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I just made the images from the temp app darker/saturated and threw them back on this app. They will be the filler images until I finish up the official art for it. UPDATE! Iz is no longer a member of Tragic Affairs. Read the Cactus Fields Task entry to learn more!


:bulletblack:Age Adult
:bulletblack:Species Ursaring, basic color
:bulletblack: Othello was born on the great seas by seamen parents.When he was brought ashore, he soon after was taught self-discipline. Teddithello was an avid student in the martial arts despite his weight. His Swords Dance routine is, in fact, one of the main warm-up maneuvers from martial arts class, just without most of the kicking. After he evolved into an Ursaring, he ended up taking a job as a rental guard. It was terribly boring for him (especially since the pay was horrible), so one day he kidnapped the rich family's son for ransom. With the ransom money he bought a boat, and so he sailed off to his home (wherever that was). One night, however, he got caught in a terrible storm, in which destroyed the boat and washed him up ashore. He ended up becoming shipwrecked on the side of some strange land and woke up in a washed up shack, in a city the locals call the 'Dreamer's Eye'.

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>5 Star Points
>Chantelle Fan Club Hairpin
>Hand-Made Kunai
>Muted Purple Hood
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