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Sailor Moon Draw Challenge

Everyone and their mothers are doing the #SailorMoonRedraw challenge, and I have some history with Sailor Moon, so I went with it as a morning warm-up! I think it came out well?

Inspired from this still, from episode 125 of the original anime:…

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i looove how you drew her hair! it matches your line work so well. sometimes hair can be really difficult texture-wise, and it will stand out from the rest of the picture visually, but yours looks full and defined without deviating from the rest of the picture with the shading or blending style.

the whole picture is just really cute. i love the brighter colors and the subdued background. you give serena so much personality in just one picture.

Gurdim's avatar
got her so right, despite keeping your unique personal style... You even added to the expressivity of the original :)
Pokemoniac's avatar
are her buns supposed to look like froggy eyes
SuperMarioFan65's avatar
Everyone favorite sailor!
Hide-and-Sheik's avatar
Oh no. She looks SO CUTE in your style. My heart is melting.
Limpurtikles's avatar
I love how challenges/memes like this can come from just about anywhere, even a random still from a random episode.

Also, I notice that in your style you give SM a bit bigger nose than the more minimalistic shojou-style one she usually has, and honestly? I'm totally down for that! I think your way of giving her an actual nose (instead of just a tiny little triangle in the middle of the face) actually looks much better, and cuter.
TheBourgyman's avatar
Thanks, I don't really like the classic anime nose, gotta give it a little touch that makes it a little more personal. :)
BrigadierDarman's avatar
Pretty good. Wish it could've been the Sailor Scout version of Peach.
DashieMLPFiM's avatar
Et tu Bourgyman?
sonicdash759's avatar should do a Sailor Moon side series :D
TheBourgyman's avatar
I wouldn't be against making like a MINI story at some point but nothing nearly as massive as T3LP.
sonicdash759's avatar
I'm perfectly ok with that :D
SomethingYaNo7's avatar
this is a meme isn't it?
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