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Sitting Tiger, Hidden Dragon by theBlackWolff Sitting Tiger, Hidden Dragon :icontheblackwolff:theBlackWolff 1 2 Beast Mode by theBlackWolff Beast Mode :icontheblackwolff:theBlackWolff 1 0 Brotherly Love by theBlackWolff Brotherly Love :icontheblackwolff:theBlackWolff 1 0 The Four What-ya-ma-call-its by theBlackWolff The Four What-ya-ma-call-its :icontheblackwolff:theBlackWolff 0 0 The World's Greatest Brother by theBlackWolff The World's Greatest Brother :icontheblackwolff:theBlackWolff 0 18 Character Theme:  Sunny by theBlackWolff Character Theme: Sunny :icontheblackwolff:theBlackWolff 3 11 Aurorean Fantasies by theBlackWolff Aurorean Fantasies :icontheblackwolff:theBlackWolff 2 6 New OC:  Sunny by theBlackWolff New OC: Sunny :icontheblackwolff:theBlackWolff 1 5 Character Theme: Celtic Clover. by theBlackWolff Character Theme: Celtic Clover. :icontheblackwolff:theBlackWolff 4 10
My Saving Grace.
Conceived from acts that were of lust,
She said "To keep him, would to be unjust",
I was up for sale, even before I was alive,
You, however, had no son, though hard you've tried,
So, before I existed, you fought for me,
Facing judgement, you won their agree,
So, though you say I am your grace, that is a lie,
For I do what I do, because you were mine,
:icontheblackwolff:theBlackWolff 0 0
Character Theme: Black Orchid by theBlackWolff Character Theme: Black Orchid :icontheblackwolff:theBlackWolff 7 13 The Daydreamer (Realta Madin Portrait #1) by theBlackWolff The Daydreamer (Realta Madin Portrait #1) :icontheblackwolff:theBlackWolff 3 6
Wisdom for the Modern Man
"You're born with talent, but a skill has to be learned."
"What's the pride in winning if it wasn't a fair fight?"
"The best victory is winning when the field is in the favor of your opponents."
"If you try to treat everyone like a puppet, you'll just end up tangled in the strings."
"The more kindness you show, the more people will help you get up when you fall."
"‘The Boy Who Cried Wolf’ wasn't about what happens to liars, it shows that sometimes liars speak the truth when they are in danger."
"Trust is as easy to shatter as glass, but twice as difficult to repair."
"The worse crime anyone can commit is purposely accusing someone of crimes they did not commit."
"If you do not show respect, how can you expect others to show you any?"
"The feeling of respect is sweet as honey, and uplifting like a pat on the back from the hand of God."
"If someone's words are too sweet, they may contain poison."
"Words d
:icontheblackwolff:theBlackWolff 0 0
Realta Madin #2 (Elwynn's Flash) by theBlackWolff Realta Madin #2 (Elwynn's Flash) :icontheblackwolff:theBlackWolff 0 0 Loving Every Minute Of It. by theBlackWolff Loving Every Minute Of It. :icontheblackwolff:theBlackWolff 2 4 Realta Madin #1 by theBlackWolff Realta Madin #1 :icontheblackwolff:theBlackWolff 0 0


Raffle [[ Ended ]]
thank you so so much everyone!
I promise to reply to everything you wrote! <3
Since I am no longer working I have a little more free time now! (( I'm still welcoming Commissions ; u ;))
So I will host a raffle o u o/
Winner: :iconHyourinxsasaki:
+ Fav this journal to get a number ~
Would be nice if you....
+ Comment something funny / random / cute ~
+ Share this (poll, journal, status) - The more people joining, the more prizes will be given ~
First Winner:
+ Wins Chibi art!

Second Winner [ 11 / 20 ] Locked
+ Sketchy busty art

Third winner [ 6 / 40 ] Locked
+Anime head art

Fourth Winner [ 6 / 60 ] Locked
+Chibi head art

Raffle ends on 06/05/17
:icongimmehug:GimmeHug 11 23
Space by xXSerena-CrosseXx Space :iconxxserena-crossexx:xXSerena-CrosseXx 55 33 : Gift : Tetsu by GimmeHug : Gift : Tetsu :icongimmehug:GimmeHug 17 22
Thanks For the Sub + Raffle time!( Ended )
Hii guys!! Neko Emoji-41 - (Kawaii Waving) [V3] 
So! first thing first!
Thank you :iconf1r3start3r: and Thank you anon person who gifted me premium membership! Llama Emoji-10 (Shy) [V1]
I love you guys a lot ~ and that means I can spam you all with polls and such again <3
for the main thing > 3 >
Snowing  ~ IM HOLDING ANOTHER RAFFLE! ~  Snowing 

Rules are simple and easy, just like before!
* Favorite this journal ~
* Comment below to get your number ~
Extra points :
+ post a poll / status / journal about this raffle
+ Tag your friends in this journal, for each person you will get an extra number
1St place:

