the reader’s eye. If placed poorly or presented in the wrong manner, speech bubbles can have a negative impact on your work.
This is a brief introduction to speech bubbles. It should help give a little insight into how they can be used.
To start off, let’s talk about how speech bubbles can look, and how they should match your comic’s tone.
In most cases, speech bubbles are a solid white with a tail that leads to the character who is talking (or thinking in the case of a thought bubble). When I first began making comics, I merely thought the tail of the speech bubble had to be pointing at the character speaking, and a lot the time it ended up pointing at a chest or even an arm. This isn’t a deal-breaker ex


Delving into political / editorial cartoonsComics and Cartoons Week
One shot. That’s all you’ve got to make a meaningful commentary on an issue or current event.
If you’re Hamilton a cartoonist, that is.
Despite the fact that they often get lost in the shadow of their better-known cousins (comics), cartoons not only came first but paved the way for comics. Their rich history begins hundreds of years ago, with one of the most widely consumed reading materials in popular culture: newspapers.

“The plumb pudding in danger or state epicures taking un petit souper” by James Gillray, 1818; The British Library, public domain.
The idea makes sense, doesn’t it? This was a time period before photography, so if you were paginating a newspaper and you wanted to break up the wall of text, you had only a few opt
Comics journalism: Q+A with Erik ThurmanComics and Cartoons Week
Erik Thurman -- better known on DeviantArt as justsomedude86 -- is a world traveler, an activist and a comics journalist. He has been working on a three-volume graphic memoir on his travels and teaching experiences in the Philippines, Korea, and Chile. His long-form comics journalism pieces appear in The Nib, an online publication for nonfiction comics and political cartoons, and he has worked as an illustrator for the United Nations.
Today, he's going to answer some questions about comics journalism and his experiences with it.

What is comics journalism?
justsomedude86: Comics journalism is the gathering and distribution of information of documented current (and not so current) events, using a combination of literary techniques and drawn imagery in sequence. Good examples of comics journalism aim to inform the public by distilling, but not


How to FINISH Your ComicComics and Cartoons Week
If you’re an avid webcomic reader, you may have noticed a cycle webcomic artists go through as you read their work:
:bulletblue: Promising opening--great art! You’re hooked!
:bulletblue: Amazing! This artist updates multiple times a week!
:bulletblue: Wow, this artist does a lot of amazing illustrations for their work on the side.
:bulletblue: Hmm, they haven’t updated for a few weeks, but the illustrations keep coming.
:bulletblue: Hiatus!
:bulletblue: Two years later: The artist is updating again! (or they’re rebooting their comic from the start.)
:bulletblue: Hiatus!
:bulletblue: Suddenly the artist updates one more time a year later saying they’re quitting and starting an all new project.
:bulletblue: You follow them to their new project which quickly goes down the same path.
Just what is happening here?!
Well, there’s the usual suspects: “life”, the artist loses interest, the artist gets impatient about getti
Self-publishing Comics Part 1Comics and cartoons
I was never terribly interested in writing for Marvel or DC when I first started to create comics. If anything, I was more interested in making my own characters and stories from the very start. For some reason, I was always fascinated by the art and storytelling, and the way they drew me in even before I knew how to draw.
That said, when it comes to creating, publishing and promoting your own work all yourself, it can be more than a little daunting for some people, especially when you’re diving deep into creating your own characters and universes. And this isn’t just for comics, either; it’s true with regular novels, as well -- or even animation (if you’re into that kind of thing).
It’s hard to say if you will be successful or not but, by now, I assume you already know how to create, write, etc., and you’re just interested in getting to the aspect of self-publishing. Even if you want to go straight to print/e-books, you can do th


Self-Publishing Comics Part 2Comics and cartoons
In part one, I talked primarily about Print on Demand platforms within regards of self-publishing. This time I will explain more about tools and promotion relating to the pursuit.
Once you figure out where you want to publish, you’ll have a better idea of what the requirements will be. For making a comic, it’s really comes down to preference, but some programs are a lot easier to use than others for different things. Many people still use Photoshop or Sai, but it will unfortunately take a lot more than just that to be able to submit your comic for print for POD companies. (I can’t say the same for print shops, though).
Of course, you can use traditional media. A lot of people nowadays do; they don’t like the idea of being stuck behind a computer all day, and I can’t really blame them. However, utilizing tablet technology for drawing will save you a lot of money and make yo
Comics and Cartoons Week Wrap-up + ResourcesComics and Cartoons Week
Thank you for joining us for Comics and Cartoons Week here at projecteducate! It’s been an exciting, information-filled five days – we’ve learned about everything from panel layout to what comics journalism is, from defining an editorial cartoon to what not to do with speech balloons. Several of our fellow deviants tapped their knowledge and experience to bring these useful articles to you:



Resource share

Resource share

To keep you going, we’ve gathered this excellent collection of resources for you. Some of these were shared in previous articles; now they are all here in one place for your convenience.

If you have additional ones that YOU would like to share, pop them in a comment on this article!

Keep skilling up, my fellow deviants, and have fun creating.



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