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Wait, I got a Daily Deviation on my Mario family illustration? When did that happen? Anyhow, thanks DrZime for the feature!

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After what feels like an eternity, the new T3LP book is finally on my website! I also took the opportunity to add several of my newest designs onto my store, so feel free to look around, maybe you'll find something you like!

I'll also be attending several cons in Central Canada this summer, so if you scroll all the way down, you can see the dates and events where I'll be hanging around! I'll have all of my merch, including the T3LP books, available at my table, so come say hi if you're in the vicinity!

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Summer Cons 2023
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Thanks DeviantART for the Daily Deviation on my piece "Samus and the Baby"! I believe it’s my sixth or seventh DD? Nice.

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I forgot to mention it, but now my online shop is up and fonctionnal! If you've wanted to purchase stuff I've made throughout the years, like comics and posters, now's your chance! I will try to keep the shop fresh with new stuff as time goes on. That will eventually include books 2-3 of T3LP whenever I can get it printed.

It's probably a bit too late to order if you want your order before Christmas (Unless you're from Canada or the US northern east coast), but I'm sending a patch of shipments tomorrow so you never know! It's all happening here:

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Some news

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Oh yeah, I remember now, this place exists! It feels like I haven't logged in in a million years. This website also has a habit of discouraging its users from ever coming back with every new major update too, so, yeah.

I don't have much news. 2021 was generally a lousy year. After I finished The 3 Little Princesses, I got depressed and entered a phase where I just couldn't draw for several months. It's not all loom and gloom however, I kept myself productive by making something I've wanted to do for years: a Super Mario World romhack! It's called Luminescent, it's a kaizo (i.e. very hard) hack, and the Mario community on Twitch seems to like it a lot. Here's a walkthrough by one of my favourite YouTuber/streamer, and here's the patch if you wanna play it yourself (don't ask me how to patch ROMs though).

Speaking of T3LP, the book version is still in the plans. I haven't worked much on it this year because of the lack of conventions and events (I'm not going to invest in something I have no means to sell) but since conventions have been slowly coming back since October, I'll be picking it up again. I'm aiming for a release in summer 2022, if everything goes well.

If for some reason I go radio silent again, follow me on Twitter, that's where I'm the most active nowadays.

Thanks for reading, peace!

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