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'Cryptic Affairs': Cactus Fields Tasks [beta]



Disclaimer: This Flash story contains elements of profanity, [terribly executed] violence, and other content that may offend some viewers. The viewpoints of particular characters do not necessarily align with their creators'. Characters used within the Flash (excluding World NPCs) are used with explicit permission and verification from their owners, with their lines either written by their owners, myself, or both. This is a work of fiction: any resemblance to real-world people or events is strictly coincidental. Viewer discretion is advised.
This Flash was too much work for a solo person, even though I was given three whole months to do it. It'll possibly force me to fill out a written app for my two teams, but in all honesty, this entire experience has left me a tired mess. If I didn't seem to appreciate collaborative works on huge projects, now I surely do. It'll probably be a work in progress for a while after the deadline is passed, so I'll implement as much of the script as possible. I will warn you, though: it's a lot of reading from here on out. I sure as hell wish that I had an editor of some sort to slim down this script to something more realistic.

Current script implementation progress: 21 Scene Parts implemented out of a total 25 Scene Parts written. 3 Scene Parts are still left unwritten. 7 Scenes left to implement.

Spritework on dA: Cactus Fields Sprite Lineup (16/32 Shaded)Cactus Fields Misc Sprites [WIP]

Tl;dr version of the above Flash: Everyone makes it to the Cactus Fields in one piece, although everyone's kinda lethargic over the expedition. Mitya and Izolda make Embers-In-A-Pita together (and Othello makes Sweetcakes and Tea with LittleWhiteWolfAngel's Dawn) [General Task 1] while Flavia goes out to observe the Cactus Fields. She spots a Sigilyph Roosting for a moment on a cactus and Mitya sees it as well [Merit Task]. Everyone eats and is happy for once as a collective. Izolda asks Mitya to call him Izidor from now on, and Mitya goes out to help the patrollers [General Task 2] because of a nightmare that woke him up! All goes well for Mitya, but then he spots a familiar figure in the distance! Who is it and why is Mitya following them? Will Izidor pass on this vital info to Othello? Why is Flavia sleeping after not eating much? Tune in next time for another exhilarating episode of Dragonball Z! ... previously, on Pokeball Z: Everyone made food except for the Sigilyph-observing Jynx, and Mitya helped someone in need! The figure was indeed Othello, the mighty bear of bad deeds, trying to get that Gem so he can get back home [Hunters Task 1]. He doesn't get to, as he is spotted by a clever Braixen's eye! Alcohol is consumed and Othello goes to work, but he's caught by none other than Mitya! Tragedy goes on in the Cryptic Affairs tent, and Izidor leaves! Will he make it back home alive, or will he get eaten by a pack of land-sharks? Tune in next week to Pokemon GT, where we find out that making alcohol really isn't rocket science [Researchers Task 2] and punching Gibles in the face is fun [collab].

Cactus Fields Tasks

Tragic Affairs + Cryptic Chemists

Cryptic Chemists: Gained 1 New Member, 3 Star Coins, 1 Merit, 3 Items
General Task 1 Complete: Recruitment Slip;
General Task 2 [Part 2] Complete: Volbeam; 3 Star Coins; Merit;
Merit Bonus Complete: Pteroglyph Shard;
Guild Task 2 Complete: Salac Juice;
Items Used: Recruitment Slip, Customization Voucher;
Gained: Izidor, Covet Gloves

Tragic Affairs: Lost 1 Member; Gained Recruitment Slip, 1 Strike
General Task 1 Complete: Recruitment Slip Obtained;
Hunters Task 1 Failed: 1 Strike Gained
Member Lost: Izidor (formerly known as Izolda);
Items Lost: Covet Gloves

Explorers Task Collaboration: Featuring Shamus of Shamus, P.I.

