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Mission 01: Split



"Now we're out of beta, we're releasing on time."

"Them TRAGIC fools have been in Andalusst for only a few days, and Izolda seems to hate it there. He has no access to funds, is forced to live with strangers, and has to stay with this butt-hole of a guardian until he can go off on his own. What Izolda doesn't know is that TRAGEDY's at hand, and now he must face it. How will he face it? Well, it's time for you to find out. Click on through this Flash to see the misadventures that this unlikely duo has in store!"


Featuring cameos from some old characters.


Edit 1: Fixed background image. Added text. Fixed title's translation. Translations now don't revert to the braille when clicked. 
Edit 2: Imported all 5 chapters. Chapter 1's setup is complete, so you can click through it to access chapter 1. Click outside of the panels to go back to the main menu.
Edit 3: Set up Chapter 2. Fixed the buttons (weren't working after going back to the main menu), as well as a "go back" error I made in Chapter 2.
Edit 4: Added Chapter 3. Changed the menu icon color when held down so that it blends in more.
Edit 5: Added Chapter 4. Othello's part is complete, meaning that now we're out of alpha.
Edit 6: Added Chapter 5. Both Hunters missions are now complete. Beta will be removed after I tweak it up later today.
Edit 7: Tweaked a few things up. There are 2 Easter eggs hidden in this Flash. They aren't that big, but you'll know when you've found them.
Edit 8: After fixing up a few things, THIS MISSION IS NOW OUT OF BETA. There are a few things that I need to add in later, but they're unimportant to the main bits of this Flash.
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This is super creative and really hilarious!  Each chapter is short but long enough to understand the plot which is really impressive.
Wonderful job! c: