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The 3 Little Princesses part 3, page 65

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The princesses move on to another game! And what a nostalgic one... It's bound to bring back a few memories!

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RikuUzumaki7's avatar

Dream PTSD? Or something worse?

Greyman101's avatar

Didn't Daisy also have Super Mario Run?

Salem-the-Psychic's avatar

And the prison collapses! Funny enough I was just playing Land.

DreamGuardianAMS's avatar

Great work on the comic. Poor Peach. She is getting war flashbacks.

AlePrincessPeachy's avatar
AlePrincessPeachyHobbyist General Artist

Peach on the last panel is literally me when I hear or see Korra's uncle. (Yes I know the name, but I don't want to say it.)

dancinninjac's avatar

Daisy is just so happy!

TheRedSpartan's avatar
TheRedSpartanProfessional General Artist

Wait a sec, didn't the Super GameBoy allow for color to be added to that particular game??? :P

Hypershell's avatar

"This is literally all she has." XD Yeah, Big N doesn't seem to care all that much for girls who don't get kidnapped anymore.

Pokemoniac's avatar
PokemoniacHobbyist Traditional Artist

Why does peach remember but not daisy? Those were her memories, and she had a much closer connection to the original daisy

WildGirl91's avatar
WildGirl91Professional Digital Artist

I'm afraid that's not the Daisy we know... maybe the real one is in another dimension.

ThePatrickinator's avatar

Daisy wanted to explain to Peach about her appearance in Super Mario Land as it was Daisy's one of two retro game appearances. Not only that, it was her only main-line appearance.

Hazlenaut's avatar

there three options the Daisy that Peach knew are front of her playing the game, stuck in game or in the movie version. This also brings the question who is the other Daisy?

ThePatrickinator's avatar

Once Princess Daisy debuted, not that many people knew who Princess Daisy was at the time. Back then, people couldn't take Princess Daisy very seriously because they had no idea that Daisy was not Princess Peach during her early years. The line "This is all Daisy has." tells me that Peach feels sad for Daisy having her only retro appearance be Super Mario Land and not that many people including Nintendo could take Princess Daisy very seriously back in the 90's. I like how Daisy is putting sense to Peach and 90's gamers alike.

AeroZed's avatar

It's even more apparent when you realize how much Daisy is excitedly gushing over her kingdom despite the misconception of simplicity most people write it off as.

TOmega1's avatar
TOmega1Hobbyist Digital Artist

Nintendo likes to treat Daisy as a clone of Peach in my opinion.

ThePatrickinator's avatar

She was never intended to be a clone, and she never was a Peach clone to begin with. Not that many people take Daisy very seriously, and they never do. I hate it! I know that Daisy is a joke character, and has a loud voice, but she's not a joke. Daisy is not a Peach clone, but not even Nintendo would understand that, and not even 90's gamers back then. To be fair, Princess Daisy is more goofy and silly whereas Peach is cute and elegant. This is why I can't have nice things because some people don't take the odd ones out very seriously.

TOmega1's avatar
TOmega1Hobbyist Digital Artist

I don't like how Daisy is stereotyped in fan fictions jealous of Peach or Rosalina.

ThePatrickinator's avatar

I don't like it too, but you have to understand that Daisy is jealous of Rosalina just because Rosalina got so much praise when she first appeared in Super Mario Galaxy whereas Daisy is treated as a joke being set aside to spin-off games. Daisy is jealous of Peach because Daisy got left behind during the 1990's just because she was accused of stealing Peach's identity since her old design was a carbon-copy of Princess Peach. In other words, 90's people outside of Japan were misunderstood about Daisy when she was new at the time because they weren't aware that Daisy first appeared in Super Mario Land. That means, they didn't know that Daisy wasn't Princess Peach because people back in the early 90's may have not played Super Mario Land. Dense as it is, that must be the case here.

TOmega1's avatar
TOmega1Hobbyist Digital Artist

That's true. It's a good thing I made my fanmade comic and Daisy is not stereotyped as a jealous princess in my comic.

Marscaleb's avatar
MarscalebHobbyist General Artist

Oh thank goodness, I was worried you were throwing the last story under the rug!

TheLastSaint's avatar

Mmmm! That's tasty PTSD!!! XD

Centurion1337's avatar

"This is all she (Daisy) has."

I forget this is set before the reveal of Daisy being in Super Smash Bros Ultimate, as well as her recent inclusion in official Nintendo art, and her use in promotional materials for the Nintendo theme park. Hopefully the rumors about Super Mario 3D World Deluxe are true too.

But I wonder, will the news about Daisy getting into Super Smash Bros Ultimate play a part in this story by the end???

Snrasha's avatar
SnrashaHobbyist Digital Artist

Do not count, this is a spin-off, Daisy has be on many games, Mario Tennis, Mario Kart, Mario Football, etc. And Daisy do not have any story on these games. Just a filled character (but better than Waluigi who exist only for all games where Wario need a partner)

hmvw1996's avatar
hmvw1996Student Artist

“They took a few liberties with the locations, but it’s pretty accurate nonetheless."

Every history buff before watching a period piece flick.

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