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For a reason unbeknownst to be, several people have been asking me how to pronounce my names and screenname in the last few days. So to quench everybody's thirst of useless knowledge (and because I have no other use for journals right now), here it goes.

My first name, Yves, is pronounced like the girls' name Eve. The E and S letters are silent (as is half of the French language's alphabet).

My last name, Bourgelas, is pronounced Boh-r-jell-ah. It's very French, and also very French-sounding. The S is also silent.

My screenname is a pun on Boogeyman. A friend of mine used to call me all sorts of variants of my last name and one day this one came out, and I decided to appropriate it. For the pronunciation, you just elongate the O sound and add an R after to make the correct word. There's no S in that word, but if there were one, it would probably be silent.

That'll be all. 
I just realized I stopped announcing which conventions I attend as a selling artist a while ago. I'm-a correct this right now!

People of Montreal, I'll be at Otakuthon, an anime/manga convention, on August 3-5th at the Palais des Congrès de Montréal. I'll be selling some of my artwork there, as well as taking commissions! Here's my table placement below. I'll be at booth #546 besides my friends boum, Lightcall-Skeleton and YamiJay!

Also, for those in the Greater Toronto Area, I'll attend Fan Expo Canada on August 30-31—Sept. 1-2 at the Metro Toronto Convention Center. My table number will be A414. I'll sell art and accept commissions there as well.

So if you're close to any of these locations, it will be a good opportunity for you to meet me in person! If you need any info regarding admission prices, opening hours, etc, just click on the name of the convention, it'll take you to their respective websites.

Thanks, y'all!
This is a repost of what I wrote on Twitter earlier today, which explains the occasional dodgy phrasing. Sorry for the novel, but I feel this is quite important.

Nostalgia is a powerful thing. It distorts the perception of memories of our past, by filtering out the mundane and the bad, only keeping what's perceived as good. It's like a picture perfect split second snapshot of a sometimes not-so-great moment. It defines the moment.

Fans don't like when we mess with their nostalgia. Somehow it feels like we are attacking their good experience of a thing. Giving a beloved childhood game a bad review. Changing a beloved character's backstory. Rebooting an old cartoon series for a younger audience... Touching an element of nostalgia is blasphemy to some. Sequels: you're ruining it. Reboots: you should have left it alone. "Inspired from": it's unoriginal, it'll never be as good. Sometimes a thing can be objectively better, but nostalgia is just so strong, nothing trumps it.

What's worse, nostalgia can turn fans into vicious creatures. When content creators, artists or actors receive death threats, get called names, are told to kill themselves, are doxxed or forced to delete their social accounts, you know there's an entitlement problem with fans...

It's OK to feel nostalgic, but people need to stop feeling threatened by changes in the status quo, or cling to it just because it's supposedly "perfect as it is". Not every remake's goal is to make you forget about its original iteration. Your memories are still valid. A new thing might be aiming a different demographic, it might have a change in tone for artistic purposes, it might be revamped to fit with contemporary aesthetics or storytelling styles. The reasons are broad...

I mean, it's also OK to dislike a thing that's not in line with your nostalgic feelings, and to be vocal about it, but it's certainly not to actively harm people over it. Being a fan of something doesn't grant you the privilege of being an asshole. Just walk away and don't look back.

I've seen examples of such toxic behaviour too much this year already. Solo, Thundercats Roar and the new TMNT being prime examples. And while it's not exactly on the same scale, I'm starting to fear the same for the sequel of my Super Mario fan comic, The 3 Little Princesses.

It's been 10 years since I last touched that series. I've gotten well over a hundred requests for a sequel since then. Now that it's finally here, I'm wondering how will the fans' feelings of nostalgia affect their view of it? Like, will the Mario fans be complaining if it's not on par with their expectations? Will they get offended if I don't treat a beloved character a certain way? What kind of backlash is it possible to get from a long awaited sequel of a fan comic on the Internet?

The Super Mario fanbase is not particularly known to be aggressive, though its fans CAN be emotional, like fans from other series. I've been on the Internet long enough, so I'm used to deal with moderate backlash, but I can't help but feel like the times were simpler back in 2009, and that people weren't as aggressive on the Internet back then... Maybe this is nostalgia speaking?

