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Michiru Kaiou alias Sailor Neptune

So at the beginning of the year last year, I started making new Sailor Moon illustrations (because if you haven't noticed, I already have a full series done, which dates from about 4 5 years ago).

Here's Sailor Neptune, Uranus' other half, or cousin, depending on how prude you are. Now they can finally go together – and as a matter of fact, the two pictures fit perfectly with each other when you put them side by side (unless you put Neptune at the left, duh).

In other news, have you moonies seen the latest news about the new anime series? If not, head here.

Other in the Sailors v2.0 series:

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She's Octavia Melody and Princess Skystar in one elegant sexy package! She is Sailor Neptune, wearer of glam green shoes with ballet slipper ribbons tied on, but her friends call her Michiru/Michelle and she has lovely green hair.

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"With great taste in green high heeled shoes with ballet shoe ribbons tied on, I'm Sailor Neptune and I'll supersoak evil! Also, Haruka's my girlfriend and BFF!"

PS. I wish they found a way in the anime to make a violin based weapon for Neptune. If so, what attack name can she use with it?

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Never. Call Michiru and Haruka. Cousins. :iconangryplz:

Good job, though. :D
TheBourgyman's avatar
I know how silly it is to call them cousins, I was making fun of it! =P
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"Michelle/Michuru here. When I fight as Neptune, I wear high heels with ballet shoe ribbons tied on. I can even fight when I'm wearing teal satin ballet slippers on me feet. I'm also this series' Octavia Melody to Haruka's Vinyl Scratch. Oh and btw, I heard a rumour that my Haruki's gonna be Sabine Schmitz's body double on the new Top Gear series on BBC Two. I'm going to learn some German with her, play some Metallica and Black Sabbath on my violin. I'm teaching myself to play along to 'God Is Dead?' (from the album '13'). After that, I'm going to watch over a play date with Rini and Hotaru."
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My second favorite Senchi!
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Not to be rude but...she's holding her violin on the wrong side.

Nevertheless, this is a great piece of artwork. :) Faved.
TheBourgyman's avatar
Is she? I suppose it would be right if the image was flipped?
Llama-lady's avatar
Yes, she is.  I used to play violin, actually, I'm awfully surprised nobody else commented on this before me.
TheBourgyman's avatar
Indeed that's weird, that's the kind of detail that's usually being spotted in the first days. Well, good eye there, and thanks for pointing it out! Although I have no idea how I'm gonna fix this besides completely redoing the image. I think I'll sit on it for a while, haha.
Llama-lady's avatar
It's cute enough, leave it as it is.  
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looks awesome! :D
Sigma-Astra's avatar
You have a such an endearing and playful style! It's really unique. :happybounce:
webkinzspongebob's avatar
Greet job, Sailor Neptune looks epic here, especially cause she's in her super form.
rachelillustrates's avatar
Also, LOVE how they go together, with their hands reaching and their civilian shots looking lovingly at each other. Beautifully done :love:
TheBourgyman's avatar
Thank you, I'm glad of how it turned out too! :D
rachelillustrates's avatar
You're quite welcome!
rachelillustrates's avatar
Love love love this! Yay more of this series in general, but great job capturing her personality AND the moments where she has to be unexpectedly fierce as a senshi. Well done.
shnoogums5060's avatar
Sensationnel comme dessin comme toujours, Yves. :)
Isaangie's avatar
Wonderful job! :aww:
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