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CC + TA: June Tasks



It's now out of alpha and into Beta. All splash images are sketched out and I plan on finishing them sometime along the line.

For those who cannot view Flash documents, I have provided a link to the Tumblr post that houses all of the splash pages into one.

You're welcome.

Start screen Main Mission brought to you by Tihana!

Start-up screen: [DONE]
Prologue: [5/12 done]
Menu: [DONE]
Splash Images:[DONE]

[Tumblr Post]

Summaries (in chronological order):

Chirps and Cinders:

  • Main Task: [Sceptile task.] Tihana spots the Sceptile and Pursuits him (and Dwight runs after her) and then jumps onto his tail, which startles him and causes him to swing it, slamming the Treecko into a building. She gets irate, so she Rock Tombs him almost instantaneously in the middle of the town square. Dwight panics and stops in his tracks while Tihana rushes up to the immobilized Sceptile and face-slaps him repeatedly, activating her Mega Drain move. Donovan then approaches the group as the town is in chaos and scolds Tihana. She almost talks back at him, but she sees his long tail and instantaneously leaps onto it, hugging it and purring. Dwight becomes embarrassed and tries to explain, but the Heliolisk shakes his head and takes the criminal into custody. Obtains Strike and Evolution Slip.
Tragic Affairs:
  • Hunters Task 1: Othello and Izolda make some fliers, the Ursaring’s looking like chicken scratch and the Espurr’s looking a bit too dreary. They complain about it and fight for a good minute before Othello ends up walking on the streets and talking about it. Izolda leaves to do something more important. Obtained Hunter Access Permissive.
  • Hunters Task 3: Izolda takes this task easily. Being with a Dark type sure does make him feel more comfortable. They easily retrieve the shuttlecocks and stay hidden among the shadows. Obtained Mixed-Berry Ice Cream.
  • Main Task: [Riolu task.] Izolda goes to look for the Riolu all by himself. As time passes, the Espurr gets very antsy, but he finally spots the kid somewhere in the shadows. Izolda tails him and then influences him to come back with him. "Traded" Mixed-Berry Ice Cream for Hand-Made Kunai.
  • General Task 2: Izolda flaunts off his outfit like a movie star. That is all. Obtained Chantelle Fan Club Hairpin.

Cryptic Chemists:

  • Main Task: [Greninja task.] Mitya and Flavia go out in the town to look. When they catch sight of the Greninja, Mitya Camouflages himself into the brick and approaches him. He communicates with the ninja in his native tongue, which surprises the frog. He comes with willingly. Obtained Merit and Two Sets of Accessory Customization Service Vouchers.
  • Researchers Task 2: Mitya assures Solstice that he can complete the work for her as she relaxes. Flavia cools a chair for the bat to sit on as she sorts the papers out in urgency and content. Soon enough, Mitya finishes his stack and Flavia finishes hers. Obtained Merit and DIY Handbook.
  • General Task 2: Othello convinced Mitya to participate in the proceedings as well. He showed off Othello's shawl oh so fabulously. 10/10 would wear again. Obtained FlyGoggles Template.

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