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Mishaps of a Podoboo, p.5



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I am truly sorry for the two weeks hiatus, I have had a really hard time trying to figure out a new ending to the comic... A NEW, I say, eh? Yes, because there was a first ending to it, but after second thought (and also because the people who read it told me they weren't satisfied with the ending), I wanted to do something else. But it proved itself not to be easy, I kept scraping my ideas over and over until I came with one. I'm pretty satisfied. What about you? Are YOU satisfied with this ending?

Anyway... SO! Apparently, Mario has something against chubby-cheeked people. Damn you Princess Peach, with your beauty high standards! You've created a monster here!!

Hope you had fun reading this little comic! I had fun making it (well, some parts were more painful than others, but overall it was fun). I thank everyone who took the time to read it!! I might not answer to all comments this time, as going through most of all the comic's comments revealed itself to be a large pain in the ass. I won't reply if I feel like it's not necessary, but I READ everything, rest assured.

If you can't read the 7th panel (the e-mail), go click the Download button. The full version is a bit larger than usual, so if you can't read the text without making your eyes bleed, go see here.

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So what now? Is Mario just going to use Fludd to squirt Podobella to death with water?