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Hello, deviantART. It's been a while! I see some 6k messages and artwork and such waiting for me ... you my friends are so very productive and talented! Hopefully I'll be able to look through some of them soon.

So, life. My last update was in April; much has happened since then. I found summer love that ended entirely too soon, but was full of happy memories, good friends, and self-realizations. I passed my qualifying examination (barely), so I am officially a PhD candidate in the field of Computer Science. I began a new semester of university; I have three jobs now as an academic -- student, teacher, and researcher. I'm experiencing the joys, sorrows, and initial strangeness of being "Professor Boston". I'm facing again the hardships of balancing life and work and expectations. My four-year roommate moved out to be closer to his job in NYC, leaving me facing new living arrangements. Money is tight. Yet through it all, life moves on.
My art has not progressed much recently. I've got a few projects; one involving my coin collection and finally making proper mounting plates for them. I've got most of the tools I need now to get the project under way, now I just need the time. I've still got my 35mm vs. digital project to embark on. I want to get some lamps and some boxes and do some DIY projects on photography gear for lighting and shadow control. I'd like to do more carving. I have some sketchwork projects I'd like to start/complete, including some gifts for family members. So far, though, all I have done is an impromptu-photography event with members of the Star Wars costuming group the 501st Legion. They are wonderful people, and a blast to photograph and hang out with. I've begun posting a few selected images from that event here. A few selections:
Atris Attacks by TheBishounen55 Young Darth Vader, Sith Lord by TheBishounen55 Tusken by TheBishounen55 A Balloon For Vader by TheBishounen55
I'm teaching a largely freshman class all about the joys of programming. They are a good crew; by and large dedicated, interested, and sincere. It's been quite an experience, however. I can remember the first day of class, someone shouted out "Professer!" and it took me a good thirty seconds to realize they were talking to me. Quite a paradigm shift. I gave them their midterm recently; it's fascinating being on the other side looking in. I can only hope that my instructions and example is a positive influence in their lives, and regardless of their grades they can look back on the class and say "I learning something useful."
I've been doing some tutoring and consulting work on the side when I can, although nothing regular yet. I may need to find some more regular work for a while, at least until I can secure a new roommate. We'll see what happens.
All Else
I wish you all the best, and those of you who still remember me and bother to read this, I thank you. Say a prayer or send a good thought my way, if you think of it! Life is ever moving on, and while sometimes the directions it leads aren't what you would initially have picked for yourself, there is always the room for self-determination. These next few years are going to be intense and full of change, I can feel it in my soul. So I face each day with a smile and a renewed sense of adventure, and look forward to where life will move next.

Life and Reality
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Xailai's avatar
Wow, deviant art is lucky to have a person such as yourself in its community.
I can't imagine how odd it must feel to have someone call you "professor" for the first time. But it lets you know that you are certainly moving forward in your life and in your profession. I wonder if I'll be called "professor" at some point in my life. But right now, I honestly have no idea of what I'm going to end up being.
I hope all turns out well for you, and I hope that your new roommate is amiable :).
TheBishounen55's avatar
Thanks so much Xailai, and sorry for not responding for so long! (Three freaking years to the day!!?!)

It was very odd, but fulfilling, especially when I got to the end of the year and was able to pass most of my class, feeling good about it too. It was hard work for both my students and myself, with the non-trivial task of keeping up with research happening at the same time ... but I made it through, and did it again the next term. However, after that term I decided to part ways with the PhD program. Although I miss teaching terribly -- it was a powerful, positive experience -- I didn't have the right mental focus and passion to truly get the most from my PhD, so I know I made the correct choice leaving to pursue my professional and career aspirations.

The new roommate was quite amiable, although I wound up "kicking" him out after just a year or so when I got married! Poor bloke was very good about it, he's been over several times since and has done quite well for himself in the time following.

How's your life progressing? Any new ideas on "what I'm going to end up being"? I'm sure it's all amazing, tell me about it!

Xailai's avatar
Glad to hear things are going well in your life. And congrats on getting married!!

Life is interesting right now. Not at all how I imagined it. I'm studying creative writing and have a few books lined up for publication. I'm going into film making and am part of my school's film collective. I will be showcasing an animation at the school library when it is completed. I'm planning a trip to Europe after I complete school to gain some peace of mind.

I'm living with some of the best people on the planet and am generally happy with my life as it is right now :).
TheBishounen55's avatar
Thanks thanks thanks! :)

Wow, book publications lined up?! That's freakin' awesome, I'm so happy for you! That's some amazing news about the animation showcase and the Europe trip ... sounds really awesome, and what a wonderful opportunity to escape and rest a bit.

I'm so glad you're in a good place, it's rare these days and it's great to hear. :D
Xailai's avatar
Aw thank you!
ottomatt's avatar
dont worry about catching up on DA :-) life is more important
TheBishounen55's avatar
:) You're too kind. I keep hoping to include DA in my daily life again, but it's definitely hard, given all the other demands that exist on my time.

I see that your deviations stack is pretty large -- I must admit I'm excited at the prospect of seeing what you've been up to for the past months! :)
Neoism's avatar
Congrats, Professor. Glad to hear that everything is more or less going well for you. I wish you continued success. Not that you need such things, being so awesome and all.
TheBishounen55's avatar
Thanks Neo. Goof. :P. How have you been?
Neoism's avatar
I've been good. You know me. :P Recently took the plunge into the wasteland again with Fallout: New Vegas. Going to drown in it I reckon.
TheBishounen55's avatar
Haha, nothing like a new obsession to divert the self :P.
Neoism's avatar
Oh yeah. And this one is pulling double duties to divert my attention from other obsessions also in the form of video games. The vicious circle goes on.
TheBishounen55's avatar
Still obsessively playing video games? :)
Neoism's avatar
Some days I would say that the adjective "obsessively" may apply. However, less on the side of the negative connotation that comes with that word. But, yes, gaming is indeed still a fairly large part of my life.
TheBishounen55's avatar
:D :D Nothing wrong with that, at all. Not a bit.
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