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Lucifer -ref-


Aaaaand now one of the main characters gets to prance about the gallery again!

I keep changing his scythe, but I'm liking the designs I got going from Azrael and Papilio Tenebrarum, so consider this one the official version. Can you tell i'm gonna redo that Baphomet one ahaha :'D

Lucboy's theme song right now: [link] especially when it kickstarts at 2.11 ohman <33333

Name: Lucifer
Nickname: Luc, Lucboy, Featherhead, HEY YOU (by Beelzebub)
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Origin: Created by (...)
Language: Demon, Human
Height: 5'5"
Body Structure: Tattoo of his Sigil on both arms. Basic bone wings, though they're smaller than most demons', but he can fly much higher and faster. His body can assimilate new wings as well, able to take as many as 26 new limbs. He's one of the few demons who has enough energy to fly around anywhere he wants for a very long period, though he loses that ability over time. Eyes are a rich green, speckled with black.
Allies: His brothers, Beelzebub and Leviathan, the Experiments, and Baphomet.
Enemies: None, despite the humans' efforts to kill him later in his life.
Career: Reaper of human souls.
Weapon: Reaping scythe, completely blunt even though it's the deadliest weapon in existence. The Reaping scythes are made to be physically dull, but spiritually deadly. They pull the Soul clean from it's host in one swing. No mess, no fuss.
Powers: Killing humans (normally demons cannot survive in the human world, let alone influence it or interfere in their affairs), Shifting. He loses the latter as a side-effect of staying in the human world for so long, so Baphomet is given to him as assistant in that respect. Extremely weak healing ability, also lost over time.
Weakness: Earth
Temperament: Positive outlook on life, never discouraged easily, hard to intimidate. Scrapper, filthy language.
Halo: Medium black halo, often disguised as a black ring around his neck.

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LUCIIII~ LOOK AT THAT RAINBOY STRIPEY SHIRT OF GAYYY. Hohoho He looks so cute, and yet you wouldn't want to mess with him :'D
HIS FEETS THAR ARE CUTE TOO- *Shot* I like the wraps on them
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Ouuuuuuuu :D He looks more human now xD
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He used to have featherears! Did you get rid of those? :v
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all in due time :'D these are the regular/travel form references, i'll get to the human versions, and then the ultra-powerful ones C:
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Oh, good. I like his featherears. C:
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Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, llllluuuuuuuuc~!!!!!! <3<3<3<3
Gosh I love this little squirt so much, waaaaaah~ ;A; <3<3<3 (And goddammit you, like every other line of that bio MAKES ME SO SAD since you allude to the END aslfnklafnla ;v; )
And gyuuuuuuu, what a nice design, I lovelove his wings so much~~~

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XDD Ahhh, Luc~ x'D he's awesome Marty
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