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Day 2- Wisp (Murder)

Murder or Xipe Totec is a character based off Aztec mythology, and portrayed by Betsy Lee ( Warlord-of-Noodles ) in No Evil on YouTube. I followed a 'how to draw' on her channel. But I love the No Evil seris, and I'm extremely hooked right after the last episode where we met Mama Spider. But Murder was the holder of the Red tezcatlipoca before kitty and broke the world from the Black tezcatlipoca which put the world into a deep sleep. There's a lot of lore, and is confusing at first, but just watch No Evil- it's amazing.

The 'How to draw Murder' vid:…

Links to Betsy Lee and No Evil:…………

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I watch No Evil too, though I haven't seen the last episode because I heard it was really bloody....

*applause* you made me very happy today :)

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YES SOMEONE ELSE WHO KNOW NO EVIL!!!!!!! you made my day as well, I'm drawing calamity tomorrow- i can't wait for you see the lastest one!!!!

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... I hope you don't think this is tacky of me, but I definitely did some No Evil fanart recently too! If you're interested here's the link ^u^


... and on a scale from G to R, how would you rate the last episode? ... I might watch... idk...

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Not tacky at all, I love seeing any fanart for such an underrated series! lol the line from calamity'es eye to mouth differs a lot.

The last episode I'll say PG, there's just some animated blood, but corn is still acting strange.....