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Pretty Guardian Sailor Princesses!

I had way too much fun doing this.

Even though this kind of crossover draws from both my obsession of Mario AND my somewhat recent appreciation of Sailor Moon, this was actually commissioned by BrigadierDarman. He came up with the idea and I came up with the costume designs. Now, we all know this idea isn't exactly new around the web, and that many design interpretations are possible with this crossiver, so yeah, try to remember that if you intend on sending me an angry note about stealing your sailor princess idea, will you?

About 4 hours in Adobe Photoshop CS4 + Manga Studio 5 EX + Wacom Cintiq 21UX. Watch me on FacebookTumblrTwitter and Instagram!

Pretty Guardian Sailor Princesses! by TheBourgyman Charming Belly Dancer Princesses! by TheBourgyman Classy Chinese Dress Princesses! by TheBourgyman
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they are beautiful :D

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Sailor Carambola please.

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Actually, i've been thinking about how Sailor Moon would be like in the Super Mario universe recently, and this is the perfect way to represent the royal trio! (and pauline too).

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Oh, WOW!  VERY creative interpretations!

I normally like the uniformity of characters like the Sailors, but I can't deny that each princess having her own flairs and styles really brings this picture to life!
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This makes me want to commission a piece.
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Note me with the details!
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Who would be the antagonist? Palutina?
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this is such a cute crossover! love it! :D
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Daisy Power, Peach Power, Star Power... MAKE UP!!
This makes me think of how  Josie and the pussycats would look as sailors 
How did you feel to see that solobaquet made this in 3D? It looks straight out of a game 
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It was pretty cool!
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you also have senshi version of zelda?
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Nope, at least not yet!
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would love to see her xD
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I really love it. Im kinda confused why rosalina is Jupiter. Shouldnt rosalina be mercury? And daisy as Jupiter? I see you are going by size but personality.

Once again, just a pet peeve. I really love this peice
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I just felt it worked better that way. Anyway they don't represent a particular SM character besides the shoes and probably their pose...
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Its still an amazing piece
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I'm a big fan of Sailor Moon!!
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Rosalina y Daisy Betters
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