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Chapter 13: The Truth Comes Out-

Toph lay on the bed gathering her thoughts as the words sunk in to Katara and Zuko's minds. Now that Aang was dead she did not have to worry about the threats he had once made, there was no possible way that he would touch her children now.

"What do you mean Toph? After the war you disappeared. Aang never saw you before a few days ago." Katara asked perplexed. She didn't understand how Aang had ruined her life. Azula seemed to have changed her into something that she wasn't. Zuko said nothing, he had an idea of what had happened, yet he wasn't sure and wanted Toph to explain. Toph shook her head and took a deep breath before speaking.

"It wasn't after the war, Miki and Rien are too young for that. It happened when Zuko and Sokka went off to get your dad and Suki Katara." She said. Katara's look of confusion deepened. Zuko looked up, his idea confirmed. Seeing the tears at the corners of Toph's eyes, he decided to answer knowing it was hard for her to bring herself to say.

"He raped you..." He said softly, no trace of anger in his voice. Toph nodded.

"Yeah... he did. After you and him had the fight Katara. I went to comfort him, cause I was afraid he was gonna run off before the big fight. And he caught me by surprise... And..." She stopped closing her eyes, the tears leaking down now. Katara opened her mouth to say something, but Zuko shot her a glance that told her it not to.  Zuko slowly put his hand on Toph's shoulder rubbing it lightly as she cried silently. Katara didn't believe it, but Toph seemed so upset that it had to be true.

"He's dead now Toph... You don't have to worry about him." Zuko said, his voice more comforting now, almost lovingly.

"That still doesn't explain how Azula got her." Katara muttered, pessimism tainting her tone.

"I may be able to shed some light on that." Zuko said. Katara looked at him. "Azula escaped the day that all of us were in the Jasmine Dragon, after our meeting with the Earth King. Toph left cause I noticed that she was pregnant, and made the mistake of asking who the father was when she clearly didn't want to be bothered.  I think when she ran off,  Azula snatched her." Zuko explained then looked at Toph. She nodded.

"I... I tried to fight her off at first... but she was whipping me with lightning... And next thing I knew I was hanging from my hands from the ceiling... And I couldn't touch the ground to fight back." She said. "After months of that... My mind... snapped." She whispered. The torture she had endured had broken her, if Zuko hadn't spared her life, then she wouldn't have come back to her own self.

Katara stood up and left, unsure about everything that she had heard. Aang was in love with here and the next thing she knows he raped her best friend. She loved him back, and too many things had happened in the past few days for her to understand. She headed back to the nursery to check on the twins.

Seeing Katara leave Zuko looked at Katara and took her hand lightly. "I'm glad you're back Toph. We all were worried about you." He said and squeezed her hand lightly. Toph smiled slightly then closed her eyes again.

"Glad to know someone cares." She muttered. Zuko chuckled slightly.

"I always cared about you Toph, and not just because you trusted me first. There's just something about you that... is just different from every other girl I've met. You're the reason I haven't married. I don't want Mai. I want you." He smiled as he talked. "I made you something... A while ago... And... I want you to have it." He said pulling a necklace from around his wrist and took her hand kneeling down beside her bed.

"I know that the past nine months have been hard for you Toph. But I don't want you to go another day alone. Will you be my Fire Lady?" He asked. Toph looked surprised and turned her head towards him.

"Come again?"

"Will you marry me Toph?" He asked again, afraid she would turn him down and laugh in his face.

She didn't reply. She said nothing.
Yeah.... 6 years after the last chapter was written, this happens. I just wanted to be done with this story, I have nothing else to add. Sorry if it isn't what you wanted it to be, but I have no inspiration whatsoever.

Characters Toph, Zuko, Sokka and Suki belong to Nickelodeon.

Rien and Miki belong to me
AERlS Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
very creative. ^^
thebabebandit4 Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
loved the whole story AMAZING i love how toph and zuko got married and had a kid of their own i like how aan's calma came around basicly i loved everything :)
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