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Yutashi Gutai/Yakata Danbar by thebigcrunchone9 Yutashi Gutai/Yakata Danbar :iconthebigcrunchone9:thebigcrunchone9 1 5 Grand Minister Dekam Barthok. by thebigcrunchone9 Grand Minister Dekam Barthok. :iconthebigcrunchone9:thebigcrunchone9 1 5
Star fox command canon ending
I headcanon  that the Star Fox command game’s canon ending is the one where Marcus Mccloud is born after Star fox disbands and Fox and Katt get married. However aspects from other endings are there as well. For one, Slippy’s ending with Amanda.
As well as the endings with Dash as Venom’s new ruler, and him becoming evil like his grandfather Andross, with the possibility that something genetic caused it. Dash as the evil Emperor Bowman would be an enemy of Marcus’ star fox team.
:iconthebigcrunchone9:thebigcrunchone9 0 0
Captain Rocks by thebigcrunchone9 Captain Rocks :iconthebigcrunchone9:thebigcrunchone9 0 0 King Gort of Avalar, the dreaded by thebigcrunchone9 King Gort of Avalar, the dreaded :iconthebigcrunchone9:thebigcrunchone9 2 2
Spyro meets the Sorceress.
The Sorceress sat on her throne, a rhynoc guard looking at her. He looked intimidated and nervous, not knowing whether or not she'd try to make creatures out of him. He had no need to worry, at least not in that regard.
"I hope she doesn't want to change me into a monster.." He nervously thought, though he had pushed his ally to that fate, he was quite fearful of it.
The Sorceress herself had a sinister smirk on her face, she was annoyed that Spyro had indeed found 100 eggs. She was also angry at Bianca for her betrayal, after all the evil lizard had done for her. She grits her teeth about this.
"That ungrateful little rabbit, I took my valuable time to teach that no good brat magic and she dares to defy me.. Helping that dragon and freeing that loathesome cat. No matter, I'll make sure that her death will be particularly painful." The Sorceress sneered.
Her scepter's top glowed "Those baby dragons wings will be mine! As for that purple dragon, I will roast him and mount his horns on m
:iconthebigcrunchone9:thebigcrunchone9 2 17
Quentin Beakley by thebigcrunchone9 Quentin Beakley :iconthebigcrunchone9:thebigcrunchone9 1 0
Dr. Victor Frankenteen
I made a Scooby Doo Ghoul School OC. Dr. Victor Frankenteen, he is the father/creator of Frankenteen Sr and the grandfather of Elsa Frankenteen. He adores them a great deal.
Frankenteen Sr had a human half brother who was younger then him, Victor had that child with his wife. Sadly he lost both his wife and child when his boy was still quite young. But Victor still had his son.
He’s also doubly happy to still have a great son and a darling granddaughter in his life. He also knows the other girls and their parents too. He’s always welcome as a guest at the Grimwood school.
Dr. Victor Frankenteen is based upon Victor Frankenstein, who was referred to Henry in the earlier films if I recall.
Though Victor has a better relationship with his creation by far then who he’s based on/inspired by. Victor is a well known genius, though Shaggy, Scoob and Scrappy don’t really know of him.
When Shaggy, Scoob and Scrap returned to the school for a visit. They were surprised to
:iconthebigcrunchone9:thebigcrunchone9 0 0
Bob Martine by thebigcrunchone9 Bob Martine :iconthebigcrunchone9:thebigcrunchone9 0 6 Auroc Goldfeather by thebigcrunchone9 Auroc Goldfeather :iconthebigcrunchone9:thebigcrunchone9 9 8 King Balthazar by thebigcrunchone9 King Balthazar :iconthebigcrunchone9:thebigcrunchone9 2 11 King Doragon by thebigcrunchone9 King Doragon :iconthebigcrunchone9:thebigcrunchone9 2 6
Casey stuff.
Something about a Ducktales oc of mine.
Casey Ganderson sees Mrs. Beakley as a grandmother. And he even calls her grandma. The first time it was an accident. But she liked it as she sees him as one.
He adores her a lot. His good grandmother, the late wife of his grandpa Asa, died before he was born. He had a maternal one who was very cruel and nasty to everyone but she seemed to have it out for him. She was sick in both physical and mental ways when he was born.
He was a young kid when she died infront of him. She was rough on him since before he was hatched, I assume the ducks in reboot start as eggs. She was mean like a nasty sort of witch.
Casey loves Mrs. Beakley who is a very caring person. Plus he finds her to be quite awesome. He’s so happy she’s a grandmother figure to him. He calls her Grandma B or Granny B too.
Casey also is close with Webby and the triplets. I also ship him and Webby together too. Casey feels Webby and the triplets are the first people in his age
:iconthebigcrunchone9:thebigcrunchone9 1 7
Mystico/Lloyd Muddlefoot by thebigcrunchone9 Mystico/Lloyd Muddlefoot :iconthebigcrunchone9:thebigcrunchone9 3 1,289 Phantom Blot. by thebigcrunchone9 Phantom Blot. :iconthebigcrunchone9:thebigcrunchone9 2 0 The Ventriloquist and Mad Duck by thebigcrunchone9 The Ventriloquist and Mad Duck :iconthebigcrunchone9:thebigcrunchone9 3 560


