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Born in Brooklyn



OMG Mario Fanart!! *party time*

Here's a picture I particularly liked working on : it depicts Mario on his natal Brooklyn, ideally before he landed in the Mushroom Kingdom. I'm aware of the fact I didn't use the old colour scheme on a scene that particularly asks for it, but after a couple trials at different states in the colouring process I thoroughly hated how it looked like, so I just gave up. Anyway the sepia look make the colours fade a bit so it's not too much of an issue. I used a few references to get the Brooklyn-like background acceptable, but most of the infrastructures here are fictive.

This thingie is completely drawn in Adobe Illustrator, then brought into Adobe Photoshop for the colouring job.

P.S.: I know there are a lot of contentiousness surrounding Mario's origins, as to know if he's born in Brooklyn or in The Mushroom Kingdom. I ask you to keep that topic at a minimum, please. I don't wanna start a debate. Just comment on the pic, and everyone will be happy. Thanks.

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This is very minor but the toolkit here looks very similar to the one in the movie, neat