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Welcome To My 3D World

By TheBourgyman
Update 2014-09-01: Finally added a certain unlockable character to the picture. And also updated with a new watermark.

Oh hey hai there. Long time no submit. I'm excited for Super Mario 3D World ever since the new trailer came out. Does it show? In case you aren't in the loop: [link] [link]

Paint Tool SAI + Photoshop CS4, about 20 hours. Not watermarked because I can! Just don't do stupid things with it, okay? Watermarked because of stupid people.

All characters belong to Nintendo!
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You're in my hell now

This game is by far one of the best Mario games out there for the Wii U. I played it and it's a purr-fect journey. Sorry. Little cat pun.

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Good Game for the Wii U & On the Nintendo Switch because of Super Mario Maker 2.
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I named the Sprixie Princesses based on their color (I may change them):

Red- Rose
Orange- Pumpkin
Yellow- Sunlight
Green- Clover (leader)
Light Blue- Sky
Blue- Blueberry
Purple- Violet
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Well, I can’t edit this comment, so I’d like to say that my name for the Yellow one is actually Sunbeam.
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I loved playing da game, untill... MY. WII U. BROKE. :( Then when it broke I was like NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! But still. GOOD ART. And yes, I do have memories. Ahh... Da good times... :)
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Oh, and plus, good job putting EVERY CHARACTER FROM 3D WORLD IN DA ART!!!:) :) :)
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That looks SO good and SO describes my favorite Mario game to this date!
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Mario:Here we go again!
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Everyone's around, like if this was a movie poster! Just look at these details... owo'
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Question, why did you add a watermark later on? :o Like, what did people do with it? 
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One word, epic. Excellent work.
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I really love this game. And i love this picture so much!
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Really amazing!!!
I have made many artworks of Plessie and her children, the Sprixie Princesses and many other beings.
I hope you like it.
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I have that Game,BTW That looks Amazing!
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can you fix the triple luigis?
also, you can't carry cannon boxes or soccer bombs.
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Sorry, I'm not "fixing" this picture!
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why? cuz you're lazy?
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