In the end, I hope fans (and non-fans alike) will be able to appreciate this new story of mine. Trust me, let me tell you my story, and don't let your nostalgia blind your view of it. And if you don't like it, just keep being a nice person on the Internet. It's not that hard. :)

Thanks for listening to what I had to say, y'all. The first three pages of T3LP part 2 will be published at 12 PM, East Coast time (9 AM West Coast, 5-7 PM Europe). Then, new pages will be published weekly every Friday.

So, yesterday (April Fools Day), I went on and declared The 3 Little Princesses would finally get a sequel. This post was done with the date in mind.

However, after the day was gone in most countries in the world, I went on and truthfully declared I hadn't made any pranks this year.

It confused a whole lot of you. :XD: That wasn't originally my plan, but I found the whole ordeal hilarious. Most people here didn't know what to believe. So now that April 1st is totally gone, here is the piece of information you're looking for:

Yes, The 3 Little Princesses sequel IS happening! Do you really think I would make such a cruel joke? ;p


T3LP will be 10 years old on November 1st, 2018. I've been hesitant on creating a sequel for years, since I wanted to concentrate on other series like Supercrash, but I've collected enough ideas for a last tour de force with the Mario universe. And I can't tire drawing the princesses, so here we go. =P

The only thing not true about my first journal entry is regarding Supercrash: I'm still going on strong with this series. I've started work on book 3 / chapter 7-8-9 lately. I also started another comic series tentatively called "Yasmine" that has yet to be translated.

So, that's it. Expect more news either this spring or this summer. I want to get this going soon, but with other projects in the making. It might take some time. I just wanna ask you guys to be patient. Everything will come in time.

Thanks for reading, everyone. I love you guys!

I think most of you were aware that today was April Fools Day! Hope you had a great time.

I sure did. I like to play pranks on DeviantART on April 1st. Let's see:

In 2012, I published a fake Mario hentai website.
In 2014, I flipped most of my profile page upside down.
In 2015, I announced a Supercrashgirl spin-off series.
In 2017, I published a fake end-of-series page on the Supercrash website.

But this year, I didn't pull a single prank.


I let you do the math. :)
Hi y'all! I'm not posting a lot these days, but I needed to write this journal.

I've been thinking about it a lot lately, and I think it's about time I listened to what you guys have been continuously shouting at me about for the last 9ish years.

It's time I'm bringing back The 3 Little Princesses for a sequel!

I've thought about it long and hard. Supercrash's not working as well as I anticipated, and I haven't had a lot of ideas for original stories lately, so I thought it was about time I went back to my roots and started to work on what put me on the map (or more precisely, on the Internet). The Bourgyman the Mario fan artist is back!

You can expect it sometime in 2018!

Thanks for reading! And uh, happy... Easter, everybody. :)

Sorry for not posting much here. I'm much more active on other social platforms these days, and DeviantArt is usually the last place where I update (if I update it at all). This website's not what it used to be...

I'm currently doing the Inktober art challenge, so if you'd like to see all my stuff as I post it, please follow me at any of the following places:

Twitter (the best place to interact with me right now)
Facebook (The Bourgyman) (Supercrash)

Thanks, have a good day y'all!
Hi Y'all! I'll be at Fan Expo Canada, in Toronto, this weekend. More details about admittance, location and more, in here:

I'll be at booth #A414, same spot as last year. I've got a lot of new stuff, including tome 2 of Supercrash, which can't be purchased outside of Quebec right now. Also got the usual haul of awesometastic artwork. Come and see me if you're near!

Finishing that Splatoon 2 poster I started yesterday. Come join the fun on PicartoTV! 

It's all happening here:

Hey y'all! Hope you're having a great summer. I haven't posted in some time, so I figured I might as well pass the message.

Otakuthon is coming up! It's next weekend in Montreal. I'll have some pretty art to sell! Details are in the image, just below.

Also, Fan Expo Canada in Toronto is a month away, being held from August 31st to September 3rd, 2017. I'll be tabling at booth A414, same place as last year.

Have a wonderful second-half-of-summer, everyone!

Hey guys! This is just to let you know, y'all fabulous people in the Montreal area, that I will be holding my last book signing/book launch for Supercrash tome 2 (at least the last one that doesn't have an admittance fee due to it being part of another event).

