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Just thought I'd post a little update here since its been well over a year since I've been about here properly.

Its been a while since I've been able to spend much free time doing arty things because of the strain of commuting to my job took a lot of my free time. 
My contract working for said company recently came to a close leaving me with a lot more time on my hands (to find a new job lol ), and so in the meantime, heres a link to my new updated portfolio site, showcasing some of the stuff I've been working on the last few years.

Hopefully now there will be a little more time to be active on here again and make some new pretty arts :)…

Our latest app was released today! So for anyone who is interested in learning more about the upcoming Alton Tower's rollercoaster why not download the FREE official Alton Towers App 'The Smiler' now?

Available on Android and IOS

I work for the games company who made this app and was involved in a big way in its production so I truly hope you give it a look and enjoy the game!
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I'd appreciate anyone in the BJD hobby having a quick look at my listing here on ebay. I'm moving house and selling my Luts Delf Soony Sleeping head due to a lack of space.

She's only had one face up which has been removed and has been kept out of the light to prevent discolouration and has never been modded.

This head is now out of production and in pretty mint condition :)

Looking for a good home.

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As of last night I officially became a pokemon MASTER! Thats right, I have a complete LIVE dex on my copy of pokemon black 2. Every pokemon, every elvolution all stored neatly in my pc.

(Except Meloetta but she doesnt count as shes not released here in england FOR SOME REASON?!? D: )

Big thanks to :iconwolf-in-a-dress: and :iconsuperbarrio: for helping it to happen! (those darn event legendaries are so hard to come by)

And yes Im a saddo.... BUT AN AWESOME ONE!

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Pocket Warwick :D…
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Thought I'd update since its been a while.

Many of you may have noticed that I rarely update on here any more, fraid to say with my daily long long commute I rarely have time for artsy stuff for DA anymore HOWEVER I will still be working on cosplays lots and lots so keep your eyes open for that.

Firstly I still need to do a photoshoot for :iconwolf-in-a-dress:'s Zelda costume which I made for Manchester Expo this summer, though I still need to fix it up in certain places as that and Sheik got pretty badly battered over the summer :iconcryforeverplz:

Also on the cosplay front I am starting to gather resourches for me next costume set, which will be a matching set of costumes belonging to the same character with one worn by myself and the other by :iconwolf-in-a-dress:

Here's your clue for those who are curious:

I've dressed myself beautifully today,
so please, let me stay dry.
As I gaze up, please don't rain on me;
what an unexpected rainy evening this is

If the rain is not stopping,
then I wish to take shelter with you under the same roof,
forever and ever, lalala...

Pour in lemon juice
And mix in egg whites well
Put in some grenadine syrup.
Without forgetting the gin.

Put in unthawing ice  
Put a strainer on top
Put your feelings into both of your hands
And when you're ready, Let's shake!

Imaginary cookie to anyone who can guess.

Also on another note. Though much of my artwork hasnt been appearing on here it doesnt mean there hasnt been any *mysterious face*
In fact I've been doing a ton of art,modelling,animation and even a bit of voice acting too in recent days ;)

Though I have little spare time for art I have pleanty I do at work. So keep your eyes peeled any game fans out there as our biggest ever in house project 'Rollabear' is nearing completion and is likely being published by a rather well known company in the very near future!

I have a development copy on my phone already... Im losing my life to its addictiveness O.O
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Journal Entry: Sun Jul 22, 2012, 11:10 AM
Hey guys, just thought I'd update and say how great a time myself, :iconsuperbarrio: and :iconwolf-in-a-dress: had at Manchester Expo this year! And also I'd like to ask if anyone could post or link me to any photos they took of us at the event (we were dressed as Link, Princess Zelda and Shiek from the Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess / Super Smash Bros Brawl.

We were alll really really overwhelmed by all the kind words and all the people who asked us for a photo or interview. However so far weve only managed to find on shot of Zelda's back in the background of a picture ^^;

So yeah, thanks again to everyone and we'd be super greatful fo any pictures anyone can dig up as they are precious memories we can share.

