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Annoying Pink-haired Brat alias Sailor Chibi Moon

So at the beginning of last year, I started making new Sailor Moon illustrations (because if you haven't noticed, I already have a full series done, which dates from about 5 years ago).

And with this one, I'm done with the series! I had a hard time finding a decent pose for her (geez, I point that out in almost all my artist's descriptions, don't I). Couple that with my natural disdain for characters like Sailor Chibi Moon and you get a delayed drawing. Go me!

I also meant to submit it the day before yesterday, when the first episode of the new Sailor Moon reboot was released to the public, but I lazed around yet again. 

Other in the Sailors v2.0 series:

Rei Hino, alias Sailor Mars by TheBourgymanMakoto Kino, alias Sailor Jupiter by TheBourgymanHotaru Tomoe, alias Sailor Saturn by TheBourgymanHaruka Tenoh, alias Sailor Uranus by TheBourgymanMichiru Kaiou alias Sailor Neptune by TheBourgymanSetsuna Meiou alias Sailor Pluto by TheBourgyman
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Chibiusa is not annoying. I think she’s great. She my favorite character. She actually got a lot better on Sailor Moon Crystal.

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Could you imagine if Sailor Chibi Moon defeated Cell from Dragon Ball Z?

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"Annoying pink haired brat."
Well Said 😂😁😀
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I just thinking to myself, YES! YOU DO SAILOR MOON STUFF!!!! Anyway, I loved Welcome To My 3D World. :D
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This is really good, but I think the Luna P-ball supposed to be smaller. Like this:…
winvistauser001's avatar
"Annoying Pink-haired Brat?" I oughta take that wand she's got, point it right back at her, and do that HP levitation spell. "WINGARDIUM LEVIOSA!" Swish 'n Flick!

Me: (points wand at Mini-Moon) WINGARDIUM LEVIOSA!
<Mini-Moon starts to float up, much to her surprise>
Mini-Moon: What are you doing!? GET ME DOWN FROM HEEEERE!
Me: Not this time! <plays the Super Mario Bros. 3 theme> I'm sure that even Sailor Moon can't prevent someone from using your own power against you. <puts wand in cup, opens laptop, goes onto AOL>
Laptop: Welcome! You've Got Mail!
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So very lovely! I love when you draw SM characters <3 I think you picked the perfect pose!
Starbabi120's avatar
She looks pretty! :love:
Frostedmountain's avatar
Aw, it's Chibi Moon! :)
Lalaibeii's avatar
Ugh I hated this girl and her weird daddy issues. So annoying. Especially with how she treated Serena/usagi so badly.  But still this another wonderful picture to add with the other senshis!
BB-K's avatar
Aww, little Chibi. :)
Isaangie's avatar
Very nice and lovely too!
I really love your way how you draw Sailor Moon characters, always adding them details and effects on all your artworks. :aww:
Very well done as usual! c:
ToruKun1's avatar
Annoying Pink-Haired Horse-Fucker (but dat's not PG, y'all)
Corvus-the-Snark's avatar
Lets hope Chibi/Mini isn't a complete jerk and waste of space in the new anime
ice14betty's avatar
Not really. I think the new anime will run 26 episodes based on manga's first story arc, so not much for next new season unless it might get support or enough budget on animation, probably.
yellowsmoke321's avatar
you are so perfect in art

so cute n power this
DrgnmastrAlex's avatar
Never saw these before, but they're really good.  You have any plans on doing either Black Lady and Mistress 9?  Or is it strictly the ten senshi?
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Hahaha nice title! :XD:
Link-Mikufan's avatar
I love how you draw the Sailor Senshi! Great job on this!!Usagi La Emoticon 
Abracamoron's avatar
Chibi Usa is so cute
PinkPrincessLora's avatar
Aw, it's Sailor Mini Moon, how cute! Great job! :D

By the way, how do you put those pictures (of your other drawings) in the description? :?
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