It's gonna be held at the Planète BD comic store (4077 St-Denis, a 5-minute walk from the Sherbrooke metro station), Saturday June 17th from 1PM to 4 PM, a week from now. I will have copies of the two Supercrash tomes, in both languages, in addition to goodies such as bookmarks, buttons and posters. And of course, I will also sign all albums that are presented to me! (including those that were bought via the crowdfunfing campaign but weren't signed).

Here's the Facebook event!

Thank you, looking forward to seeing you there!
Thanks for the birthday wishes, everyone! Yesterday was a great day, even though it was pretty much business as usual. And also, signing books for the Kickstarter (I have like 60 books left to sign).

Speaking of which, I'm doing my first book launch for Supercrash tome 2 tonight. For those in the Gatineau-Ottawa area (Montreal and others will follow), you can come get your copy of the book and have it signed (also, if you contributed to the Kickstarter in March and want to attend, let me know you'll come so I can have your copy at the event). Here's the Facebook event link.

Thanks for reading!
Hey everyone! It's about time I toss that old journal entry aside.

So I'll be attending a few events in the next couple of days, in regard to the release of Supercrash tome 2. The first even will be the Toronto Comic Arts Festival (TCAF). It's located at the Toronto Reference Library (789 Yonge). I'll be at booth 226, on the second floor, all weekend. If you're from the area, come say hi! It's a must for all comic books fans, and best of all, admittance is FREE!

Other events I'll be attending (mostly in Québec):
  • May 16th 2017: Book launch for Supercrash tome 2 in Gatineau, at the Moca Loca Café, 335 St-Joseph (right by the Galeries de Hull). The Facebook event is here!
  • May 18-19th 2017Salon du livre de Notre-Dame-du-Laus. Centre des loisirs de Notre-Dame-du-Laus, 15 du Ruisseau-Serpent. Signing books and hosting activities all day long, from 9 AM to 3 PM.
  • May 20th 2017: Book launch for Supercrash tome 2 in Montreal (location to be confirmed)
  • May 25-28th 2017Salon du livre de l'Abitibi-Témiscamingue, Jacques-Laperrière Arena, 222 Dallaire. Signing books and hosting activities during some days. This location may also be where I'll launch Supercrash tome 2 in Rouyn-Noranda. To be confirmed!

If you are a contributor of the campaign, and you plan to attend one of these events, please let me know if you'd like to pick up your copy of Supercrash tome 2, and I'll make sure I have them!

Thanks for reading!

April 5th 2017

For those who have contributed to the Supercrash tome 2 Kickstarter: surveys have been sent! Fill them out as soon as you can, so I can have a better idea of the types of rewards to send. To those who ordered physical rewards, you can also enter your address for the shipments (it can be changed later on, in case you plan on moving, by example).

Thank you!

March 26th 2017


109% pledged by more than 133 contributors (that doesn't include the dozen who contributed via Paypal), so that, in the end, we were able to raise $14,269 for the project.

I'm at loss for words. Supercrash tome 2 will become reality real soon, and it's all thanks to you, the contributors, that I'll be able to achieve this. Even though we didn't reach any stretch goals, I can safely say that all of this is way beyond my expectations. I hope the rewards you receive will exceed yours!

I don't know what else to say, other than THANK YOOOU! Thanks 133 times, and more!

Now, this is where the bulk of the work starts. I will contact all of you contributors in the next few days to collect info, such as addresses (for those who pledged for physical rewards), your choice of bookplate, the character you'd like me to draw for your book signature, or your traditional/digital artwork (with references, if necessary). This is something that will most likely take me the whole of April, but I'm ready to dive into this.

This will be all for now. THANKS AGAIN!! <3

Link to the campaign:

Earlier today

This will be my last reminder: the crowdfunding campaign for Supercrash 2 ends in 5 hours, and will be a success! For those who'd still like to pre-order tome 2 and/or tome 1 and/or other rewards, this is your last opportunity to do so! I'll post an official end-of-campaign message once it will be over.

