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February 10, 2011
25 Years Of Dying by =TheBourgyman

The suggester said: "A hilarious and yet tragic idea to commemorate the 25th birthday of our most beloved plumber hero. I just couldn't stop laughing at each square. The style of the artist is lovely, not only on this piece but his entire gallery. It's full of humor and a feast for everyone who loves games."

Remember when dying in video games always made you go into a rage and throw a fit? That would be me, and this reminded me of those times! Totally hilarious and a wonderful talent! I think Mario has a world record on the amount of Purple Heart awards received!
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25 Years Of Dying


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This deviation got featured on Kotaku, Reddit, GraphJam as well as a few other dozens websites! Thanks!

Because, admit it, "25 Years of Dying" is a lot catchier than just "Cause of Death" as a title. :D

Mario celebrated his 25th year among us sometime in late 2010 (more like "25 years of Independence" since he existed since the Donkey Kong arcade game, making him 29 by 2010). I wanted to do something big for the occasion, even though I technically missed the boat by a few months (not practicallysince Mario didn't turn 26 just yet). :D

So this poster-like illustration is my official tribute to him for the occasion. I didn't cover everything of course, but the most important is there. Just watch out, there's a BIT of blood here and there (hard to spot though since I painted it black). There's some seriously violent deaths in these games, when you think of it...

Sorry for the ugly watermark by the way. I've had people steal some of my artwork before, you would figure this one would be a perfect pick for unscrupulous people wanting to gain easy money in video game shops and Anime conventions. Ugh.

40+ hours in Paint Tool SAI, Adobe Photoshop CS4 + Wacom Cintiq 21UX.

Enjoy! All characters belong to Nintendo. Also check:

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The art style makes this amusing. "Drowned" is my favorite.