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Geometric BLEH + Undertale references by TheBrandi67 Geometric BLEH + Undertale references :iconthebrandi67:TheBrandi67 1 4 Valentine's Blobbicure by TheBrandi67 Valentine's Blobbicure :iconthebrandi67:TheBrandi67 1 8 Stamping and Nail Vinyl Test by TheBrandi67 Stamping and Nail Vinyl Test :iconthebrandi67:TheBrandi67 2 4 Pink to Black Gradient w/holo and Sparkles by TheBrandi67 Pink to Black Gradient w/holo and Sparkles :iconthebrandi67:TheBrandi67 3 8 Polaris-inspired Nails by TheBrandi67 Polaris-inspired Nails :iconthebrandi67:TheBrandi67 3 12 Crystal and Onyx by TheBrandi67 Crystal and Onyx :iconthebrandi67:TheBrandi67 1 4
Daini No Chansu: Chapter 9
Everything was pitch black. A soft ring was heard in Hiro’s ears. He could faintly remember seeing dim light from a lamp a few times, and an explosion as he was knocked on the ground by a force behind him. Somehow he knew he had been asleep for a while with the exception of little blurbs of half-waking up and falling back asleep, but he still felt exhausted. Suddenly, he felt warmth near his ears and the ringing gradually began to get quieter. Hiro decided it was time to open his eyes. As he did, blurry objects appeared, and he could finally make out the shapes as book cases, desks, technology, figurines… he was in his room. Hiro mentally sighed in relief; it was better than a hospital. Much better, considering it would be his first time injured in one without Tadashi by his side.
There was a person in front of him wearing a white t-shirt, black skinny jeans and had raven hair with hazel eyes filled with concern… something flinched behind him, which Hiro guessed was
:iconthebrandi67:TheBrandi67 1 0
Daini No Chansu: Chapter 8
Alarms of emergency vehicles whirred through the air, music from people’s vehicles played and a cool breeze swept past Hiro’s ears. San Fransokyo’s sky was now a blanket of midnight blue. Hiro wished he could see the stars, but that was only possible if he got up on the blimps with Baymax. San Fransokyo suffered from light pollution, but Hiro could settle for the bright neon signs and lights from windows. Everything seemed normal, like before Tadashi’s accident.
Squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak
…Except for the fact that Baymax was accompanying Hiro on this trip.
Hiro had made an alternate version of Baymax’s armor. The body was black which faded to dark purple at Baymax’s feet. The purple dots from his previous armor had been used in this design, but they were now red. Baymax still had rocket thrusters and wings, but the wings were red with black at the tips. The helmet maintained its design, except the things at the sides were
:iconthebrandi67:TheBrandi67 2 0
Daini No Chansu: Chapter 7
Baymax woke up and attempted to treat his distressed patient, but Hiro shoved him away onto his back. It was evident he wanted absolutely nothing to do with Kentaro at the moment. Hiro went to the bathroom and hunched over on the counter of the sink. He did his very best to avoid looking at the sink beside the one he always used as he squeezed his eyes shut and began to sob.
“Tadashi, you freaking idiot! Why did you have to die!? Why did you run into that burning building that clearly yelled ‘no hope’ just to save a guy you trusted!? A guy who betrayed you! A guy who threw away all the love people held in their hearts for him just to get revenge for his daughter! WHY!?” Hiro yelled, tears streaming down his cheeks. Baymax had managed to get up and shuffle into the room.
“You said it yourself last night, Hiro. It was because he cared.” Baymax replied.
“Then why did he leave me, Baymax!?” Hiro retorted; his breathing he
:iconthebrandi67:TheBrandi67 1 0
Daini No Chansu: Chapter 6
All the questions that Kentaro had managed to poison Hiro’s brain with ensured a restless sleep for the fourteen-year-old prodigy. Hiro groaned in frustration as he lay in bed awake. Baymax misheard this for ‘ow’, and in response activated and walked to Hiro.
“Baymax, keep it down. It’s one in the morning.” Hiro whispered. Baymax lowered his voice.
“What seems to be bothering you?” Baymax asked.
“I… I can’t sleep.” Hiro whimpered. “I can’t decide what’s more frustrating: all the questions Kentaro’s made for me, or not being able to sleep after almost crashing on the bus and in class.” There was a short silence between the two which seemed like an eternity, until Baymax broke it.
“Accessing: Tadashi’s Notes: Hiro.” He stated. Hiro sat up.
“Tadashi made notes on me? Who else?” Hiro asked. Baymax turned his head to Hiro.
:iconthebrandi67:TheBrandi67 2 0
Daini No Chansu: Chapter 5
Hiro’s alarm went off and he groaned, slapping his hand around to find the switch to turn it off.
