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Thanks for everyone who was at the livestream! I hope you had fun!

So the point of this assignment is to get better at painting, pretty much. A friend of mine had the cool idea of giving me artist descriptions/briefs for Magic the Gathering cards and not tell me which card it is. This was the brief:

“Color: Green creature

Location: Dense, thorny forest

Action: This is a female human adventurer, a traveling druid who is trained in summoning and controlling mana. Show her opening a worn leather pouch or other container, out of which floats a small magical orb made of golden energy. She carries mana around with her the way that other travelers might carry food or water. Her gear, including her magical container, looks rough and worn, having seen much use in the harsh wilderness.

Focus: The traveling mana-druid

Mood: She’s handy to have along on the expedition.”

If you want to know what the actual card looked like, look up “Hanabaz Druid” by Wayne Reynolds. It’s really cool to see how they interpreted the same description :)
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