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The 3 Little Princesses part 3, page 57

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Published: May 1, 2020
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Peach and Daisy are in a perillous situation, what better time than now for some much-needed exposition by 8-bit Daisy?

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I'm getting an Oswald the Rabbit experience with Retro Daisy in this comic.

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TAnimation777Student Digital Artist
Who’s that?
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He was Disney’s mascot before Mickey replaced him.

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The 1990's outside of Japan in terms of appearances was when Daisy had no playable appearances just because people back then assumed that Daisy was just another Peach. What people outside of Japan didn't know was that Daisy is a tomboy and had a different look outside of having the same hair length as Princess Peach.

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SigyoshiHobbyist General Artist
Damn, Retro Daisy. o_o
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milespodHobbyist Digital Artist

Are you planning to draw Daisy (Fairy) from Mario Kart Tour? Mr. Bourgyman?

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I feel sorry for both versions of Daisy. Retro Daisy deserves the most pity because she's been stuck in Super Mario Land and had no other 8-bit/16-bit appearances and playable video games in the 90's. Modern Daisy also deserves pity because she comes from a kingdom not that many people know about, so that's why she's been stuck in spin-offs.

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Was Daisy sitting her giant booty on her tits?
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UMSAuthorLavaHobbyist Digital Artist
Aaaaand of course, the majority of comments still aren't recognizing Daisy's part in this mess. Typical.
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imge1608Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well it's true that this is all kinda Daisy's fault, but still her plan wasn't to hurt anyone. She wanted to be loved and got it from the easy way. Peach, on the other hand, act WAY TOO selfishly and didn't care if anyone got hurt. It's hard to put all the blame on Daisy in this situation.
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UMSAuthorLavaHobbyist Digital Artist
I'm not. I'm just blaming both for contributing in different ways. Even then, Retro-Daisy did call out that Daisy's intentions were also selfish.
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imge1608Hobbyist Digital Artist
I dunno. Retro Daisy is pretty angry. She doesn't look like she is in the mood to relate anyone. Daisy did try to make friends after all. Problem is she doesn't know how to.
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UMSAuthorLavaHobbyist Digital Artist
There's just one other thing - when Peach was getting hit with all these circumstantial humiliations, I don't think Daisy took notice even ONCE.
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imge1608Hobbyist Digital Artist
What does she suppossed to get here tho? What is she supposed to apologize for?
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UMSAuthorLavaHobbyist Digital Artist
They BOTH ought to apologize to each other for not being there for each other and causing inferiority complexes in each other.
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imge1608Hobbyist Digital Artist
Eh true
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I'm glad to see I'm not the only one thinking Daisy is also responsible in this, not blameless. While I don't aprove what Peach did either, I feel like people are (un)willingly overlooking Daisy's faults 'cause they hate Peach/like Daisy or Rosalya better.

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UMSAuthorLavaHobbyist Digital Artist
I can at least understand why Peach did it - lots of circumstantial humiliation that coincidentally(?) occurred since Daisy's classic change.

But yeah, Daisy and Peach are both culpable. Rosalina might be, too, if only by her earlier inaction.
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Waluigi-WahNew Deviant
Ok fair retro BUT you guys got swinging music from the classic theme of smb2 and birobotos kingdom to even the character select screen
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Banjoisawesome2019Hobbyist Writer
Harsh...I hope Rosalina smacks some sense into Retro Daisy for that!
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ExtremmefanHobbyist General Artist
Retro Daisy makes it sound like the modernity is a good thing. 
Meanwhile I know a series with entire spinoff franchises with their own worlds and plotlines getting killed one right after the other and getting a best a remake (and in 99% of cases nothing at all), with its "mainline" titles now excluding key points of its former identity as well. 
… let's just say that speech of hers wouldn't work with certain creatures. 
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Peach à quand même poussé Daisy à faire cette connerie et après par jalousie car Princesse Peach n'était plus le centre de l'attention elle a déclenché ceci !
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The only thing I don't get in this page is how Retro Daisy says her modern counterpart's misery was her own fault. Peach had brushed off their friendship, essentially replacing her with Rosalina in a reflection of the cosmic princess being playable in recent games.

She tried making other friends, but kept being blown off because nobody wanted to spend time with her (besides the Rabbids, but really, I probably would have opted out too). Her misery was because nobody liked or remembered her. How is this her fault?

Is Retro Daisy saying that Daisy could have been more active and taken more initiative in going on adventures? Because there's three things wrong with that "logic":

1) Daisy is the princess of Sarasaland and, for all the jokes that Peach and Daisy don't have royal duties of any kind besides getting kidnapped, she probably can't afford to get tied up in a foreign kingdom's internal affairs since Bowser is a resident of the Mushroom Kingdom too instead of a global threat (most of the time) or Sarasaland terrorist attacking foreign soil. If Tatanga had attacked the Mushroom Kingdom, then she'd probably be obligated to investigate and/or send help.

2) And this isn't considering all the times they've had quests in other places like BeanBean, Delfino and the various ones of Super Mario Odyssey. BeanBean is the Mushroom Kingdom's direct neighbor, and given that Mario traveled far enough away in Super Mario Land for Wario to have taken over by the time he gets back in Super Mario Land 2: The 6 Golden Coins, Sarasaland is probably much further away.

3) Despite what Retro Daisy seems to think, the "real" Mushroom Kingdom is influenced just as much as the Retro Universe is locked. Daisy hasn't been in any main games because the creators of their universe haven't arranged for it, and that reflects in nobody remembering her in the Mushroom Kingdom.

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