“Ughhh…” He moaned, squeezing his eyes shut, “why can’t it be the weekend?” Hiro complained as he forced himself out of bed and got ready for the day. As he pulled a brush through his hair, he felt a fluffy, vibrating feline circle around his ankles. He looked down to see his calico cat, Mochi. Hiro knelt down and pet him. “Good morning Mochi. It’s nice of you to visit.” Hiro cooed with a smile, rousing a meow from his cat. Hiro finished up and packed his backpack, headed downstairs and ate a quick breakfast, then boarded the bus across the street to go to SFIT. He settled down in a chair and he caught someone out of the corner of his eye slump beside him.
“Yo, Hiro!” The voice beside him greeted. Hiro immediately mentally groaned.
“Hey, Ken.” He replied tiredly.
“You okay?” The brunette asked w
:iconthebrandi67:TheBrandi67 2 0
Daini No Chansu: Chapter 4
Cass’ tense shoulders lowered. “What happened, sweetie?”
“Well, I wouldn’t describe it as a bad day, but… some crazy stuff happened. First period was normal. Then… GoGo and the others introduced me to this guy. He just came to SFIT today. His name is Kentaro Tashiro, and… Aunt Cass, he has the same personality and physical build as Tadashi. His hair is a chocolate brown styled like how Tadashi had that sorta just…” he trailed off, gaining voice again when he found a way to rephrase, “well; it looks like how it did when he was younger. The bangs aren’t straightened by hair gel, but it still looks like how Tadashi wore his hair. Today Ken was wearing a denim hoodie thing just like something Tadashi once pointed out to me that he thought looked cool, but he didn’t get it because of the price. Kentaro has a brown backpack, but he generally just slings it over one shoulder as if it’s habit to him and he like
:iconthebrandi67:TheBrandi67 1 0
Daini No Chansu: Chapter 3
Hiro tried to register what he just saw. Did Honey have a crush? Suddenly, a voice came over the intercom and interrupted his thoughts.
Could Kentaro Tashiro please come to the office immediately? Kentaro Tashiro?
“Looks like it’s time to get my schedule.” Kentaro remarked, stuffing his hands in his pockets. “C’mon.” Hiro and Kentaro walked together to the office and stopped at the reception desk. A lady poked her head out of a room.
“Kentaro! Great to see you! I’ll just grab your schedule…” The lady went to the desk and sorted through papers. She found the paper and handed it to him. Kentaro thanked her and opened it up. Hiro stood on his tippy-toes and Kentaro brought it down a bit for Hiro to see.
“Holy cow, you and I have identical schedules!” Hiro exclaimed, extending his right hand. Kentaro did the same and they slapped the front and back of their hands before doing a double fist bump and hopping back on one
:iconthebrandi67:TheBrandi67 1 0
Daini No Chansu: Chapter 2
Hiro could hardly believe all the similarities. They were so different, but so the same… and it hurt.
“We’ve got a late bird here, coming in halfway through the year. He popped into my class like a lost puppy, wasn’t even his class. You’re the last person he’s got to meet.” GoGo gave the man a nudge, urging him to introduce himself. Hiro realized that he was also the same height as Tadashi.
“Hiro Hamada, right? I’m Kentaro Tashiro. Pleased to meet you.” He extended a hand. Tears were really threatening to show for Hiro. Hiro swallowed hard and looked into the man’s eyes. His voice was also the same. He shakily shook Kentaro’s hand.
“Y-you too…” Hiro forced a weak smile. Kentaro’s smile faded and twisted into the same face of concern as Tadashi always had.
“Hey man, are you okay? You look like you’ve seen a ghost.” Kentaro asked. He approached Hiro and put his hand on
:iconthebrandi67:TheBrandi67 1 0
Daini No Chansu: Chapter 1
“Hiro, somebody has to help.” The silhouette of his brother faded off into the flaming building. Time slowed as the younger raced after the older Japanese-American.
“Tadashi, please, stop! Don’t go where I can’t follow! You won’t be able to save him, trust me! His plan is to get the Microbots and have everyone flee, not go in! Stay! Please!” He screamed desperately, and time seemed to move faster. The youngest one’s attempts to talk the older into safety had been shoved six feet underground; turned into wasted breath. Both were running as fast as they could when the younger was blasted back onto the cold, hard pavement and knocked unconscious.
Hiro Hamada woke up in cold sweat, squeezing his eyes shut and shaking. “Just a dream… just a dream…” Dream wasn’t an accurate term; Hiro had clearly suffered a nightmare. Sounds of a robot activating filled the silent air, accompanying
:iconthebrandi67:TheBrandi67 1 0
Personal Quote-Life by TheBrandi67 Personal Quote-Life :iconthebrandi67:TheBrandi67 1 3


