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Voice meme: If Silent Characters Spoke



A question I've always found myself asking is "what would silent characters sound like if they did talk?" Well, I decided to find my own answers.

Link (Legend of Zelda): Ever since I heard Bosch's performance as Ichigo, I always thought it sounded like how I imagined Link, except with an attitude.

Gordon Freeman (Half-Life): Any "Freeman's Mind" fans out there should have seen this one coming a mile away. As with Link, Ross sounds almost EXACTLY how I imagined Gordon's voice sounding.

Snake Eyes (GI Joe): I went through a TON of choices for this one. I wanted SE to have an "Asian" sound to his voice, but I didn't want him to sound like an old grand-master.

Pyramid Head (Silent Hill): This one was a gimme. Slow speech, low gravelly tone, unsettling effect. The Nihilanth's voice is just about PERFECT for PH.

Voice template by CheshireCaterling (Sorry, Dimension-Dino, but your Voice template didn't quite work well for this one!)
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Would Freeman's personality stay the same?