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Flappy Bird Watching



Today I had the privilege of discovering this little wonder of an iOS/Android game that is "Flappy Bird". If you aren't one of the many enlightened people who had to experience (or watch footage of) this game, may I suggest this video (WARNING: strong language, try this one if swear words offend you). For those who prefer a good old Wikipedia article, help yourself!

Yes, the pipes are a complete ripp from the Mario games. Nintendo needs to make an enemy like this in their games, in retaliation!

(P.S.: those who played the game, what is your score? Mine is 40 56.)

An hour and a half in Paint Tool SAI.

Flappy Bird belongs to .Gears Studio, Mario and Peach (and the pipes, yes!) to Nintendo.
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I sent you a note before I realized I could just search to see if this piece was already in your gallery.

Did you by any chance do this as a commission? If not, I believe I found an art thief.

Mario is bird watching with peach