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Nice wind

Here's something a little different this time.

Commission #7 ordered by ~KaraszKun, who wanted to have Makoto and Kotonoha from the visual novel/Anime series "School Days", doing the "I'm king of the world" scene from the Titanic movie. Needless to say I had to reconcile with my Anime side with this commission, though I'm not sure if I did justice enough to the characters.

It also came to my attention that a meme was created after this series, which is reflected in the title of this deviation and the name of the boat. But it doesn't matter if you don't know the series, really...

Made in 5 hours in Adobe Photoshop CS4.

Makoto and Kotonoha belojng to 0verflow!

:pointr: Click here for commission information!
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I wish the visual novel had a scene like this!

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Everyone says he wants to move his hands higher, I think he wants to move them lower :> 
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I was angry at first but then I remembered the ending
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And here we all thought the name Sekai meant "world". Clearly it really meant "iceberg".
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If only if the ending went like that. But at least Kotonoha managed to get aHEAD. LOL :D
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Please, we all know Makoto would be holding onto something higher than her hips >:D
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it's nice boat, but did they pay the nice man to get on that boat?
Speaking of which, there's this game/anime called Clannad, which you might call the antithesis of School Days. Antithesis as in, it shows the enriching emotional attachments a boy could have with many female friends(not what Makoto did). Made by the makers of Lucky Star and Haruhi Suzumiya no less.
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It looks like they're going "I'm on a Nice Boat!" lol!
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i watched the last episode and i was paranoid for a week.....idk why. the end is the worst part8o
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Nice Drawing of a Nice Boat.
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(icon is her girl form!)
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I can't help but laugh looking at this because I just watched that show a week ago today...and saw how it ended.
Nice job on this.
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OMFG!!! THATS HILARIOUS! Love Makotos pervert face, :+fav: :XD:
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So lovely indeed, I wuv it! X3
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Sekai should be lurking somewhere in the background holding a kitchen knife XD
Baltowolfdoglover's avatar
omg awsome! I love school days X3
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i hated how the anime and manga turned out in the end xD. but I really love the characters xD just not how the plot turned out x3. oh well. I really love your art :meow:
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