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25 Years Of Dying

By TheBourgyman
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This deviation got featured on Kotaku, Reddit, GraphJam as well as a few other dozens websites! Thanks!

Because, admit it, "25 Years of Dying" is a lot catchier than just "Cause of Death" as a title. :D

Mario celebrated his 25th year among us sometime in late 2010 (more like "25 years of Independence" since he existed since the Donkey Kong arcade game, making him 29 by 2010). I wanted to do something big for the occasion, even though I technically missed the boat by a few months (not practicallysince Mario didn't turn 26 just yet). :D

So this poster-like illustration is my official tribute to him for the occasion. I didn't cover everything of course, but the most important is there. Just watch out, there's a BIT of blood here and there (hard to spot though since I painted it black). There's some seriously violent deaths in these games, when you think of it...

Sorry for the ugly watermark by the way. I've had people steal some of my artwork before, you would figure this one would be a perfect pick for unscrupulous people wanting to gain easy money in video game shops and Anime conventions. Ugh.

40+ hours in Paint Tool SAI, Adobe Photoshop CS4 + Wacom Cintiq 21UX.

Enjoy! All characters belong to Nintendo. Also check:

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This picture reminds me of the days when I was an obsessed video gamer ― before I outgrew that medium upon realizing it was negatively affecting my attention span and sociability. Mario was my childhood idol, and through his countless adventures and sporting competitions, he taught me that there are lots of unfortunate ways to die, but you can avoid them if you stay strong in the midst of the biggest struggles and tests.
This tribute to the character is very clever, creative, attractive, and innovative. In fact, though this was created to commemorate his 25th, now over 30 years have passed since the game that defined Mario and made him a household name. Imagine the kinds of awards Mario would receive if there were to be a special ceremony celebrating his services to the Mushroom Kingdom! In addition to the Medal of Honor and commander membership in the Legion of Merit, he'd receive a LOT of Purple Hearts given all the lives he's lost for the sake of defending the land. And the first of these Purple Hearts would be a big one if given for all the hammer barrages and fire breath shots he's had to take from Bowser alone!
This picture is full of the glorious hilarity and beautiful artistry that typifies a lot of your "Mario"-related work, including the comic series you've based on the franchise. And it does an extraordinarily good job of celebrating all the kinds of unfortunate deaths the gaming world's most famous hero has had to suffer.
If the Guinness Book of World Records' gaming edition had a record for "widest variety of deaths in a video game franchise," Mario would certainly take the cake. And you see here... this picture is definitely one worth looking (and laughing) at! Great work, Bourgy! You deserve 25 stars from me!
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Wow. This is the best collab of Mario I have ever seen, like the Bottomless Pit, Overconfidence, and the Snowball.

I noticed 2 strange things:
1. The Blue Shell dosen't kill Mario, although it stops him.
2. In Eaten, that was really Luigi, and not Mario.

Other than that, I still like this.

My favorite death out of all these is probably the Challenge Lost. You had to race against Shadow Mario on 4 Galaxies. the Honeyhive Galaxy, the Gold Leaf Galaxy, the Sea Slide Galaxy, and the Freezeflame Galaxy.

This contains most of Mario's death, and I think that this is amazing. If there is more, then maybe the Artist might have forgotten them.

This ends my Critique.

EDLDE62 (Elliot)
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Wait, wait, wait....In Eaten, Mario has a Frog Suit on, and the mustache is his also...not Luigi's.
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Thanks for reminding me
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Unlike on the games, you really put a different visualization on Mario's [sometimes gorey or disturbing] CODs. It gives anyone a new idea of what exactly Mario experiences... or doesn't want to.

Personally, it IS displaying ideas Nintendo thought of, but only you could add this humoric twist. It only makes it funnier seeing as Mario's stifling the finger on "Challenge lost". It's times like that that you just wanna hit Mario for not resorting to violence *for once*.

The technque, being yours, speaks for itself. You can add humor to anything; and I mean ANYTHING.

Overall impact: I lmao every time I see this.
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A creative and innovative look at the many ways Mario has gotten screwed over in his epic game series. Brings back a lot of memories of game play. I've been in most of these far more than once. Super mario has always been an old favorite of mine. There isn't a more glorious Super Mario death that going down in a barrage of falling hammers and flame shots from the original World 8-4 of the first Super Mario series. Well done mate, well done! This is definitely going into my favorites folder. And with that this review is done. Yay.
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Well, well, well. What have we here? A clever and creative dedication to Mario's ongoing series of adventures, sports, and, perhaps most notably, unfortunate deaths.

What strikes me as most attractive about this piece is how creative each way of Mario dying is drawn. I also enjoy how you touch upon ways of getting killed in both present and past Mario games, such as in the "Barrel Roll", "Bullied", and "Pushed out of stage" squares.

The variations of Mario's expressions are always a laugh, and your cartoony style boasts them quite well in each box.

All in all, this is a delightful and humourus picture to celebrate both the 25th birthday of our beloved red plumber and have a laugh at all his unfortunate deaths we had to witness in the games throughout the years. I really cannot give this a score less than perfect! Wonderful, wonderful job, Bourgyman! <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":)" title=":) (Smile)"/>
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luigi got eaten!!
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Ohh this is BRILLIANT!
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Now someone get out their old consoles and try each of these!

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That Catapulted bit brought back memories...

Memories of my younger self losing lives to those tin dustpans sneaking up on me at every possible moment.
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You never know how you game will be over...
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This is freaking amazing.

I feel sorry for the poor plumber. Amazing work!! :iconthumbsupplz:
I wonder how many times did Mario died by the players for 25 years. I think its way over than a billion.
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As many times as there are stars in the sky...
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It's-a me! DEATH!
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This is hilariously deadly! Nice work! 💀💀💀💀
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The timer is the worst of them all
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Shrek was in the poison swamps to drag Mario down.
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