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31 Years of Power-Ups

By TheBourgyman
Edit (2013-06-29): made an addition to the picture. Can you spot it? ;)


And now, another submission in the "20-30-something Years of" series, this time featuring all power-ups, forms and power-granting items Mario could benefit from in the last 30 years! It even includes some power-ups from yet-to-be-released games. Can you name them all? Hit the Download Image button at your right to view full-size, or just click the picture to enlarge!

I'm not that satisfied of how the composition turned out, but hey everything can't be rainbows and puppies all the time. I'll be having some of those at the Otakuthon convention I'm attenting in Montreal next week, so come and see me to get your copy! There might also be an alternate version with a certain other mustachioed character in it. ;)

35+ hours in Paint Tool SAI and Photoshop CS4. Watermarked to avoid unauthorized printing and selling of my stuff (it happened frequently in the past).

Mario and Bowser belong to the big N!
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oh how the turn tables

henrytruong's avatar

RIP Gay Bowser


Bullied to death.

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Its... Beautiful :clap: Crying

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I love this one. Giving Bowser a lot of Payback.

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All these Mario clones were made by double cherries

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This is very cool! Great job!
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No sign of the stuff Mario where’s over him in SM3DW like the cannon blaster.
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Rocket Launcher
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Sooner the next 2D Mario Game for the Switch arrives sooner we’ll be able to see new power ups. Last one we did see was Cat Mario in 2013, and man how nice it would be once the Super Feather finally has a comeback like the Super Leaf did.
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It did technically come back in Super Mario Maker.
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I’m referring to a Modern Mario game where it would look like this in a 3 dimensional environment:…
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Je crois que Bowser est foutu ! (J'ai enfin trouvé cette image, je l'ai vu dans une vidéo !)
TheBourgyman's avatar
Merci, et oui l'image circule beaucoup!
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De rien ! Oui elle est très populaire !
I think Mario with super scope tries to do 360 no-scope on Bowser (lol dead meme)
MisterManGuyOfStuff's avatar
Dead meme but still funny.
DaGuyOfKitties's avatar
The hammer from DK arcade.
Mario with a super scope from Yoshi's Safari (I think).
Even that super ball power up from Mario land.

And then there's Mario with the vanish cap.
"Hey guys, how ar- WHAT THE!"

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But Awesome work! Keep it up! And is Bowser ok?
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where is normal mario?
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