Cruisin' in My N64 by Bfoxtheguile Cruisin' in My N64 :iconbfoxtheguile:Bfoxtheguile 9 9 Squad.  by bardockswife Squad. :iconbardockswife:bardockswife 12 2 Ducktales - Del Spell by queenbean3 Ducktales - Del Spell :iconqueenbean3:queenbean3 140 17 DuckTales - The New Magica by queenbean3 DuckTales - The New Magica :iconqueenbean3:queenbean3 137 3
In-depth analysis on Luna loud's fears

Mmm… well I’m guessing anyone who grew up in a family as big as the Loud house would probably have a fear of being alone or rejected? I’m thinking from a psychological view point Luna would probably have an irrational fear of being left behind by her kin. I say irrational because the family is so diverse with talents and characters and considering how close they are nothing she could do would make her family reject her. 
Another fear could maybe be loosing a sibling? Or the family being torn apart? (like say a divorce which I think is HIGHLY unlikely) Growing up with 12 other people I imagine removing just one would completely destroy their family dynamic. It’s structured so well with a chaotic balance. It must be frighting to think that if something went wrong that balance would fall and effect everyone heavily. 
I wanna add maybe not achieving her dream goal to be a world famous rocker, but that’s something
:iconcaninegalactic:CanineGalactic 18 2
Goten and Valese wedding by Betty26Blue Goten and Valese wedding :iconbetty26blue:Betty26Blue 16 1 1990's Wolf Family by FlapperFoxy 1990's Wolf Family :iconflapperfoxy:FlapperFoxy 55 33 Vector - Assistance.rar by SketchMCreations Vector - Assistance.rar :iconsketchmcreations:SketchMCreations 101 1 Together (JBX9001 5th Anniversary) by JBX9001 Together (JBX9001 5th Anniversary) :iconjbx9001:JBX9001 93 35 grown-up Fievel by galibo grown-up Fievel :icongalibo:galibo 368 56 Request Dump 1 by SollinFaolan Request Dump 1 :iconsollinfaolan:SollinFaolan 10 9 Star Fox - Father's Day by Kokoro-Tokoro Star Fox - Father's Day :iconkokoro-tokoro:Kokoro-Tokoro 63 7 My opinion on ten Starlight Glimmer ships by Feuerwelle My opinion on ten Starlight Glimmer ships :iconfeuerwelle:Feuerwelle 22 13 Santa Claus of the South Seas by Edxtreme Santa Claus of the South Seas :iconedxtreme:Edxtreme 20 2 Ventducks by Jojodear Ventducks :iconjojodear:Jojodear 295 21 One Piece - Perona by OnePieceWorldProject One Piece - Perona :icononepieceworldproject:OnePieceWorldProject 615 32



Yutashi Gutai/Yakata Danbar
He’s a Tenchi Muyo OC of mine.

He is an alien raised like a human on planet earth, he has a strong sense of justice like his police officer late adopted father. He lives in Okinawa with an uncle of his now. He is 23 years old and has been friends with Tenchi for years. I’m still doing work on him

I ship him with Mihoshi, he appears in OVA verse as well as I’m thinking Universe and Tokyo.
Grand Minister Dekam Barthok.
He has a lot of influential power it helps that he and his family were allied with the Kuramitsus even before his time.  He is a Grand Prime Minister.

He’s in good with Mikami, Seto and Airi. He’s a man who believes that a strong military police force is the truest power that should exist. He’s a ruthless man who believes that all criminals should suffer for their crimes.

He went to the Royal Space Academy with with Washu, Naja Akara, Mikamo Kuramitsu and Dr. Clay, he hated the latter mutually. In his time the Royal Space Academy was mixed with the GP Academy.

He and Naja were in particular more then friends and he and her knew each other since childhood. She was his lover and by the time of her death, his fiancee.

Her death among other things in his life had hardened his heart deeply. I’m still doing more work on him. Even in his old age, he is still very dangerous and intimidating.
I headcanon  that the Star Fox command game’s canon ending is the one where Marcus Mccloud is born after Star fox disbands and Fox and Katt get married. However aspects from other endings are there as well. For one, Slippy’s ending with Amanda.

As well as the endings with Dash as Venom’s new ruler, and him becoming evil like his grandfather Andross, with the possibility that something genetic caused it. Dash as the evil Emperor Bowman would be an enemy of Marcus’ star fox team.
Star fox command canon ending
My views on the true canon star fox command ending.
Captain Rocks

This is how Rocks looks in my head.

I headcanon that Rocks refers to the pirate crew and it’s captain. The Captain Rocks was a very infamous pirate in his time. He was a real scourge of the sea.

He had Edward Newgate, Kaido and Charlotte Linlin in his crew. He was a very cunning man who knew what to say to get people to obey his will. He also had Shakky in his crew and she had blood relations to him, but he wasn’t a good person to her and saw her more as a subordinate then family.