The campaign:

March 25th 2017

This is the last day to pre-order the Supercrash books on Kickstarter. A few things to remember:

- For just a $10 CAD pledge (around $7.50 USD), you get a PDF of the two books;
- Speaking of which, if you don't have tome 1, you can pre-order it as well;
- You can commission me via Kickstarter. Actually, I will not accept any new outsider commissions for the next several months because of that;
- You can contribute via Paypal if Kickstarter + credit card is not an option for you. Send your Paypal pledge here. Check the Kickstarter page for prices, and don't forget to add shipping if you want physical stuff!

And lastly, but not least: we have reached the goal! :) But not everything has been won; people could withdraw their pledges at the last minute, or there could be fraudulent ones. If we're too close to the minimal amount, this could compromise the whole thing. That's why the amount still needs to go up a little! So if you've wanted to help, your pledge could make as BIG difference!

That's it. I'm gonna go collapse on some corner now.


March 24th 2017

The stream has ended, thanks for joining me!

We are live streaming right now! On today's menu: a Supercrash wallpaper (the one everyone who pledged will receive). Then I draw random stuff, come say hi and make suggestions!

To watch:

March 23th 2017

Some people have asked me an important question: "What if I want to contribute but don't have a credit card?". Kickstarter doesn't support Paypal, but if you'd like to send me something as a pledge, you can send that amount (send as gift) to my Paypal address: I'll have that amount added to the pledge total. You're also elligible to receive rewards depending on the peldge amount, just make sure to send the correct amount!

There's only 2 days left to this campaign, guys! The goal still hasn't been met, but we're VERY close, at only $2,300 CAN left (that's around $1,700 in US currency). Please help me make this book a reality! You can pre-order it (along with book 1, and other rewards such as commissions) right here:

March 20th 2017

I shared it on my Kickstarter page, but I thought I'd do it here as well: the campaign has just passed the $10,000 milestone; That brings us to 77% of the amount needed to print Supercrash tome 2!

Obviously, all this will become reality only if we reach 100% of the objective. If you ever wanted to purchase a pretty awesome children-to-all-ages comic book, in two tomes (or just the tome 2), for you or someone else or as a gift, this comic's a good place to start! Pre-order it now while you can!

March 16th 2017

Only 10 days left to the campaign! Even though we're close to completion, we're still far away: just a little less than 40% of the total amount has been secured. There's still time for the tides to turn, and to give the campaign more attention, I will be hosting two events in the coming days:

:bulletgreen: Friday, March 17th 2017: Drawing Live Stream! I will be streaming starting at 1 PM Montreal/New York time (10 AM Los Angeles time, 5 PM London time). I'll be drawing the final versions of the ex-libris that will be included with some of the rewards, plus possibly other things if I finish early. You can also come and ask me questions or see how I make my artwork!

Edit: the event has been postponed to tomorrow, Saturday, March 18th 2017, 10 AM (Montreal/New York time). Visit the project page to watch the stream when it'll be the right time!

:bulletgreen: Sunday, March 19th 2017: Ask Supercrash! This one will take the form of an answer blog. You can send questions to Supercrash, Superpouf, Jennifer, or any other characters in the series, and they will answer you themselves, in comic form! 

Questions can be asked on any social platform, and you can start sending them now, via Twitter or Tumblr (if you want anonymity). Please note that I reserve the right to answer (or not) any questions I receive.

Link to the campaign: Supercrash tome 2 Kickstarter page

March 13th 2017

A little more than two weeks in the campaign! We're currently sitting at 36%, a good progression but still really far from the amount needed to make this project a reality. Some mini-events are coming; I just posted some news on the Kickstarter webpage.

For those not in the know, with this campaign you actually have the opportunity to pre-order the new book, as well as the first book of Supercrash, in the language of your choice, and no matter where in the world you live. Yup, you will have the book in your hands by the next two months, but only if this campaign is a success. Since my online store doesn't work that well, this probably will be the only opportunity in some time to actually buy the physical version of my books on the Internet.

If you really can't give that much, for $10 CAN ($7.43 USD, €6.97 EURO), you get both books in digital form. That also means you'll get to read the end of book 2 before it appears on the webcomic!

Original post

(Maybe you've seen the deviation where I mention it, but I thought making a journal would help).

For those of you not in the know, I've set up a Kickstarter campaign for the second book of Supercrash. I'm gathering funds to allow for the printing of tome 2, since I don't have a publisher anymore. But I can't do this without YOUR help, so that's why I'm looking for contributors to achieve the goal of $13,000. It won't be an easy task, but you'll get plenty of rewards for helping, including the book of course.

