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Mishaps of a Podoboo, p.1




You Mario fans have really been getting the treatment lately. In the past few weeks I did nothing but post Mario art!

This is the first page of a 5-page comic about the misadventures of a gifted, rejected Podoboo (the fire ball that jumps at you in castles in SMB1 and later games) who only wants to be friends with people.

Remember : English = not my first language! So sorry for the engrish if there's any!! Thanks once again to my sweetheart *lamarce, as she cleared most of it out.

If the picture is still too small for you to read, all you have to do is click the download button in order to view a slightly larger version of the page.

All characters and species there are (c) Nintendo.
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Dang. This comic is almost completely 10 years old. Holy heck. Looks nice :D