+ Chibi art from me!
2Nd place - Unlocked [20/20] !! <3

+ Sketchy Bust from me!
3rd place - Locked [22/40]
~ The more people join, the more prize
:icongimmehug:GimmeHug 21 98
It's Raffle Time! :3 [ENDED]
Haii there guys! Neko Emoji-37 (Yay) [V2] 
I am hosting another cute Raffle!
The winner will have his art drawn on stream! :D
Will use to pick the winner ~
To join all you need to do is.. ~
+ Fav this journal
+ Comment <3
Extra Points:
* Share this raffle with poll or journal [gimme link!]
* Tag your friends ~
The more people join, The more art will be given away! 
Since more than 10 people joined i'm adding another price!

1 Cute chibi Art!
2 Cute chibi head!

Raffle ends on 6th Oct 2016!

:iconTsunkieWunkie: Who won chibi art~
:iconJordanVSBlake: And  :icondjmusicandcartoons: who won Chibi head art! <3
:icongimmehug:GimmeHug 10 45
Cover Suzumega Squad by AltairSky Cover Suzumega Squad :iconaltairsky:AltairSky 360 86 Suzumega Medabot Webcomic - Finale Cover by AltairSky Suzumega Medabot Webcomic - Finale Cover :iconaltairsky:AltairSky 555 106 Hurricane of Love by IlleCapello Hurricane of Love :iconillecapello:IlleCapello 3 1 Sweet bird couple by alyssa016 Sweet bird couple :iconalyssa016:alyssa016 8 7 The Hidden Reptile by FreeingMyAngelWings The Hidden Reptile :iconfreeingmyangelwings:FreeingMyAngelWings 18 5 Fruits by Maleiva Fruits :iconmaleiva:Maleiva 16 8
Holiday Raffle! [Time's up!]
Haii there guys! Neko Emoji-37 (Yay) [V2] 
It's been a while since I wrote anything at all o u o;
Just telling you I'm doing great! busy from time to time but still sneak into D.A and reply you all <3
I'm so sorry if from time to time I disappear, BUT! Don't worry! I will always reply! Sayu Crying Icon 
Back to business!

To join all you need to do is.. ~

+ Fav this journal
+ Comment <3

Extra Points:

* Share this raffle with poll or journal [gimme link!]
* Tag your friends ~

The more people join, The more art will be given away! 

1 Cute chibi Art!
Raffle ends on 1th Feb 2016! 
And the winner isss.... !!!

:icongimmehug:GimmeHug 8 39
It's Raffle Time! (Time's Up!)
Haii guyss ~ Llama Emoji-39 (Eager) [V2] 
I decided to open another raffle! (hopefully people would join this time ; u ;~ )
Rules are simple!
1. Fav this journal +fav 
2. Comment with a cute hug icon! Tight Hug 
3. Spread the word about my raffle! (optional) OMG - Watch that 
Prizes ~

1st place :

~ Cute chibi head art ~ 
~ Bust art (if there will be more than 15 people)

2nd place :

~ Cute chibi head art ~ (if there will be more than 10 people)
More prizes will be added if people will keep on joining :3
 Friday 20.11.15 
9 people joined, which means 1 art given, sorry u.u ~
congrats to :iconnyu-yunochan: for winning chibi headshot! :)
:icongimmehug:GimmeHug 7 61
For theBlackWolff by Ignisfall3000 For theBlackWolff :iconignisfall3000:Ignisfall3000 9 16 OC: Puppy Kieran by xXSerena-CrosseXx OC: Puppy Kieran :iconxxserena-crossexx:xXSerena-CrosseXx 43 20 FINISHED!! by AshleyNorth FINISHED!! :iconashleynorth:AshleyNorth 1 0



So, I was driving on my way to college this morning, in a two-lane road with four other cars.  I'm at the back of the pack.

The two lanes merge into one, and everyone's tightly compacted.  It's raining, and the guy in front decides to stomp on the brakes to turn down another road.

This causes the second car to swerve around the first, making the second and third slam on their brakes.  I slam too, but slide.  I swerve towards the shoulder to avoid the car in front of me, but it's too late.  I rear-end him.

The third car pulls over with us so he can tell the officer that responds his part of the story, and my car gets towed.  Leaking transmission fluid everywhere, two doors stuck shut, the hood and the left headlight smashed in.  And a dented radiator.

Car was towed to the body shop, and had to bum a lift from my mother to get to the campus.  Fear my car's totaled.  

I think the most honest ad I've seen on television was the "Nationwide" insurance ad where they replaced a man's car with a giant baby:…  Waiting to hear the insurance estimate feels like waiting for blood test results...


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Cartooning and other low-detail forms are what I do. Appreciate comments/faves, and will return watches. Either way, keep in mind I started with few skills, and get little practice.


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