Rocks to the world was a horrible dominating tyrant of a pirate, he reveled in being a great and dangerous conqueror. The pirate who did as he pleased.

He did face an enemy who stood up to him, Gol D. Roger and his crew that he had including his first mate Silvers Rayleigh.

I also headcanon that Rockstar is unknowingly related to Rocks.

King Gort of Avalar, the dreaded
This is my first drawing King Gort of Avalar, an old tyrannical king from long ago. Even after so long has past since his defeat and being dethroned, his legacy lives on still in Avalar. The Professor, Elora and Hunter all know of his legacy. Castles like the ones in Summer Forest, Autumn Plains and Winter Tundra were built to represent how Gort felt that he was so great and mighty that the seasons themselves ought to be ruled by him.

In my fanfic sequel to Spyro Reignited, the ancient evil king and his army comes back for revenge at a most inopportune time for our purple dragon and friends who thought they could enjoy a relaxing time in Avalar. King Gort is a work in progress.
I feel kinda bad whenever I fail to wish someone who I follow a happy a birthday on here. I've been doing it often, but I've been busy and stuff.. I'm sorry.



Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Hello everyone I am a 24 year old man. I'm in my second year of college.

I am very friendly don't be afraid to comment on my page I'll only consider it to be annoying or spam if I find it rude or offensive.

I am a very easygoing person I love writing fanfics making deviations and writing original stories.

My top fave animes are Dragon Ball, Z, GT, Z Kai, One Piece, Naruto and Shippuden and Bleach.

I have many pairings that I like some are two of my OTPs ScourgexFiona and SombraxChrysalis.

:bulletpurple: King Sombra x Queen chrysalis: You can't have an evil King without an evil Queen, with Chrysalis's army and Sombra's power They'd be unstoppable and rule Equestria :evillaugh:

My account.

I dislike Yuri, Yaoi, Shonen Ai and Shojo Ai. I'm neutral to LBGT matters.

Why should I ship Ichigo and Rukia from Bleach?

post this on your profile if you agree, but please note that this is still a work in progress and more reasons may be added, please note that all of this was taken from Bleach Couples Wiki--

1) more of just a fun fact: IshiHime is the sister ship to IchiRuki

2)it is the most popular pairing in the Bleach series

3) IchiRuki is a pairing of "Destiny Love", where there are two people bound by fate, who build a solid relationship of trust before slowly and eventually becoming lovers.

4)it has the most developed relationship in Bleach

5)the whole series started with these two so it only makes sense that it should end with them as well right?

6)Kubo has described their relationship as unbreakable, one that even transcends space and time.

7)Rukia herself was named in favor of IchiRuki, her name means "Light" and Kubo said that suited her because he saw her as a "Ray of Light" to Ichigo.

8) True to her name, Rukia has been the only person able to dry Ichigo's Rain (Depression), to which Rukia is his strongest and most reliable source of emotional support.

9)Ichigo gained Bankai for Rukia's sake and even gave Rukia a reason to live again after saving her from her execution.

10) Rukia's last thought before her certain death was Ichigo, it was then she shed tears at her execution.

11) Rukia has stated that Ichigo is the man she knew in her heart.

12) Ichigo and Rukia are also connected by a Red Soul Ribbon, which is depicted as the "Red String of Fate."

13) the instance where Rukia allowed Ichigo's head rest in his lap.

14) when it's proven that Rukia makes Ichigo happy.

15) Orihime's temporary jealousy toward Rukia and her relationship with Ichigo.

16) how Renji mentioned Ichigo to Rukia, while she was imprisoned, to cheer her up.

17) Isshin already addresses Rukia as his Third Daughter, "Daughter in Law".

18) quite a few people already assume Ichigo and Rukia are already an item; the entire Karakura high school, including Tatsuki, Keigo and Mizuiro, Isshin, Karin and Yuzu and others.

19)The ending of the HM arc and near end of the FB arc are also notable indications for IchiRuki.

20) IchiRuki also greatly parallels to Isshin x Masaki. The dynamics in the four relationship and story are strikingly similar. Both Ichigo and Rukia share a destiny together, one of which Ichigo inherited from his parents. "The love and destiny Ichigo inherited." Contrary to what some may think, this parallel is not strictly Isshin-Ichigo and Masaki-Rukia as you will find out below:

--Isshin and Rukia are both shinigami that came to Karakura Town.

--Masaki and Ichigo are both Quincy Humans that met a shinigami through destiny.

--Both Aizen and Urahara were factors in all four of their meetings.

--Masaki risked her life to save Isshin, while Rukia did the same upon their first meeting.

--Isshin rescued Masaki from the hollow known as Whie, while Ichigo rescued Rukia from the Sokyoku.

--all four of the "Rain" Chapters together

--There's also the signature underarm carry from Isshin to Masaki and Ichigo to Rukia during the rescues.

--Isshin to Masaki: "Yo, I came to protect you."

Ichigo to Rukia: "Yo, I've come to save you."

21) have you seen their Zanpakuto's? it may not mean a thing, true, but compare the white ribbon hanging off of Sode no Shirayuki's hilt with the cloth wrapped around Zangetsu's



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