That and Zelda's outfit got fairly demolished over the course of the day and we hadnt even had a chance to shoot it yet so its gonne be a while before I get a chance to finish cleaning and restoring it all for some proper photos...

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Vic Mignona!

Mon Jun 18, 2012, 12:57 PM


I just booked a ticket on the spot!

Runs off to fix up Link/Sheik and finish Zelda


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Thu May 24, 2012, 10:58 PM

Its that time again!
Hope everyone who attends has LOADS of fun!!

(I missed last year so I'm extra excited!)

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Coming soon!

Wed May 2, 2012, 10:15 PM

Rollabear by Matmi!

Vanilla Ice

Double Trouble!

Have you noticed?

Mine the gap!

Hard Wok Cafe

Chinese Temple Run

On thin ice

Icy Y Fronts

Bear Way To Heaven

Just a preview of our latest upcoming game!

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Just another day in the office...

Mon Mar 12, 2012, 10:36 AM


Yes my job IS that cool! I am going to be working with/for Mr Warwick Davis himself aka Willow Ufgood/ Wicket the Ewok / Prof Flitwick / Yoda / Acorn the Dwarf / Nikabrick the Dwarf / Griphook / Goblin Corps(Labyrinth) etc etc

He was actually a really lovely guy (which you dont often expect from film stars) and signed my copy of Willow too :D…

In other news my Sheik cosplay is done minus props and Link has made some real progress as well as Zelda's armour. Progress photos can be found on my blog www.jenniferwoodconceptart.blo…

So in a few months tops expect to see some new cosplay photos from me :)

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Devious Journal Entry

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 28, 2012, 10:25 AM

Well I thought it was about time for a change of journal so here goes.

Well the biggest news of the week is that I officially got my Masters in Arts now that uni is done and my grades came through so I finally have weekends free :D

Also because of that I finished Skyward Sword (very nice game indeed) and so now its full speed ahead working on COSPLAYYYYYYYYYYYYY for this years London/Manchester Expos which I will be attending as Sheik from the Legend of Zelda with her Brawl/Twilight Princess design along with :iconsuperbarrio: as Link and eventually :iconwolf-in-a-dress: as Zelda for Manchester as shes stuck in GCSE season over May sadly :(

Will post more piccies when I'm further in but Sheik is coming on very nice indeed so far.

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New cosplay project.

Journal Entry: Sat Dec 24, 2011, 6:41 AM
Cosplay set wip by TheBlindProphetess
Can you guess my newest project?

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Skyward Sword

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 22, 2011, 1:42 AM
I own it, I have the week off work.... I'm writing a dissertation......

Those who know me will understand my pain....

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September again :)

Journal Entry: Fri Sep 9, 2011, 12:21 PM
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Its nearly that time again!

So its finally nearly time for uni to restart and I just cant wait!Works keeping me pretty busy atm so I've not done a great deal over the past few months uni work wise although today I feel I've done quite a bit so thats nice. Will post some work when I actually have anything worth showing :)

Not much else is new atm, waiting for my Hatsune Miku Append figure to show up sometime to cheer up my desk at work, as well as a few vocaloid themed t-shirts, yay! :iconmikulaplz:
Am also very excited for skyward sword coming out in November and getting ym 3DS for Christmas!!! Need to start buying gifts soon! :o

Also changed my journal :D

Mostly thought I'd just update as I'm not around much anymore...

Hair today gone today

Journal Entry: Fri May 20, 2011, 5:23 AM
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:thumb141716407::thumb141717257: Elven Bards Stamp by TheBlindProphetess

So far this week I've been coaxed up trees with work, buddies jumped off zip wires, discoverd im mortally afraid of heights, handed in this semesters work (…) and had my hair cut super short.

All in all, good progress. :D

Not around much :)

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 12, 2011, 1:39 PM
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Hey guys.

For anyone whos a regular here on my DA I'd like to apologize for my long absence.... and the fact that it wont be over anytime soon.

