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The Best Pics in my opinion


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Hello there viewer,my name is BlenderTaper a member of Deviantart,welcome to my page where Renders by me are posted,let me Introduce you to the things in this page

PICTURES: Pictures,Art,and mostly Renders are posted here in the Weekends only

(keep in note you don't have to donate but you can if you feel like showing love to The BlenderTaper)

PRINTS: Prints are where people can buy Pictures for Points or Money to put as Decorations for their homes

ACTIVITY: Activity is where i keep in update for you guys on what i'm i doing in the weekdays and what plans i'll be doing in the following future

COMMENTS: Comments is where people can sent supporting or trolling messages to BlenderTaper

COMMISSIONS: Commissions are Requested Pictures can be selled,they cost points to get the request accepted

DISCORD: come chat with us on discord, we have exclusive renders there
hey guys! BT here, and today i've found out that i've reached 3,000 watchers on this page!  This goal means a lot to me and I am VERY humbled with this amount of watchers.  I've had my ups and downs in both of my joshkooz2000 account back in 2011-2013 and this account.  but at the end of the day I always learn how to pick myself up from my problems and got better and smarter with my choices everyday.  and the amount of unconditional support you guys gave me really cheers me up after a bad day.  And again from the bottom of my heart, thank you all so much for that.  Anyways here are the rules and slots for this request week.

- GiD (Guys in Distress) is allowed
- CiD (Couple in Distress)
- no variants
- three character maximum
- always link me the models you want.  places to find .XPS models are……
- feel free to either Note me or comment down below for what you want
- always describe on what you want. (what pose, what gag)
- gag only pics are also allowed
- either full view or half body view is optional

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3. :iconlonewolf168:
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once again thank you very much for the 3K watchers!
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  • Eating: grilled cheese

Activity added two new items onto the PNG gag pack.  such as a swim cap OTM gag and two apply tape gags.
i've reached 3,000 watchers!! thank you all for this moment. a request week is planned and it'll have a more bigger slot than the other ones.  more info probably coming tomorrow or tonight
My 4th of July pic may or may not get delayed. Been busy today. Tho I’ll see what my schedule tells me.
4th of July is coming up. which american character should i tie up this year??

Link me a XPS model of a good american video game character to tie up!
new Spider-Man render rendering right now.  Sorry for inactivity when it comes to renders.  My spirit isn't FULLY into renders atm.  been enjoying the summer life as best as i can.
I think i have a new kink now... Maria Sharapova.
Do yourselves a favour if you haven’t already and go watch Silentgagged… he puts out some awesome fakes that deserve more favs. UPDATE on the tape gag png folder. i merged the web gags onto this folder to make my stash more tidy. also added in a few new tape gags and etc.
 that time someone roasted and censored my art even the pic doesn't even break the YT guidelines. lmao  (8:41)
this years E3 was pretty solid, but underwhelming at the same time.  feels completely empty without Capcom, WB and Sony announcing something.   Hopefully next years E3 will be better since both Microsoft and Sony will launch their next gen consoles in 2020.
pre-ordered Cyberpunk 2077 today.  looking forward to playing this game!
Microsoft's E3 this year was pretty dope.  tho Capcom, and Fable was missing in action, it was still a solid one.  especially the release date for Cyberpunk 2077 and giving away Xbox game pass ultimate for $1 and etc.  I feel that their next years conference will be better with next gen games being unvieled and shown that year.  looking forward for whats to come next for the next generation of gaming in 2020!
E3 conferences for Microsoft and Bethesda are today
anyone down for a "gag-only" render?  pretty much a render with a character not bound but gagged only.  I have a solid idea for that.
just so you all know, i'm still open for commissions for points as well for PayPal for the same prices as the point commissions.
Blender Cycles DiD Tutorial #1 (UPDATED) by TheBlenderTaper  made a updated version of the Tape Gag tutorial with audio and better communication on how to do things.  
imma make a updated version of the tape gag tutorial for Blender.  since i'm noticing people are having issues on how to do it properly. 
guys is it still too early to make manips of GoT season 8 screencaps?  wanna make a manip of Arya or Sasha from their Season 8 scenes


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piotr182xx Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2019
I feel awful because I didn't check on you for request week and I didn't add you to watch list, sorry
But next time can you make short full body request week in august? (please say something, I need a chance for full body pic)
TheBlenderTaper Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2019  Hobbyist Artist
Can’t make promises. But don’t get mad or beg at me if I do open it and you’re late
piotr182xx Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2019
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Please don’t make me block you again. You need to learn on how to be on time or not complain about missing out on a request week
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I know but next time you make full body request week, I won't be late again
But I need a chance before school
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Thanks for the favorites, your work is great!
vendesanart Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2019
I want to ask. If you don't want reply, it's okay, you don't must it. So... You know where I can find a tutorial how to create duct tape for bodies models or how to do it?
vendesanart Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2019
Ugh, nevermind...
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