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Kaizo Mario World

By TheBourgyman
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I am a huge fan of the Super Mario World romhacking scene right now, where people take the original SMW game, change its levels, graphics and gameplay to make it really hard and challenging. In other words, to make it Kaizo (japanese word for ''modified'').

Exactly last year, I posted a WIP of this Kaizo Mario poster. Well here's the finished version for MAR10 Day 2020! Happy to report that the Kaizo Mario/Super Mario World romhacking scene is stronger than ever! Makes me wanna build a romhack of my own...

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Mario maker 2 levels be like

lucasdeconti's avatar

Kaizo Nightmare.

diego-toon-master's avatar

LOL, the troll block XD Troll levels almost always contain them =P And the muchers are trolls too XD

kamekthemagikoopa's avatar

Hey, guys! I'm kamekku14 from the SMW Central community and I just loved that artwork! This captures the essence of Kaizo and—of course—Munchers. Thanks for sharing this!

megajala's avatar
I'm remember watching these youtube videos of KM Let's Plays when I was in second grade or something' lol. Just didn't know what this version of Mario World was called. When I recently found a speed run of KM, I remembered everything XD

Btw, it's almost as if Kaizo Mario predicted Mario Maker. Hmmmmm
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you should play super diagonal mario 2 assuming you don't already know what that rom hack is like.
TheBourgyman's avatar
I saw a playthrough of that, I think that's enough for me. :XD:
AlphamonOuryuuken's avatar
Ah yes, your typical Mario Maker level... or what experts like to call: "a Tuesday".
G-Bomber's avatar
Yep!!!  This is definitely Kaizo!  The only thing I haven't spotted was a Lava Lotus.
Jumbi's avatar
haha, this is such a wonderful representation of the pure anxiety that i feel when i see the diabolical layouts of kaizo mario levels X] i see a lot of people going for this kind of difficulty in mario maker, too, and i feel like you just captured the mood and the chaos perfectly.
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:iconwario-plz::iconsaysplz: Welcome to your worst nightmare of Kaizo World, Mario!
Wario Laughing Emoticon (Working Version) HAAAA! HA HA HA HA HA HAA!
maine9905's avatar

1. Have you seen SMW: the Crown's Tale? I think it is a good hack game.

2. In my 3DS of Mario Maker, a made a Kaizo Mario World Related level. I mainly followed it from the first level.

Lioleaos's avatar
That's so beautiful bro.
Kaizo Mario World is perfectly picrured there.
Yeah, this sums it up perfectly.
Calamity064's avatar
Mario maker world :(
MichalTygrys's avatar

I love that you recognise the differance between stone and metal thwomps!

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CaseyDecker's avatar
Even though I've had the game ever since I bought it on the day of its release, I've actually been in the mood for wanting to play more "Super Mario Maker 2" after not being able to play it for quite some time. ;)
BubbleDriver's avatar
So pretty! <3333
EvilMariobot's avatar
You call this Kaizo? The Bullet Bills are too organized, there's no Podoboo jump, and no one's repeatedly hitting the ON/OFF switch.
UnqualifiedPen's avatar
The best thing about Mar 10 is that my Birthday falls upon it!
So I get to celebrate 2 ways XD
ADHadh's avatar
I bet Kaizo was what has given Nintendo the push to make Super Mario Maker.
That poster is great!
EvilMariobot's avatar
Nintendo may be experts on giving people what they didn't know they wanted until they saw it; but they're still smart enough to notice what they do want, and deliver on it (even if it takes them a while to do it).
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