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I'm updating my previous set of prices to include more options and clarify some things. I'll explain the basic information on my commission tiers and process.

Commission tiers:

Full body drawings

  • Sketch: $10 USD (+$2 USD for additional character)
  • Colored sketch: $13 USD (+$2 USD for additional character)
  • Line art: $15 USD (+$5 USD for additional character)
  • Line art with flat colors: $20 USD (+$5 USD for additional character)
  • Full render: $30 USD (+$10 USD for additional character)

Character Icon (mugshot)

  • Colored sketch: $5 USD
  • Colored lineart: $8 USD
  • Full render: $10 USD

Character Reference sheet (Front, back and side views of the character + accessories)

  • Colored Sketches: $20 USD (+$5 for additional point of view)
  • Colored Lineart: $30 USD (+$5 for additional point of view)
  • Full renders: $40 USD (+$5 for additional point of view)


  • Color/shape/scribble background: Free
  • Simple 3D background: from $2 USD to $5 USD depending on how much detail you need
  • Detailed 3D background (foreground and background elements, specific sources of light, etc.): from $5 USD to $10 USD depending on how much detail you need
  • Alternate versions (Different clothes or facial expressions): from $2 USD to $5 USD per version depending on the tier
  • Complex particle effects (Fire, smoke, lasers, magic, gnomes): $2 USD Max.
  • Sexualized artwork (body fluids, semen, intercourse, masturbation): from $2 USD to $5 USD depending on the tier

*The NSFW price only applies to drawings of characters in a sexual situation. Nudes are free of said charge so feel free to ask for them ;)

*I did not include prices for specific tiers like bust-ups or waist-ups, however, those are not impossible to request. If you want something specific Feel free to ask me so we can come to an agreement.

Whats out of the table?

  • NSFW drawings of underage characters
  • NSFW drawings of feral animals
  • Extreme fetishes or fetishes that I'm not okay with drawing (No vore, scat, hyper or diapers)
  • Highly politically themed drawings
  • Gore
  • Insulting or topic sensitive art

of course, its best if you ask me if what you're asking for is okay, as long as i'm comfortable drawing it then there shouldn't be any problems.

Before you commission:

  • What I'm providing to you is a Digital service, therefore you do not need to disclose any home address or phone number
  • Some prices like add-ons are flexible depending on how much time I estimate it will add to the original piece
  • Be sure to have in mind how much can you affort, the prices are flexible, but expect the type of drawing and limitations to change according to your budget.
  • To ensure that I get your character right, It's prefered that you have references prepared when we discuss about the piece. If not, then try to be as specific as possible with your character description and details of the drawing.
  • Corrections to the art piece can only be done if it has not progresed to the next step (I usually draw in a set order: Sketch > Lineart > Color > Rendering). I will always ask you about corrections before moving on to the next step. Correcting the sketch when im already lining it is very time consuming
  • If the character you want me to draw is not yours, I will assume that the original creator gave you permission to request it as a commission
  • The prices I have set are for characters with human proportions, other body types like feral characters or taurs will require a custom price that will depend of how much time it will take me to finish it
  • The NSFW price only applies to drawings of characters in a sexual situation (e.g. sex or masturbation). Nude drawings do not require said price to be added
  • My work is NOT to be edited or sold without my consent
  • I reserve the right to submit the artwork to my social media unless you specifically ask me for me not to post it
  • I will send you the finished piece via mail in a .png format, with an added render only image if it's possible
  • I currently only accept payments via PayPal
  • I will start working on your commission once the payment is done and I don't have any other work in queue
  • Please keep things civil when we discuss the commission details

Thats everything for now, I can't wait to start working with you guys :) Thanks to anyone who has commissioned be in the past, you've helped me find a new value in my number one hobby.


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SeuchenKater Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey, ho!
I'm Kater^^
I follow you a while and i woulnd ask you...
Are you interested for a arttrade with me?
I'm really bored in the last time and i thought, we can do one, if you want.

Good day/night/afternoon^^

By SeuchenKater/RainRenaldo
TheBorealYoako Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey Kater. Sure, an art trade would be fun! tell me what you'd like me to draw in a note and i'll draw it during the week, I'll tell you what i'd like to see from you then. Just keep in mind that I cant do something super elaborate, i'm a bit busy with the last week of my first semester in cool eg
SpaceShipEarth Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2018

Welcome to :iconadult-artists: