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I went to a baseball game with some friends recently. Here one of them is intently texting on her sister's phone. She kept that up the whole game! I was suitably impressed by her focus. She never once let the game distract her, and she was more tired from her texting than I was from watching and cheering to the game. Amazing!
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Apr 2, 2010, 8:41:52 PM
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I would find it annoying if I took someone to a game and all they did was text through the whole thing.
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Yeah, so true. If it had been a date, I'd be pretty upset. As it was, just my friend's younger sister, so meh. If she wanted to waste her night, that's up to her. But it afforded my a clear picture every now and then ... she was so absorbed, didn't even realize I'd taken it!
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Remind me never to sit next to you when you have a camera, lol.
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Nooo, the correct answer is... "I would never take a photo of someone who hated having their photo taken, because that's just mean!" ;)
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I stand by my answer :D
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lol even worse when they text someone just a seat or two away
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LoL! Yeah. I think there were a few people to our left that did just that. A group of high-school kids more interested in each other and their drama than the game were constantly swapping seats, phones, and texts. People watching is as fun as any sporting event.
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