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This page mostly contains information as to what I am as an artist, what I'm offering, and my pricing, so should you have any question about something I didn't mention in here, just ask in this journal entry and I will have it!

(Edited on August 30th 2010)

What is a commission?

A commission is an artwork order made to an artist. It's basically like when you request something, except that you pay the artist to illustrate your stuff.

When you commission someone, you're known as the "commissioner" and the artist as the "commissionee".

What I do...

• If you've been watching me for long enough, you probably know what I'm capable of by now. But just in case:

   – My competences lie in comic booking, illustration, 2D animation, Flash animation, spriting, colouring.
   – Some of my strong points are action scenes, crowded pictures, cartoon/situational humour, facial expressions.
   – My main weak point is realism, but I'm slowly getting better at it...

• I work with Adobe Photoshop and Paint Tool SAI. Working on a picture can take anywhere from a few minutes to 20 hours. My price will usually reflect the amount of time a piece will take, and the overall quality of the final product.

Any subject is fine with me. Just note that there are certain topics I'm not comfortable working with (drugs, gore, fetishes) and that I'll probably turn these down. It never hurts to ask though, so go ahead if you're not sure, I don't bite.

Pre-commission information

• This time around, you don't need to ask me for an estimate; you can calculate it yourself using the price chart below (the big white poster-like image just below, you can't miss it).

Contact me via Note when you're ready to order. Mention how you want your picture done (sketch, lineart, in colour, double/half mode, etc.) then describe its contents, in a clear and concise way. I don't want to be written a novel. All I need to know is the general setup, the characters, their positions/expressions and links to references. Unless necessary for my understanding, I don't need a backstory of your world or your characters.

• I'll start working on your picture only when the full payment is received. If your commission is really expensive, I can accept half the payment in advance.


Complexity range: a price readjustment that occurs when I judge a setting, or a detail in the picture is too complex for the basic price (i.e.: when a certain character has a lot of details on them).

Double Mode: double the price, double the effort: this mode is used on meticulous artwork, where very fine precision, special criteria or some level or research are needed. This is the very best quality you can get from me at this moment. Erotic/pin-up art, background-busy artwork, crowd pictures (10+ characters or so) and accessories-filled pictures systematically fall into Double Mode, because of the precision these themes imply.

Half Mode: This is, as you can guess, the opposite of the Double Mode. This mode is great if you only want to put ideas or concepts on paper. Artwork done in this mode are not rushed or butchered, but I'm spending significantly less time and effort creating them. Coloured pictures will have no shading, and you can't ask for corrections. You can't half a basic $5 sketch.

During commission...

• I usually send commissioners the rough sketch before going on further. This ensures you're getting exactly what you have in mind. No major modifications are to be made once I'm jumping to the next step;

• On my front page, there'll be a custom box label "Commissions" where you can see the status of all commissions, with each commissioner listed in order of priority. That gives you a rough idea where I'm at.

When it's done...

• I will either e-mail you or Note you with the final product, in high resolution. If you paid half the price, I will only send a low-resolution, watermarked version of your picture, until the second half has been received.
• Chances are I will post your artwork in my DeviantART gallery, unless the subject matter is inapropriate or clashes with the the rest of my gallery.

Any of the information stated above may be subject to change without warning. But it doesn't mean that we can't have fun with the whole commissioning stuff! I hope you're not too lost with the specifications. I wanted to have these public in order to avoid misunderstandings and other problems during the commissioning process, and to ensure I don't end up feeling underpaid (this is such a frustrating feeling... other artists should know what I mean).

If you have any questions regarding stuff I didn't make mention of, just write them down here!

Thank you for reading!

Previous commission works

The Solar Circle by TheBourgyman Legacy on vacation by TheBourgyman Aim for the stars by TheBourgyman Daisicollo? by TheBourgyman Holly pancakes by TheBourgyman Incoming pwnage by TheBourgyman Nice wind by TheBourgyman Rapid and dangerous by TheBourgyman Xavier the Yoshi by TheBourgyman Conker's berries by TheBourgyman Under the stars by TheBourgyman

Mature Content

Sugary flower by TheBourgyman
Royal clash by TheBourgyman World 4-3 picnic day by TheBourgyman

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TheSolWing's avatar
excuse me,but i would like to know if commisions will still be lose for a while,and if the prices of it,the chart on this journal is not visible anymore,and,wel,if its not much to ask,i would still like to know the prices even if you dont plan on opening them anytime soon please:)
TheBourgyman's avatar
Yeah I probably deleted the chart off my site where it was first located. I have yet to update my prices though as they're not accurate anymore. But to be honest, I don't think I'll open commissions for a while, I never take the time to do them anyway...
TheSolWing's avatar
well i do was kinda expecting an update of those prices,but yeah i can also understand that you dont have time for them lately,bumemr cause im finally kinda getting the stuff i need to commision people(you obviusly are one of them XP) and it seem most of them are not gonna open them for a while :XD:
well thank you anyway for taking the time to reply man^^
Rosalinaisrosie's avatar
(If you were selling commissions) I like to pay in cash, would it be possable to buy a card in a phisical store and redeam it on Paypal?
TheBourgyman's avatar
Hmmm, I don't know if such thing exists.
Rosalinaisrosie's avatar
Those Visa gift card things.
TheBourgyman's avatar
Oh I see... I don't really like those things, I'd really prefer to have money transfered to my bank or Paypal account rather than having it trapped in a gift/credit card like this.
Rosalinaisrosie's avatar
oh, ok then. since I'm here replying anyway, are your commisions open yet?
TheBourgyman's avatar
Nope, they won't open for a little while. :(
TheCrimsonEmo's avatar
I've been trying to find info on commissions for a while now, you've taught me a lot, I just have one question if your willing to answer, How do you set up your paypal account so people send you payment?
I mean I have a paypal account, but how would I use it in effect for commissions?
TheBourgyman's avatar
All you have to do is either send a payment request to the other Paypal account (which is the user's e-mail address) or let them send the payment to your Paypal by themselves (in this instance all you have to do is tell them what's your Paypal address).
TheCrimsonEmo's avatar
So I just tell them what my email address is, and the rest takes care of itself, right? =P
TheCrimsonEmo's avatar
Thanks Bourgyman! ;)
KyoraSan's avatar
I would buy a commision, if I had a ballpark idea of how much it cost.
I know you said it varies, but what's been the average range?
TheBourgyman's avatar
It usually starts with $10 a sketch, then it can go up to pretty high depending on what you ask, how the picture's crowded and if it's in colour.

But I'm not taking commissions right now anyway, I just closed them a few days ago.
DaisyFan10's avatar
I want a commission and what I like is if I can draw my!!^^;
TheBourgyman's avatar
I don't understand what you're saying, please rephrase that.

No entiendo lo que dices, reformulada eso, por favor.
DaisyFan10's avatar
bueno,hablas español?^^;
lo que yo estoy diciendo es que si me puedes hacer un commission ^^;
es que yo de Ingles no entiendo XS
TheBourgyman's avatar
Sí yo hablo Espanol, pero un poco solamente. Olvidé mucho, desde estos últimos años. ^^;

No hago más de commissions por el momento, debo trabajar sobre otro proyectos. Pero voy a reiniciar a tomar nuevos pedidos pronto, sin embargo. ;)
DaisyFan10's avatar
ah,vale,gracias amigo :hug:
es que yo soy española y no entiendo mucho el ingles ^^;
TheBourgyman's avatar
Haha, no hay problema. :) Mi lengua materna es el francés, también pasé por allí. =P
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