Explorers Task 1 Complete [placeholder]: Gritty Grapple Obtained


Scene 1:
Sherman, World NPC
Marrilend, Team Wanderers; TheBarredOneOnceMore

Dawn, Team Sol n Luna (SnL); LittleWhiteWolfAngel
Aisha, World NPC
Griff, BlackLeaf; TreeGecko
Vel, BlackLeaf; TreeGecko

Scene 2:

Robin, World NPC
Roy, Foresters; TeamCapumon
??? (Egg), Foresters; TeamCapumon
Thief, One-Shot NPC
Reuben, World NPC
Princeton, Dandy; Allrose

Scene 3:

Sienna, Ace of Hearts; Kuroyami-san
William, Ace of Hearts; Kuroyami-san
Paperbag, Out-of-Context (NPC); xfoxflamex

Scene 4:
Crow, Petrichor; Queens-of-Chaos
Krag, Personal NPC
Lesser Gible, One-Shot NPC
Maynard, Personal NPC
Lesser Gabite, One-Shot NPC

Scene 5:
Not implemented yet.

Scene 6:
Crow, Petrichor; Queens-of-Chaos
Solstice, World NPC

Scene 7:
El Susurro, Personal NPC
Sherman, World NPC
Chelle, World NPC

Solstice, World NPC
Irene, Team Noire; hydranoid09
Shamus, Shamus P.I.; Dragon-Paragon


[25 Aug 2015]: Stripped the document of old texts [replaced it all with placeholder text] and unneeded assets. Started splash image. Fixed a button issue where Scene 7 wouldn't go backward to the correct scene. Silly me. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Starting to input the script that I already have written out.
[26 Aug 2015]: Added Scene 3's text into the Flash. Added more to the splash image.
[01 Sept 2015]: Added Scene 4's text into the Flash. Edited the positioning of Scene 3. Its text is now in Scene 2.
[17 Sept 2015]: Added a legitimate menu in place of the Play button. Edited the splash image a bit. Removed the secret button.
[22 Oct 2015]: Started to stagnate the scenes a bit more. Added Scene 1 Parts 1 through 3.
[28 Oct 2015]: Threw in default sprites for Othello, Flavia, Mitya, and Izolda, and placeholder bg. You can see them in implemented Scenes.
[30 Oct 2015]: All completed and semi-completed sprites are put in the .fla! Added Scene 1 Part 4, Scene 4 Part 2, and Scene 5 Part 3.
[31 Oct 2015]: Implemented the remainder of Scene 1. Changed Is' font styles.
[07 Nov 2015]: Imported a buttload of miscellaneous sprites into the .fla. Threw some of them in the scenes. Working on Scene 2's completion. Font swapping Flavia's text.
[08 Nov 2015]: Added clothing to team. Completed Scene 2 Part 2 and Scene 4 Part 3, linked Scene 2 Part 3. In Scene Selection, totally-completed scenes will light up upon hover.
[10 Nov 2015]: Completed Scene 6 Part 1 (old) and the rest of Scene 2.
[11 Nov 2015]: Sprite edits. Scene 6 Part 2 added.
[12 Nov 2015]: Scene 6 completed. Edited menu screen a tad bit. Scene 7 Part 1 added. Created a "Skip Part" button in the bottom left corner of the screen/textbox. It will stop working when you get to the last scene in a part.
[13 Nov 2015]: More sprite imports. Part of Scene 7 Part 2 is implemented.
[14 Nov 2015]: Scene 7 Part 2 is fully implemented. Removed some repetitive code. A few more sprite edits.
[15 Nov 2015]: Minor update.
[16 Nov 2015]: Sprite importing/swapping.
[17 Nov 2015]: Scene 3 Part 2 implemented. Threw the Credits in there as well. It's officially a beta and thus can be uploaded to dA now.
[18 Nov 2015]: Added desert background to Scene 4 Part 3 and Scene 5. Started to implement Scene 5 Part 2.
[27 Nov 2015]: Threw in placeholder for the technically Explorers Task 1 collab (Scene 7 Part 4). I'm laughing. Part of Scene 7 Part 3 is also implemented.
[12 Mar 2016]: Mini-update: added in Princeton's shaded sprite.
[14 Mar 2016]: Mini-update 2: added in Robin and Solstice's shaded sprite.
[16 Mar 2016]: Mini-update 3: added in the shaded sprite of Aisha, Griff, and Vel.
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