You can read the whole project story, and see a video where I explain everything (yeah, you get to see my face and my big French accent!), right here on the project's Kickstarter page:

Supercrash tome 2 Kickstarter page

The campaign actually launched 3 days ago, and we're already at the 23% mark. It's off to a GREAT start, but there's still a huge mountain to climb (as shown in the picture below). So if you've always felt the need to support me, either for my work as a fan artist, for the 3 Little Princesses comic, or for my original stuff, NOW is the time to show your support! While I don't plan on giving up if this campaign fails, its success will keep the ball rolling for me, and in a position where I can offer you guys even GREATER artistic stuff, may it be in the form of more illustrations and comics (and, who knows, maybe a T3LP 2 in the future?)

I'll be posting once in a while in the coming month about this project, so please keep your eyes on my gallery for further updates. I'm also on other social platforms, so if you think you have a better chance of bumping into my content outside of DeviantART, you can watch me on Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and Instagram!

Thanks, guys, and have a good month!
So, to those who are wondering what's up with Supercrash: at the beginning of the year, I learned that my publisher for the French book will not be able to produce it anymore. So just like that, I ended up with a finished book but with no publisher.

Instead of looking for another publisher and waiting another year (at least) before it's released, I decided to go the self-publishing route! So this time, both French and English versions of "Supercrash 2: Double Identities" will be released independently from a publisher.

However, printing a book represents a MASSIVE expense, and since I have two versions to produce this time, I will not be able to do it without YOUR help.

I will use crowdfunding to gather funds. I will launch a KICKSTARTER campaign on the Internet to help for the printing of my comic book. In exchange of financial backing, you'll be able to get the comic once it's made, as well as some other rewards. In all, it's a bit like if you bought the comic in advance, while helping me assume the costs.

So if you've wanted to support me and my work throughout the years, NOW will be the time!

The campaign will last for a month, and the amount needed is still to be decided. It's probably going to be in the 5-digits. I'll have more news as I prepare everything this week, but the campaign will start around a week from now, which will coincide with the Salon du livre de l'Outaouais, an event I'll be attending.

There you go. Hope to see you during the campaign! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask me here. I'll answer to them to the best of my knowledge. THANK YOU!!

First of all, hope everyone had a great Holiday season. I wisah you all a Happy New Year 2017, may it be the best year of your life!

As for me, I got some great news and some less great news. The good news is that I was accepted in TCAF, the Toronto Comic Arts Festival, that will be held in May, just before my birthday! It’s a really exciting opportunity for me, to finally attend such a prestigious comic book festival in English language. I still have a good amount of Supercrash copies available for sale, and I’m happy I’ll finally have an opportunity to find new readers. I'll surely have copies of the second book as well.

Speaking of the second book of Supercrash, that's the bad news: my publisher in the French language politely suggested me to go find some place else to publish my next book. In other words, it can't produce physical copies of Supercrash 2. I already suffered a huge delay in production in September that really bummed me, but now I guess that's it with that publisher.

It’s a huge disappointment that sets me back in my progression as a comic artist. It means I’ll have to either go back to publisher hunting or to go the self-publishing way, which is what I'm considering the most since I have some experience with it. Crowdfunding is also a possibility. I’m considering all options, but I gotta act fast, as the book festival season is approaching FAST.

In the meantime, the webcomic will go on, as scheduled. I’ll find some place to fit in the fanart special I was talking about earlier, don’t worry about that.

Thanks a lot for reading, guys. Your continual support is what keeps me going, even through these tough times.

I don't talk much these days, so I figured a new journal entry might be in order.

The hero with the green cape, and the Book release

As you may or may not know, I've been working on Supercrash almost full time for the last few months. The reason behind this is that I was given a deadline by my publisher to finish the entirely of the second book. That deadline was September 23rd. I was extremely behind schedule, so I had to do a lot of catching up: 60+ hour weeks weren't uncommon in the last month or so. I also had to make sure the webcomic would still update (I missed updates twice since the restart, sorry about that).

Even though I met the deadline, I was informed by my publisher earlier this week that the book would be delayed by 4 months. After the Salon du livre de Montréal (the biggest book fair in Québec) and the holiday season. I think I don't need to tell you how I feel about this.