Harry Potter: Hogwarts OC Student Template
Basic Information
Full name:
Date of birth:
Blood status:
Hair colour:
Hair style:
Eye colour:
Skin tone:
Clothing style:
Other distinguishing features:
Good at:
Bad at:
Paternal grandparents:
Maternal grandparents:
Other noteworthy relatives:
Family home:
Blood Status:
Social standing:
Family background:
Individual magic
Wand reaction when first held:
(What happened before Hogwarts)
Years at Hogwarts
First year
Sorted into:
Best subject:
Favorite subject:
Favorite teacher:
Worst subject:
Least favorite subject:
Least favorite teacher:
Christmas holiday:
Second year
Best subject:
Favorite subject:
Favorite teacher:
Worst sub
:iconkairranaille:KairraNaille 293 58
BH6: Science Has Gone Horribly Wrong (Contest) by Aileen-Rose BH6: Science Has Gone Horribly Wrong (Contest) :iconaileen-rose:Aileen-Rose 68 22 Flying Above The Commons by TurtleBrouhaha Flying Above The Commons :iconturtlebrouhaha:TurtleBrouhaha 6 3
Undertale: The Fabulous Quiz Show
"Hello, Darlings! Welcome to the fifth episode of my new show, 'The Fabulous Quiz Show'!"
The audience cheers around a circular stage. 5 Contestants were standing around the podiums and Mettaton stood in the middle of the stage. Colorful lights illuminated the whole building and another puff of fog came from the machines behind Mettaton. Everyone in the crowd was wearing Mettaton T-Shirts or advertisements of Glamburgers. The 'Death by Glamour' song that played around them was ear-piercing.
"Today, we have five lovely contestants!" Mettaton said, swaying his hips as he approached the first one. "Mind telling us your name, handsome?"
He held the microphone out towards the contestant. He was a really tall man with a scarred smile on his skull and wore a black sweater. Gaster stared at the microphone and looked back at Mettaton. He made a couple of hand gestures, which made the crowd go into an awkward silence. The robot gave them a sheepish smile and laughed it off. He withdrew th
:iconrainbowthefox:rainbowthefox 30 14
The Wolf Among Us - I Can Almost by YumiKoyuki The Wolf Among Us - I Can Almost :iconyumikoyuki:YumiKoyuki 156 4 The Wolf Among Us- BLT by KittyConQueso The Wolf Among Us- BLT :iconkittyconqueso:KittyConQueso 188 27 Duo Holographic butterfly wings by Ithfifi Duo Holographic butterfly wings :iconithfifi:Ithfifi 139 21 lace nail art by MadamLuck lace nail art :iconmadamluck:MadamLuck 121 4 Autumn by MadamLuck Autumn :iconmadamluck:MadamLuck 2,134 224 BH6: The Reason Why by Aileen-Rose BH6: The Reason Why :iconaileen-rose:Aileen-Rose 71 4 Request for CyberFox - Marcia/Splodge by HonTheAwesome Request for CyberFox - Marcia/Splodge :iconhontheawesome:HonTheAwesome 6 2 Valerian Blossom by HonTheAwesome Valerian Blossom :iconhontheawesome:HonTheAwesome 4 0 Undertale - Sans is Getting Bullied by octone-berri Undertale - Sans is Getting Bullied :iconoctone-berri:octone-berri 5,220 989 happy holidays! [UT Spoilers] by RayFloret happy holidays! [UT Spoilers] :iconrayfloret:RayFloret 695 185


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sooo yeah
to all those who still watch me on here I appreciate you and I'm so sorry I'm not active like I used to be :heart:

EDIT: oh yeah those last couple chapters of Rose 3 I talked about like two years ago are probably gone now whoops sorry

EDIT 2: wow I just read the last chapter of it, cringe
please don't read it again
that was so many years ago


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