At the moment I'm a busy little bumble bee indeed. I've quit my weekend job at last and am now working for a games company as an intern alongside my masters course. With all the travelling involved it doesnt leave very many hours in the day and weekends are taken up with my uni work/boyfriend/being very tired so theres not likely to be a great deal of artwork heading this way anytime soon I'm afraid.

Of course I'll be by no means gone for good, I'm still following people I just don't really have much in the way of time/energy nowadays to string together such complex things as comment XD  and I'll of course still post any work that I do. Probably more when I start to get into the swing of my new lifestyle more XD

So I guess for the forseeable future I'm becoming a bit of a DA lurker instead.

See you around guys, and all the best

Blog blog blog bloggy bloggy blog blog

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 1, 2011, 2:24 PM

:thumb141716407::thumb141717257: Elven Bards Stamp by TheBlindProphetess

Just an update really to point out that even though I'm not currently very active here on DA, or artwise in general; theres still lots of stuff going on on my blog --> www.jenniferwoodconceptart.blo…

If anyones interesting in keeping abreast of my current work in 3D modelling (and soon animation), then please come over and take a peek :) I'd appreciate any comments, they really spur me on, and I update like every few days... sometimes more than once a day, so theres always something new :D

In other news tommorrow I turn 22! :wow: I feel so old.... ¬_¬ I've been saving for my newest dolly for a while now... got all his clothes and stuff and I managed to save a super load of money whilst doing lots of overtime at work over xmas, I also got lots of birthday cash... just waiting to actually order now... so maybe in like 3-4 months I'll have my first msd sized boy joining the family as my darling Emile!!! :heart: He's gonna have such cute lil makeup!!! :meow:

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Out with the old

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 5, 2011, 2:51 AM

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Soooo hows everyone been since my last update? Well I hope.

The holidays this year have been failry quiet this year for me but I'm glad to see th new year as the last one was a bit of a stinker really.

Just been to the dentist for the quickest appointment ever (I'm talking seconds here not minutes) cause I chipped my tooth the other night, tis the most pitifully tiny chip that there ever was really, I did it on another tooth too so theres not even a good story to it :XD: Luckily she didnt charge me anything so thats nice :D

What else... OH I 'met the parents' last week which involved some long distance travel 'daan saaarf' of the country. Very official I am now :D to most people thats probably no big deal but to me it was a monumental event so, wow. They were all lovely and I think I did well (fingers crossed) I'm invited to a wedding so thats good :D and dogs are not such scary creatures as I thought.... just like... energetic, noisier and slightly less smart cats really... but rather cute :meow:

Currently doing a MONUMENTAL clearout of my room... gotten through 8 bin bags already and loads still left to do. Sadly this involved getting rid of all my cosplays, yup you heard me right, ALL my costumes are gone :( I'm gonna miss Ninian especially, but sadly there were all becoming rather tatty and torn and broken so I vow that future costumes will be of a high quality and very durable. From now on I want to make ones I can wear again and again and again. No new plans for what to do next but I'm hovering around the Zelda/Shiek/Midna/ Other LOZ characters kinda area... something pretty and really complex where I can work with lots of different materials and makeup and props ... and probably LOZ cause its my Holy Grail :XD:

Back to Uni in less than a week! :D I'm rather excited to get back to work (plus mah boyfriends moving back local :meow: ) So now I shall return to clearing out my room which is going to look very lovely and tidy and grown up for I am a grown up adult and 22 in less than a month! :wow:

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My youtube channel

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 20, 2010, 3:19 PM

:thumb141716407::thumb141717257: Elven Bards Stamp by TheBlindProphetess

Well I finally did it!

I finally got my butt into gear and made myself a shiny new youtube channel at last!!! So from now on I can actually post my uni work and its will be half decent and viewable lol.

My channel can be found here -->…

My blog here --> www.jenniferwoodconceptart.blo…

My portfolio here --> theblindprophetess.daportfolio…

What more could you ever need!? lol But primarily you can find me right here on DA :D

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