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It's-a Princess Time

I don't know why, but I've grown fond of drawing the Mario princesses, lately. They're fun to draw.

The concept behind this picture is inspired from an idea I had for a potential Mario fan comic, featuring all three princesses as protagonists. I don't know if I'm gonna do said comic though (too time consuming for me right now).

I really like how the lineart came out! Not only my improvements with the graphic tablet really show here (the lines are the smoothest, crispest I've ever made so far on Photoshop), but I really like the poses I imagined for each princess.

As you probably noticed, it's wallpaper sized, optimized for widescreen displays. Just click on the DOWNLOAD button to get the full 1440 x 900 pixels image. If you don't have such monitors, you can get the regular-sized wallpaper here : [link] Feel free to use it as your desktop wallpaper!


Edit on 2008/11/02: The comic idea mentionned above has come to life! [link]

Edit on 2009/03/02: Made very small changes to the characters' designs, to fit with my current style. Furthermore, the file is now a .ZIP file containing the wallpaper in all resolutions below (in pixels) :

- 800 x 600
- 1024 x 768
- 1280 x 1024
- 1600 x 1200
- 1280 x 800
- 1440 x 900
- 1680 x 1050


Peach, Daisy and Rosalina are copyright (C) and belong to Nintendo.
© 2008 - 2021 TheBourgyman
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Could you remake this? I'd love see this is your artstyle!…
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I love the way you draw this trio :love:
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Running off to go on fabulous and epic adventures together!! :D
HayzyKids's avatar
peach is wired xD
mariacoeur27's avatar
MamaWeegieSwag's avatar
I wish I could draw Daisy :-( :-(
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that was a good comic too
Hmm, I'm thinking that with them, these are probably the personalities I thought their roles are:

Peach: The airhead of the group and leader
Daisy: One who follows the leader, but seems a bit smarter at times
Rosalina: The more serious and mature one, most likely the smartest of the group, but clueless when it comes to her companions' antics, is often dragged into their messes.
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It's-a us, the Mario Princesses!! (lol)
Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lucky me. You want to know why?
My favorite character's Peach. I've got long, blonde hair.
My friend Line's a Rosalina fan and she has blue eyes and white-like blonde hair.
My friend Signe's a Daisy fan and has got short, brown hair.
Yay, next time I make a deal with them to stay over for a night, I'll ask them if they want to play "SLEEPOVER"! lol. But I am usually host for the whole thing.
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love this and your comic T3LP how are you so good at drawing them? i seriously <3 rosalina iwant to draw her but i have a hard time at it. :(
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Just keep practising, that's the key to everything!
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I see Rosalina's hidden eye.
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rosalina a tellement po lair interesser...
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Best mario ever..
Daisy and peach should switch places.other then that this picture is soo cute!!
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I love it, the Peach´s face is so funny XD
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God, o totally love the way you draw the three of them. Im so gonna use the wallpaper XD
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