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Chirps and Cinders App [Flash]



A collaboration team with Bark xfoxflamex and I. This is the Flash version of the app. The non-Flash is here.

[Edit 1: Finalized app art.]


:bulletyellow: Age Adult
:bulletyellow: Species Vulpix, Shiny color
:bulletyellow: A good amount of his background is unknown (since he avoids the question like the plague), but what is known is that Dwight used to work as a waiter; due to a skirmish that happened with a customer over his glorious fur, however, he ended up quitting. Now, he searches for rare mushrooms, seeds, and other items in order to sell.

:bulletgreen: Age Toddler
:bulletgreen: Species Treecko, Basic color
:bulletgreen: A while ago, an Egg was laid by a Sceptile couple. Weeks later, and it hatches. The child is healthy, bright-eyed and bushy tailed… well, that is, without the tail. Seeing that the young Treecko lacks a very vital part of her body, her parents abandoned her in The Fog, determined that she'll die fairly quickly from the lack of a tail. Miraculously enough, she did, in fact, surpass her parents' expectations, and started to live independently despite the lack of a tail. Since a tail keeps normal Treecko balanced, Tihana is semi-permanently a quadruped.

>Five Star coins<
>One Template Item Voucher
>One Evolution Permit

[Errand 01; 1 ST]
[Errand 02; 1 ST]
[Errand 03; 1 ST]
[Errand 04; 1 ST]
[Errand 05; 1 ST]
[Task Main; 1 Strike, 1 Evo Permit]
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