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Oilpaint Eagle Owl Aiko


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When it happens

When the wind blows, Or the sky is blue You leap into my thoughts. I follow the light, firefly, to whatever cliff you like. To stare down the whelming abyss of why - The sea, tears fought back over forever, only shushing all the world, curling under, Over and back again. ・ Time has left me and I, it. Moving to an old super-position of this matter, The stories are retold, the actions redone to outcomes that cannot be fathomed. . In dreams The forest of your eyes The person who filled my skin, gone. The leaves waving hello and goodbye The dead branch accuses the sky with a bony gesture. Too lifeless to sprout, too old to bend.

lit and poetry

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Characterization Interviews

We’ve made it to the last Monday in June, which means it’s time for the final article and challenges! We took four questions about characterization suggested by the lit community and asked the experts for answers. They gave us amazing advice, and we’re excited to share it with you now! :eager: Our first question was, “What is your process for creating character flaws, and how do you incorporate a character’s flaw into their character arc?” This is an important question because a flaw, weakness, or vulnerability is vital to showing your audience who your character is and what they have to overcome in the st

writing resources

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How to Build Characters to Believe in

If you're anything like me, then the first thing you look for when you pick up a book is a good character to connect with. Someone to relate to, to share experiences with. Someone… to believe in. But how to you create such a character as a writer? Now bear in mind that I don’t just mean a believable person, that’s a start of course, but this goes beyond making sure your characters are well-balanced between their talents and their faults. What I mean is, a character to root for, whose cause and internal quest makes us believe in him, in his ability to overcome his own demons and so save the day in the wider world. This mig

Writing Prompts and Themes

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Photoshooting your craft

Artisan Craft Week Handmade crafts and photography are my longtime hobbies. So taking pictures of a new craftwork is an important and enjoyable part of the creating process. It’s nice to have photographs of the craftwork to share them via internet showing to people all over the world and getting inspiring feedback  It is also a good memory of those items that were given to dear friends as a gift. And of course you need some photos of the item you’re going to sell - for the online shop. In this article I’d like to tell you how I organize photographing process of my own. Maybe you’ll find some of this information usef

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Robin gif

Good Stampies

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Why not LoL

Awesome XD

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Cathedral Dome

Historical love

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CSS Tricks: Responsive dA?

If you are at least slightly into web design and/or using mobile devices to browse, you should have come across the term "Responsive Webdesign". Basically it means that a website is set up in a way so it gives the best browsing experience no matter on what device you are viewing it. One term that is often mentioned along with it are "Fluid Designs". This usually refers to web sites that use % instead of px values to define sizes inside the layout. This necessary trend in web design made me think about the layout. Because it is a design that has been working responsive for several years! You can test this by going to any place

Journal CSS

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2year Anniversary Features

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if you're not first...

1. girl #2, meet girl #3. she’s beautiful, charming, and witty: everything a girl should be. …oh, and one other thing: she’s an exact replica of girl #1. (girl #2 is agonizingly aware of this small fact, but BOY, of course, would never admit to it.) 2. mirror, mirror, on the wall who’s the fairest one of all? ah yes, girl #1. the girl. the perfect girl. the unattainable girl. the lie. (girl #2 has wasted too much time waiting for girl #1’s nose to grow, gathering evidence to prove that humanity isn’t all it seems. but the case was dismissed when the Defense never showed up.) 3. girl #3 is

DLD Features and Suggestions

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Sailing ships in Helsinki

Songs from the Sea

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NaPoWriMo 2010

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Wildlife Texture Brushes

Legend of Zelda fan fics

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DeLis inspiration

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Writings Gears and Wires

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NaNoWriMo Roses

NaNoWriMo 2010

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Arena - The Cimbrian King


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male nude angels in perspective 3


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How I draw Gem or Crystal

Digital Painting Tutorials

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Pose Reference Sheet 4

photography tutorials

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The void


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Made of flesh_Made of iron cover


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