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Electronic Dance music (or EDM for short) is the term that encompasses most music created using electronic synthesizers. I noticed at some point that there was no stamps dedicated strictly to the various sub-genres of this kind of music, so I decided to create my own! So whether you like some of these sub-genres, or even the whole genre all at once, this stamp is for you! See the blinding colours!

How to use the stamp: Copy and paste the Thumbnail number, :thumb95017730: where you want to use it: journal entries, widgets, artist's descriptions... The possibilities are endless! (well, almost...)

Please refrain from asking why this or that sub-genre isn't in there. I had to fit only a limited amount of them in here mostly because of the color palette limitations.

Edit 2012: No, I am not adding Dubstep.

Done in Adobe ImageReady in about 4 hours.

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good thing you included gabber, breakbeat and hardcore
Doggutsz's avatar
You even mentioned Gabber.
Good job.
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90's Eurodance forever!!!!!!

Masterboy, Culture Beat, Rednex, DJ Bobo, K' Da Cruz, Sin-Club, Corona, E-Rotic, E-Type, E-Motion, La Bouche, Future City, Ice MC, Eurodacer, DJ Nefi forever!!!!!!! <33333
TheBourgyman's avatar
Oh, a fellow classic Eurodance connoisseur, I see!

You should check out my Mixcloud, I've got a bunch of mixes with these artists:
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You still listen to today's music
RadioCandy's avatar
Forever thrilled that the stamp includes eurobeat ☆
TheRandomGirlXD's avatar
Some of my favourite bands from these genres include Dead or Alive, Pet Shop Boys, Information Society, Deee-Lite, Flock of Seagulls, New Order, Jamiroquai, Depeche Mode, The B-52's, and soooooooo many more! :D

Using! :D
TheBourgyman's avatar
I see a pattern here! 80's/90's for the win!
CuteCArtsy's avatar

I also am a lover of classic electronic music, especially rave, house, hardcore, gabber, breakbeat, garage, they're amazing!

Nyamooni's avatar
WOWOWOWOWOW you mentioned goa

goa is very underrated and unknown tbh-
ZaneWie's avatar
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using yo ;3 I love zis
g0thi-cr0c's avatar
Morshute's avatar
Hey, Electronic is my FAV genre of music. :)
SkyFire2008's avatar
Ambient is not EDM.
TheBourgyman's avatar
It is, actually. Unless you're talking about EDM the music genre? I'm talking about the all-encompassing "Electronic Dance Music" family of genres. (because yes, some ambient music can be classified as "dance", though all of it is "electronic").
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I love them all except for gabber. I don't care too much, though, and had to use it. 
bogidream's avatar
WOW That's great :) I'll use it :)
Hanawari's avatar
Definitely using
13thefreerunner's avatar
I'm using this definitely sandstorm for the win 
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