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Ponified by 3waycrash
Any pony can enter! All you have to do is draw my OC Blimp with your OC! They can be transforming, chatting, playing.... anything you can think of! As long as Blimp and your OC is included. Heres some info and refs about Blimp--

Name- Blimp ( and
Age- 18
Job- Test Subject
Personality- A small and quiet mare who worries about everything and everyone. She hates being tested on, but she does it for her old family. When she was a foal, a group of scientists knocked on her mother's door and said they would pay a high price if her daughter would become their official test subjects for their experiments. Her Mother was so poor and desperate to feed her eight other hungry children she agreed. She was renamed Blimp when they tested a inflation serum on her. She gained her cutie mark when she was at last deflated.

Blimp is a very shy character and always has a worried expression on her face. However, once she gets to know someone, she is less tense and is very kind. Her element is Honesty.
She also has a small white mouse called Needles. Her worst fears are needles (which of course is not a brilliant thing when your a test subject) and losing trust with her friends.


1st prize
80 points
A TF Sequence (from me)
2 full body drawings of OCs of their choice (from me)
A ref sheet of a character of their choice (from me)
A watch

2nd Prize-
40 points
A headshot drawing (from me)
A full body drawing (from me)
A watch

3rd Prize-
20 points
A TF drawing (from me)
A watch

1 runner up with receive 10 points and a watch
Have fun! The contest will end by the end of April!
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Welcome to the Blimp Organisation! Don't be shy, look around!



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