So the French version Supercrash book 2 will probably release sometime in mid-February. I still don't quite know about the English version, but it might come a little later.

Back to the webcomic, and Supercrash fanart!

Chapter 4 is close to an end! I hope you guys are enjoying the story so far. There's a lot more coming and I can't wait to show you!

Since a new chapter will be starting soon, I was thinking of taking a small break (not more than a week, I promise) and feature a bunch of bonus material for the series, which would include fanart from the readers! So if you have an urge to do a fan drawing of Supercrash or any other characters (or your OTP, lol) don't hesitate to send it my way, so I can feature it (on the SuperhumansInc group, on Facebook, Twitter, etc., with credit of course). Anything is welcome, as long as it's safe for work, of course.

And remember guys: if you like Supercrash, please don't hesitate to share it! Either by sharing posts on social platforms, by liking the preview deviations I put here, by featuring it, or just by telling your friends about it. The more readers it gets, the longer I'll be able to continue this webcomic.

Aaaand that's about it. My life has seriously been mostly about Supercrash in the last 4-5 months or so. Now that I've got more time, I will probably resume those few commissions that have been pending for a while.

Thanks for reading, everyone!

Hello y'all, how's it going?

First of all, I just wanna say thank you for the birthday wishes. I know it's been more than 2 weeks since my birthday (it was on May 15th), but I've received quite a lot of comments about it on my front page and I never got to thank any of you for it, so I'm doing it here (it also didn't help that I was in convention at the time).

So, THANK YOU!! I do appreciate the wishes! :aww:

Second, as some of you may have noticed from my last deviation, I'm bringing my webcomic back to life. I've spend the last two years working tirelessly on the next Supercrash issues, the chapters 4 to 6. Here's some insider info regarding the revival of the Supercrash webcomic:

:bulletgreen: The next 3 chapters, all together, are 62 pages long, so about the same length as what has been published so far;
:bulletgreen: Supercrash will update twice a week, on Friday and on Monday of each week;
:bulletgreen: The first update will be Friday, June 3th, so in 2 days. YES, I'M SERIOUS. JUST WATCH ME;
:bulletgreen: I'll post a thumbnail here, like before. I'm thinking about closing the comment section though, so you have to come to the website to comment;
:bulletgreen: Each update will be a half-page. Exceptions will be made for pages that I think need to be read as a whole;
:bulletgreen: This time, I will have enough content to go live and uninterrupted for almost a year (48 weeks to be precise). So no more stopping for 6 months at a time!

By the way, if you're new around here and would like to know more about my original comic Supercrash, now would be a good idea to catch up: it's 65 pages long, and depending on your reading speed, 1 to 2 hours to finish.

That'll be all for now! Thanks for reading! :)
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Just dropping by to make a small announcement: Manga Studio 5 is currently for sale at $15 on the developpers' website (…). Manga Studio 5 is the software I use to make illustration and comics. It's 10 times more powerful than Paint Tool SAI and much more reliable (and waaaay less expensive) than Photoshop. I know a few of you here who'd benefit from such a deal.

Seriously, it's REEEEALLY worth it! Get it now before the offer expires!

On other news, I've been working a lot lately, so not much posting material (it's all things I can't post). One of these works include Supercrash. It's restarting sometime in early 2016. Will post about it everywhere when it goes back online. To the point of annoyance. Yep.

Gamewise, I've played Undertale (you know, that Earthbound-like game where you don't have to kill anyone to win?) and I absolutely LOVED it. Get the game on Steam, and the soundtrack as well, it'll fill you with DETERMINATION! Oh, and I'm still somehow playing Super Mario Maker, but I'm slowly burning myself out from playing it and don't have any new ideas for levels. I still have a few level posters to do, will post them in the coming weeks.

That's all for now! Thanks for reading!
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As of today September 30th 2015, I've been a member of DeviantART for 10 years. God, why does time have to fly so fast?!

Unfortunately I didn't plan anything for it, so that's all I have to say for now. I guess that if I HAD made something, it'd be something similar to what I did when I reached a million pageviews, last year.

One million pageviews by TheBourgyman

Thanks for watching my artwork for the last 10 years! Cheers y'all!
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